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Autumn Borne Cruising
Now at Boot Key Harbor - Marathon FL
Dean - Gullywasher yesterday - bright sun today
02/20/2013, VACA Key, Mile marker 50 A1A

We signed up for the better part of 3+ weeks... here at Marathon's Boot Key Harbor.
Today we off-load the bikes, which will make land movement a lot easier...

On the plus side, life is easy here... expensive, but easy....
On the down side... Dockside Bar, and Grille will probably never open again.
We're again on the B-line (mooring B-13)....(which BTW is very close to Dockside).

We've been here only three days...and we've met so many close cruising friends... and there's so many in the harbor that we have heard, or recieved messages from, that we haven't seen yet....

NICE.... more later... (I think I updated the blog map, for those of you with Google earth).

Weathering High Winds at Key Largo
Dean - Gale force winds - SCW's up all day
02/17/2013, between Rodriguez key, and key largo

Sunday Morning... Feb 17th
This has been one wild morning...
ALL night long the wind howled... I was up about 3 times... just to check our position, and anchor set... ALL OK...
Then just before dawn...the wind must have really peaked... because the boat began to make strange noises... sink gurgling; water slapping against the side of the hull... (not anything earthshaking by themselves, BUT put together with the high wind howling....made me wake up suddenly).

Sure enough the anchor had pulled out, and we were sideways to the waves...
The anchor would drag, and set; drag and set... but not well... and the wind was blowing at 24+ knots... the waves were 2 to 3 feet high... So I started the main engine... Called 'all hands on deck'....

We had two choices... let out more scope right there... and see if the anchor would reset... OR move to an area where the fetch (waves) were less, and drop the hook again... (closer to Largo, or the South side of Rodriguez ???)

When Susan got to the helm... we started to pull the anchor... with the intent on resetting it closer to Key Largo... to eliminate some of this fetch (waves).
(Which we did, by the way)...

But getting that anchor up was quite the chore... while trying to keep out of the shallows...

We're now re-set closer to the lee-side of Key Largo... not bad...
I also made sure that we had a 'storm scope' out this time... 10:1 scope.

Now it's time for breakfast...and a nap! :)
Today will be a down-day... A day of reading, and relaxing...

relaxing day at No Name Harbor
Dean - Sunny and warm -
02/09/2013, No Name Harbor Key Biscayne

Feb 9th, 2013 Saturday at No Name Harbor (Key Biscayne).

The sun is down, and the 'cuban navy is in port' wow... The boats continue to come into this small harbor... The music is loud; the grilles are going; the people are dancing on the decks, and on shore.... Party Central _ so to speak.

It's exciting, even if it's not a quiet, and peaceful anchorage...

Today was a relaxing day... (NO...I didn't pack or store things for sea, like I said I was going to do...)... k I spent the day reading William F. Buckley, Jr's book "Airborne". I did make R.O. Water this morning during the generator run, but that's about it for the boat chores....

Susan and I walked over to the Lighthouse, and went swimming in the ocean this afternoon... then came back and watched the show of boats... and people in this place...

We got a number of calls from friends... that saw that we didn't "cross" as anticipated... NICE.
OK... time to change to the reading light in the cockpit, and continue with "Airborne".... (about crossing the Atlantic in his schooner Cyrano).

02/09/2013 | Doug Vaughn
Dean, Nice site, keep posting. Maybe you should just stay for the boat show. I've got the same WalkThru boat, a CSY 44 and love it as much.
No Name Harbor - Key Biscayne
Dean - Sunny 82F WARM - Swimming weather
02/08/2013, Key Biscayne

Feb 8th, 2013 Friday.

Today we moved a whole 0.233 minutes of Lat/long... We moved from our anchorage outside of "no Name harbor" to an anchorage INSIDE No Name Harbor.

N25 40.627 W080 09.792

A lot of the boats that were in here yesterday, when we came over from Dinner Key... left this morning to cross the Gulf Stream... so there was a bit of room, before the "Cuban navy" arrived for the weekend parties.

I did wax both sides of AB, above the rub rail, this afternoon... then went swimming... Granted it was weird going swimming at the same time that the news was reporting the cancelling of thousands of airline flights, and the cancelling of train travel north of NYC... (blizzard conditions... 70 knot winds coming off the ocean....right toward the victims of Hurricane Sandy.... Big OUCH!!!

