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Autumn Borne Cruising
St. Mary's GA to Charleston SC - Outside overnight
Dean - overnight - Clear- Wind building
05/08/2013, Charleston SC

8 MAY 2013 - ST. Mary's (Fernandina Beach, FL) to Charleston SC

We pulled the anchor up at about 0800 hours in Fernandina Beach FL, and headed for the St. Mary's River outlet to the ocean. We put up the mains'l right in front of the range marker; fell off the wind, and hauled up the foresails.... The ocean had a swell to it of about 2 feet, and a 1 foot chop on top of that... So it was nearly as predicted...

We talked with our buddy "Dream Catcher" who was motoring up the inside (AICW) tell him about the outside conditions. Course 035 Speed 6.3 knots (C035/S6.3). Running the "3 mile line"... (Although mostly we're 7 to 8 miles from the coast -- near enough for telephone signals, but too far for reliable data.... But we did change course, and approach the coast so we could see NCIS tonight....)

One has to have some priorities in life!! J

The one bit of excitement Tuesday Afternoon (right before the DoDA Network on the SSB - 8152 kHz at 1700 hours)... We lost the "Yankee" (our biggest headsail).... I had just gotten up from an hours nap; came into the cockpit; turned toward the bow, and literally watched the heads'l fall out of the forestay FOIL!

Wow... !!! So... it was an 'all hands on deck moment' to prevent the heads'l from going overboard; That being accomplished - figure out why it fell.... That was easy... the Yankee Halyard chafed through right at the snap-shackle. Bummer!

OK... what now...? WELL... after changing course, and sail trim, a bit, because of a major change in wind direction... Susan and I put the AB into the hove-to configuration (basically standing still, but with sails still up, (back winded jib - helm locked toward the wind)).

So...while the boat was hove-to, we took the Spare Halyard and attached it to the top roller furling bearings, and while I raised the roller furler bearings, Susan fed the Yankee sail back into the forestay's foil. And we were working again with all sails flying... yeah!!!

We did have to cut a small piece off the heads'l bolt rope... as it was jamming in the foil... Guess we need to take it to a sail loft this summer...

From sunset to midnight everything went fairly well.... Then just after passing Tybee Roads (Savannah River) I had a "bit of a go" with a very large freighter... He was plainly visible on radar as I approached him... I was certain we were on a collision course... So I changed course to let him pass to our bow... good idea, right ?

He did pass to our bow... and I returned to our normal course... and speed. Then, the frieghter immediately turned 180 degrees and headed back out to sea... right towards the AB.... WTF!!!!

WE can't normally out-run freighters.... So now what... I changed course again to at least parallel his, slightly off to his starboard side... to see what his intentions were...

And I increased our speed with the motor.... His position stayed the same relative to AB's course and speed.... NOT GOOD!!! ... as sometime I must turn to port... and cross his bow to maintain course to Charleston.... About 15 minutes later...The freighter ceases to make way... and we outrun him.... Whewwww! Turns out he was trying to orient the freighter to give the Savannah PILOT a lee-side stairway (1 meter above the sea).... Go figure! So... I put the AB back on course, and continue with the night run around Georgia, and most of SC. Hectic 15 or 20 minutes.... !!!!!

We passed Port Royal Sound entrance about 0120 hours... So we were well into South Carolina waters, as I wrote the bulk of this ( 0423 hours) . I saved this document for uploading in the AM, when we anchor at Charleston, SC.

Morning/Afternoon 8 May 2013

As it turns out... the the ocean wasn't going to let us go into the Charleston Harbor without a "good-bye" slap on the rear.... The winds increased all morning after sunrise, until we entered the harbor with 24 knot winds, and 4 to 5 foot waves on our beam.... Quite the wild ending to a passage...

Unfortunately, we were caught between two problems... getting off the ocean as quickly as we could, and trying to wait out the ebb tide coming out of the Charleston Harbor...

We elected to go in the entrance jetty against the outgoing tide.... So with those 5 foot waves slapping our beam, and 20+ winds in the mains'l, and stays'l.... we entered... our Speed over the Ground went from 7.0 knots in the ocean, to 4.2 in the entrance channel... a fight!!!

Anyway... once inside we doused sail, and elected to start down the ICW toward Winyah Bay... We're now anchored in DEWES creek about 6 miles north of Charleston. AND the wind is still howling...

05/08/2013 | Kathy Payne-Davis
Wow- you guys made a good jump! Travel safely!
Saturday.... rain has NOT gone away
dean - windy - rainy -
05/04/2013, St. Augustine, FL Mooring 50

WELL... the "rain, rain, go away" thing didn't work... YET !!!
It's still blowing like crazy.... and misty type rain.... very wet... as I was just outside... adding water to the potable water tanks...

