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Bacchus Beckons
CCYC - Crabby Cruise
04/30/2012, Genoa Bay

We had good weekend over at Genoa Bay, crabbing, socializing with our club members and remembering what boating is all about! The weather turned out only so-so but it didn't matter in the end. It's still early for crabbing but we managed 4 keepers out of the 25 I caught. Nothing failed on the boat which does bode well, but we did run out of coffee. I set up our new 'African Queen' to keep off the odd drizzle. It's supposed to keep the sun from over heating the boat. Oh well, dual purpose.

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06/09/2012 | Bevan Slater
Just checking in with you. I haven't been out to the boat yet - got sidetracked with a 12 day trip from Roatan, Honduras to Bocas del Toro, Panama with a friend on his Alubat Ovni 385. Just got back May 23. My Dad is in the hospital in Saskatchewan so our plan to spend a month on the Coast end of July, beginning of August is up in the air. Fair winds, Bevan
It's a whole new season!
04/07/2012, CCYC

Planning has started for our summer cruising. The boat has been hauled, painted and serviced. The next yacht club cruise to Port Browning is coming up shortly. We're watching the weather. Right now we're getting 14c daytime to 0c overnight. Brisk!

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Squirrel Cove Lagoon
11/27/2011, Cortes Isl

Here's a shot of the lagoon rapids. When the tide is high again you can power your dinghy in and explore.

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The Once Famous Squirrel Cove Bakery
11/27/2011, Cortes Isl.

Squirrel Cove is a great sheltered harbour. Once you pass through the 60' wide entrance, the cove opens up to easily hold over a hundred anchored boats. We used to anchor and tie back over where the lagoon empties into the cove whenever the tide drops. Our kids enjoyed riding floaties down in the current. The condition of the bakery building was a suprise to see. We had heard that about 6 years ago, the baker had retired and no one had taked it over. His cinnamon buns were awsome! The baker lived in the house and had 3 propane stoves in his kitchen. The house was on floats but permantly beached. We bake our own now on cool days and the boat smells great!

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Pit stop in Refuge Cove
11/27/2011, West Redonda Isl.

After a few nights in Teakerne, we pulled anchor and headed south to pick up supplies and fuel in Refuge Cove. Although quieter this year than past ones, the place is still a going concern! I don't remember ever being able to pull right up to the fuel wharf without being 5th or 6th in line in a hovering pattern. We had burgers ashore for lunch and bought supplies for the next few days (read wine and rum). After dropping off the garbage we crossed over to Squirrel Cove, found a sheltered spot and anchored in time for happy hour. We had a very unusual weather pattern the entire trip, breezy during the day but dead calm through the night. What a treat!

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Another view of the cove
11/20/2011, Teakerne Arm

Another view to show how small it is. The sign is hanging on the point on the right.

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