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Autumn Borne Cruising
Lake Worth to Fort Pierce
Dean - Sunny - Warm - No Wind
04/18/2013, Florida East Coast turned out differently than expected.... we did go from Lake Worth to Fort Pierce... (actually we're still on our way, as I'm writing this while susan is at the helm....)...

I came down to check the packing (drip rate), and change the potable water filter... and do a "walk-about", checking engine, transmission, etc.... Packing is cool to the touch, and dripping at the proper rate.... all is well.

Anyway... we're on the inside today.... Unlike the Plans of last night...

It was so calm in the Lake Worth Anchorage.... I had to get up in the wee hours to make sure we were still floating... I mean it was really calm....

That extends until this morning.... when the forecasted winds did NOT arrive.... One thing we did NOT want is to be in the ocean with 4 foot seas, and no wind to fill the sails... for propulsion, and stability.... i.e. NOT a good ride!!!!
SO...we elected to do the 51 statute miles on the ICW.....

We traveled along with 4 other sailing vessels (one of them was QueeQuag (from Boot Key Harbor). Don't know if they're still with us or not... We passed them after the Hobe Sound bridge... we had sails out, and at Idle we were creeping up on them all the time...

We passed Peck Lake.... where it was pretty crowded....(as an anchorage, because there's only a narrow swath of deep water going away from the AICW toward the ocean....deep enough for AB anyway....

I thought that would be too close for comfort....

SO............................. by 1630 hours we should be near our anchorage for the night at Fort Pierce... We can dinghy in and go to the beach there tomorrow.... Then "mosey" up the 10 miles to VERO anytime.

Port Everglades to Lake Worth
Dean - Windy - sunny - Ocean HOP
04/17/2013, Lake Worth, FL - anchorage

Well... the weather programs had it looking like today was a carbon copy of yesterday, but NOT Quite!!!
We got bounced around a bit out there today.... 3 to 5 foot waves... and wind hanging about 18 k apparent from the NE...
So we motor-sailed to make a beat into the wind possible....
main trimmed flat, and stays'l up and tight for stability...
BUT... it was still "lumpy".

The good thing.... NO bridges!!!! I think I remember some 19 bridges from Port Everglades to Lake Worth... YUCK!!!
Susan had the helm most of the morning.... So after lunch, was my turn.
... "Rosie" the electronic autopilot is doing most of the work in the AM; "Nigel" the Monitor wind vane did a creditable job at the end of the day, when wind clocked around a bit....

We're now anchored in Lake Worth at N26 45.502 W 080 08.684

We met an interesting couple tonight, from Buffalo; Cynthia, and Tom Leising ( Members of the Buffalo Yachy club). They have a Catalina 42 here in FL, and part ownership of a yacht in the BVI.
They're now anchored off our bow... here in Lake Worth... Nice happy hour with them on AB.
They came over when they saw our transom (home port BUFFALO, NY).
Tom still works, because he's one of the owners of a WNY Engineering firm. Nice that he can work partly from the modem/aircard.
OK... time to get back to the movie "Air America"...
Tomorrow... Inside or Outside... still a question.... Depends upon weather and sea condition.

04/17/2013 | Kathy Payne-Davis
Miss Ya'll! We'll be back in Miami on Sat and try to get out of there asap. The forecast does not look very cooperative but we'll see...
Lake Sylvia
Dean - Sunny -
04/17/2013, Port Everglades FL

Wonderful sail (full sails) from Miami to Port Everglades... a total of 2 hours on the engine... and most of that was getting through bridges, and out of Miami.

Caught up with Jamie, and Joe on the motor vessel "Lady Lee" in Lake Sylvia, where we swam, and then had a nice happy hour...(Happy Hour with Joe, and Jamie on AB).

Leaving this Morning (WED) for Lake Worth on the outside. More later.

Bombings at the Boston Marathon
Dean - Rain Sun Rain - Rain
04/15/2013, Miami Beach -

Bombs at the Boston Marathon.... How Horrible!!!