I was making water too, with the R.O. unit to keep it ready to go... The gallons going through the R.O. unit were impressive... mostly because the entire surface of the water here is RAIN Water, and very fresh.... (flows right through the RO membrane).

At the same time... I was running the main engine.... just to make sure it was also ready to go.... More later... Going to shore on Shuttle.

Rain Rain go Away !!!
Dean - nearly 9 inches of Rain, SO FAR...
05/03/2013, St. Augustine, FL

Friday - 3 May 2013 - St. Augustine -- 8.25 inches so far
Wow.... This is almost more rain water than we saw in Hurricane Irene, or Sandy...!!!
So far, (as of this morning's news) 8.25" of rain has fallen.... The dinghy was filled right up to the transom this morning....but still floating happily out to our stern.
I just came in from bailing it out.... So..I've already had my morning shower!
The harbor here is a maelstrom... rocking and rolling all the boats here... I feel sorry for the lighter boats.... Because even AB is rocking... and we slung-out at Westland Marina at 38,500 pounds...(not full of fuel, or water).
The winds have not stopped either.... Last night they were force 7 to 8 (33 to 38 knots)... The weather reporter just mentioned the "ocean is a wreck; don't even consider going out there..."
AND.... According to the radar... there's a lot more to come.... So, I guess we're sitting STILL today, and maybe tomorrow....and maybe for the weekend....
More to follow.

05/03/2013 | Doug Vaughn
Hello Autumn Borne, tried to make contact this am on the net without success. I think my radio system needs a tune-up. Just saying hello and letting you know I've enjoyed your posts as I too have the walkthrough. stay safe and dry!
05/03/2013 | dean perry
hello Eleuthra II .... sorry no contact this AM,
I could hear you but the modulation was not of sufficient Quality to make out what you were saying....
St. Augustine, FL - Mooring #50
Dean - Windy - Rainy -
05/02/2013, St. Augustine, FL

Tuesday morning was a sad morning.... seeing SEEKER pull away, and go though the Bridge of Lions.
We've made tentative arrangements to meet again next year, somewhere near the FL/ GA Border, and maybe to the Bahamas, or islands together.... That would be great fun...

this morning after pancakes, eggs, and spam breakfast I tightened the v-belt (alternator/water pump); transferred fuel from bow to mid-ship tank; and did some minor boat things... prior to our gathering our mooring lines in a day or so...

near noon, we went into town again.... and bought our yearly supply of datil Pepper sauces...; we also went for a late breakfast, (early lunch) at a small King's st. restaurant... (small).

In the late PM, we did a tour of an 1800's house (The women's Exchange house), along St. George street... (Photo). Very interesting....

In the early days of this town (St. Augustine), and we're assuming many others.... The Women's Exchange building was a way for talented women of the town to either 1.) exchange something they've made (Quilts/ doylies/ kitchen tools/ etc. ) for something that was made by someone else, or 2.) perhaps even "PIN-money".... i.e. a way for the women of the houses to earn a little cash, or trade for something they needed.... to keep their houses running smoothly.

then.... the weather started to turn (sour) quite rapidly, and we beat-feet toward the Autumn Borne. The wind started to howl, 20 knots or better... the boat was rocking.. and the tide is changing too.
(so we're sideways to the wind; as opposed to it coming over the bow - head to wind).

All sorts of Cruising Boats here in VERO
Dean - Sunny - Warm
04/25/2013, Vero Beach FL

you get all sort of cruising boats passing through here (VERO).
The one pictured here was shipped over to the USA from GERMANY.
A family lives aboard...
I should imagine that it's roomy inside... using every square inch of beam, and length...
At first glance it still looks like the space shuttle from Star Trek.

Sunday at VERO
Dean - Sunny and warm until late PM
04/21/2013, Vero Beach FL

Sunday... No 'free buses' today.... so everyone in the anchorage here was either socializing, or doing boat projects.
We did both...

We did have a nice visit from a sailor named Chris from the sailing vessel "Nomad"; Chris is a friend of Amy and Jake Jacobson of the sailing vessel "Gypsy Song".... (our neighbors for several winters down in Boot Key Harbor).

The morning was spent socializing at the Vero Beach Lounge where Susan worked on a jig-saw puzzle with another boater...

I came back to the AB at one point and started removing the secondary anchor rode... from the anchor chain locker.... What a mess...after anchoring, and storing the rodes for the trip down the coast, etc.

I've been worried about actually needing that second bow anchor at some point, and NOT being able to pull the secondary chain out from under the primary chain...

Anyway... it's all out on the deck now.. in buckets... I won't go into my new storage method, but I think I've got a solution... which should also make retrieval of the primary chain more efficient.

In the afternoon we stopped over to the s/v 'Our Dream', and talked to Harry, and Barbara-Ann for a while. Then the T-storms warned us to get "home". 60 Minutes is "ON" now... very interesting.... So... I'll cut this short.

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