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Bacchus Beckons
12/27/2012 Blue Heron Basin Pyrate Fleet - AGM
12/22/2012 Christmas once again
08/20/2012 Musgrave Landing
08/20/2012 Neighbours
08/20/2012 The African Queen
08/20/2012 Russell Island Morning
08/20/2012 Time well wasted!
08/19/2012 Wallace Island Raft-up
04/30/2012 CCYC - Crabby Cruise
04/07/2012 It's a whole new season!
11/27/2011 Squirrel Cove Lagoon
11/27/2011 The Once Famous Squirrel Cove Bakery
11/27/2011 Pit stop in Refuge Cove
11/20/2011 Another view of the cove
11/20/2011 'Good Sex Cove'
11/18/2011 Happy Hour Setting
11/18/2011 Official C+C clothing (circa 1960)
11/18/2011 Are we proud C+C owners or what???
10/30/2011 A wet / low cloud / 'wind on the nose' Saturday
10/30/2011 Crew at the ready?
10/30/2011 Desolation Sound Trip - Summer '11
10/21/2011 Finally, comfort!
10/21/2011 Skipper's Meeting
10/21/2011 Invitation II leading the way, not!
10/21/2011 Eagle III, out of the fog!
10/21/2011 Creative mooring bouy use.
10/21/2011 The view back!
10/21/2011 Thick morning fog!
10/21/2011 Shallow Bay sunset
10/21/2011 The master chef!
10/21/2011 Luau (hot dog roast). Any excuse to party?
10/21/2011 Well, it turned out to be a great summer weather wise after all!
05/29/2011 We spent Victoria Day weekend in the San Juans
05/10/2011 One of my winter projects!
05/06/2011 Shakedown Cruise to Poet's Cove Resort
04/10/2011 AC 72
04/10/2011 America's Cup is coming to San Francisco!!
04/10/2011 First Dock Party!
04/03/2011 Another morning!
04/03/2011 My Favorite Time of the Day!
04/02/2011 Laid Back!
03/30/2011 Another View of the Rendezvous
03/30/2011 C+C Rendezvous
03/29/2011 Twins!
03/28/2011 West's Resort, Egmont B.C.
03/28/2011 Bakery in the morning, Ice cream in the afternoon!
03/28/2011 The Bakery Boat!
03/27/2011 Our Island Flag
03/19/2011 A landlocked captain!
03/18/2011 Ahhh, sunsets!
03/16/2011 Other direction
03/16/2011 Chatterbox Falls
03/15/2011 Fellow 'Pirates'
03/13/2011 New Members Day
03/12/2011 Winter Blaaas Begone!!
03/12/2011 Always carry the correct safety gear in your dinghy!
03/06/2011 Powerwashing 101
03/05/2011 A new slip!
03/05/2011 The Season Begins...
Who: Glenn and Gaie Judson
Port: Sidney B.C. on the west coast of Canada
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