This morning we defrosted the freezer, and did a few boat projects.... The boat STILL has a lot of "stuff" that is Not properly stored for big seas.... Perhaps tomorrow...

We almost had the Dailey's drive down to No Name tonight... but Donna had to work late... Bummer.

The s/v Rhiannon did have some good luck this AM; They found a Kohler dealer that understood the raw water pump problem, and advised Benny NOT to buy a "replacement" pump and sheave...but a new and REVISED pump /bracket/ and sheave....(mainly revised because of 'so many failures' of the original design.

AND...they talked to the Xantrex factory on the west coast, who advised them to disconnect the power to the Link20 Battery Monitor system... and allow it to "re-boot". That WORKED... It now works.

Rhiannon moved back to a Dinner Key mooring... to wait for the new Kohler Part. We'll probably sail back over there tomorrow... The sails are still uncovered and ready to set.... Just need a reason to fly them... maybe tomorrow.

We are anchored only feet from where we met Rodney and Suzie (s/v Glenlyon) some 6 or 7 years ago.... wow... How things have changed, YET stayed the same....over these past years....

Things are a CHANGIN'
Dean - Sunny - VERY WARM
02/08/2013, Key Biscayne FL

"Things are a changin" (sounds like a song, doesn't it?)
The vessel we were traveling with (s/v Rhiannon) has even more problems this morning...
The house batteries were nearly dead....11+ volts... even though their battery monitoring system (a Link 20 with LED lights) showed the batteries "fully charged".... PROBLEM !!!!!
Benny asked me if I'd help him put in a system like ours (LINK2000)....
That question is still up in the air... He may need an electrician.... The old owner of that Catalina made some sweeping changes in the battery location, and wiring... SO....... ????????

So....... Now Susan and I are trying to decide if we just want to stay in the STATEs... and maybe drift down to see the Dry Tortugas....
We're provisioned for three months.... and we've gone through a lot of $$$$ with the Hurricane, and VERO and Titusville (Bottom work).... So may NEED some time at anchor....

May NOT cross tonight !!!
Dean - warm and sunny - BUSY !!!
02/07/2013, Outside NO Name Harbor

Thusday, Feb 7, 2013

WELL.. this has been a whirlwind day...
After breakfast we took the dinghy into shore... seeing Lynn and Larry Morrow (s/v Twomorrows), on the way, to do final errands.
We split forces for a while with me going to Advanced Auto Parts, then WM for some parts, refrigerant, 40 wgt oil, etc.

With all that being done, and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (Susan, Jefferson, and me), we dropped the mooring lines and headed toward No Name Harbor, to be nearer the Biscayne Channel, and the route OUT to the Gulf Stream.

WELL... that was the plan.... Susan and I put the dinghy up on the foredeck, after having dinner with Lisa, Jefferson, and Benny (s/v Rhiannon) ; cleaned up the deck (storing lines, and uncovering sails... everything ready to go... at 0400 hours.

then things started to unravel... Benny called from the s/v Rhiannon...
Their Generator just overheated and shut down on "high temp"... OH OH !!!!!

After talking with Benny he took the case off of his Kohler Gen. and discovered the reason for the overheating... The raw water pump pulley (sheave) came apart into two pieces.
The sheave was, ostensibly, spot welded together... and all the spot welds let go... allowing the belt to loosen... and the motor to overheat. OUCH!!!!
SO... with NO spare... the s/v Rhiannon is NOT going to the Bahamas in the morning...

So...... What is AB going to do ?????? We were, literally, seconds away from logging onto Verizon, and suspending service on the MIFI hotspot.... I think we decided to just "turn OFF our iPhones" during out of the country times...

But the main result of the Rhiannon Generator Failure... is that we'll probably miss this 36 hour weather window...
To: Carla and Rick, and Dave and Renee.... We may still be here when you get ready to go either South, or across.... :)

BUT... until we actually Cross the stream.... all the phone, and emails still work....
TIMING is now up in the air... (no pun intended...)
Maybe we'll sail a bit in Biscayne bay... sail down to Pumpkin and back... who knows ???
more later...

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