Until the above news came in, our day was pretty relaxing....
We did a little shopping, and a little swimming around the boat.... Then put the dinghy, and motor on board, in preparation to leave Miami tomorrow.

We just finished dinner (the left-over Lasagna, garlic bread, and brownies) sent home with us by Donna, and Mike Dailey, while watching the Evening News.... About this Bombing...

God I hope they catch this guy(s)... There should be some special and drastic punishment for terrorist (domestic or foreign). I have some ideas stemming from my time in the Nam, but I'll keep them to myself...

We had another rain storm late this morning, which rivaled the rain quantities of the other day... Again, I worked for 15 minutes pumping out the dinghy... wow... Lots of WATER.
Tomorrow the weather is supposed to calm down a bit... and should make a decent passage up to Port Everglades... or beyond...

All our friends are either gone from here, or won't be back here for weeks, so I guess we might as well start northward... slowly... We'll see if we can't do a lot more sailing...

Thank God the other bombs did not go off... We're hoping that forensic people can really use those to pin down the "purp". I hate to see the country to into "high alert"... because other than constant vigilance, there's little you can do to protect yourself from a cowards bomb... but I understand.

I'm hoping that with all the cameras operating in that area.... Something will be caught on film (tape).

Sunday and Coffee as indicator of Time
dean - sunny, warm, and 'sticky'
04/14/2013, Miami Beach - north of Sunset Lake

As it turns out, the way we use perked coffee....a 1 lb. can lasts almost
exactly One MONTH.
This morning I realized that we've got a couple more days on this can.
So... When we leave here, (Miami Beach), and start traveling north... we'll be working on the next pound...
When that pound runs out...we should be at the top of the Chesapeake Bay, and ready to make the final push towards 'home' (top of Hudson River).

Just checked into the SSB Cruiser's Net... (sort of a 'radio check' as well... as we got three REALLY close lightning strikes yesterday...
The last time that happened we lost the 'finals' in the SSB radio (i.e. lost the ability to transmit... we could listen, but not talk to anyone).
It's fine this AM. Nice!

Today, we plan on spending the day with the Dailey's (Donna, and Mike), at their home, up in Adventura, FL.

Then we'll wait for just a wee bit of 'weather' to pass, and take off for Port Everglades... on Tuesday, or so... (at least that's the tentative plans).

Oh... I forgot to mention, yesterday, when I was talking about changing the ZINCs in the engine, and lube oil coolers; The Painting of the Zinc right where it connects to the brass plug (to minimize corrosion in that area), with NAIL POLISH, WORKS GREAT!!!! The old zinc is easily unscrewed from the brass plug then, and changed out for a new one.

Severe T-Storms - Big time Lightning
Severe Thunderstorms this PM
04/13/2013, Miami Beach - North of Sunset Lake

Today was T-STORM day...
Nice morning... but this afternoon was scary!!! We had three NEAR-by lightning strikes.... Susan and I had unplugged everything we could, and put all the electronic gear (iPad, laptop, phones, kindle, GPS, chartplotter, etc.) in the Microwave, and oven (faraday cage).

The rain totaled 4 inches in Miami Beach.... The news just posted a picture of Bay Avenue with a car negotiating the water with the caption "Bay Avenue forecast - rainy with light CHOP".

The storm lasted about 2 hours... and was followed by bright blue skies.... It was still very sticky, and hot... so Susan and I went swimming... three or so laps around the boat... Very Pleasant.

We talked our friends on the P/v "Lady Lee".... To see if they trapped some of that water...for their tanks... They did, and they're now FULL! NICE.

I took advantage of the inside time... (after the lightning went away)... and changed the zincs in both the main engine heat exchanger, and the lube oil heat exchanger.... Both were "ready" to be changed... (about 50% gone, but still with structural integrity) - See Photo attached now.

I did finish the Baldacci novel "the Sixth Man"... and am now starting "SPLIT SECOND".

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