21 June 2017 | East Thurlow Island
20 June 2017 | Quadra Island
17 June 2017 | Vancouver Island
15 June 2017 | Comox, BC
12 June 2017 | Nanimo, BC
10 June 2017 | Saltspring Island, BC
09 June 2017 | Victoria, BC
04 June 2017 | Port Townsend
04 June 2017 | Blake Island
03 June 2017 | Tacoma
29 July 2016 | Neah Bay, WA
29 July 2016 | Neah Bay
28 July 2016
27 July 2016
26 July 2016 | 400 miles West of Washington
24 July 2016 | On top of the High
22 July 2016 | ~800 miles west of Washington
21 July 2016

Shoal Bay

21 June 2017 | East Thurlow Island
From Small Inlet we had planned to run down Johnstone Straight from east to west, but the forecast called for westerlies blowing to 30 kts for 3 days. Those wind conditions against an ebbing tide would be just too uncomfortable for us.

Instead we chose a round about course taking us up Nodales Channel, turning left at Phillips Arm over the top of Thurlow Island to Green Point Rapids, then out to Chancellor Channel, right at Wellbore Channel, through Whirlpool Rapids, up into Sunderland Channel, which would lead into the western reaches of Johnstone Straight about 3 days later. Hopefully conditions would improve by then.

Our first leg up Discovery Passage and into Nodales Channel was windy, but not uncomfortable so we took the opportunity to poke our nose into several coves along the way. At the top of Thurlow Island we stopped in Shoal Bay for the night where the little resort throws a pretty great happy hourwith a stunning view from the deck. Skid made a new friend with a young giant St. Bernard named Tulip who ran Skid ragged.

Small Inlet

20 June 2017 | Quadra Island
Our next obstacle leaving Campbell River was transiting Seymour Narrows as we headed up Discovery Passage. The current here can rage at over 15 kts, with whirlpools and over-falls. So it is important to hit Seymour Narrows in the 30 minutes or so when it goes slack between tides. It's now a wide channel, but there used to be a big rock in the middle, but back in the 1920's they dynamited it with what is still considered the largest non-nuclear explosion in history. There is an impressive sequence of photos in the Campbell river museum showing the blast.

Due to the tides we got there early and tucked in behind Maude Island to wait a few hrs for slack. Here we had a great hike to view the narrows at full tide and later in our little backwater we watched eagles snagging fish right in front of the boat.

When the time came, we transited Seymour Narrows uneventfully and proceeded to Small Inlet on Quadra Island for the night. This was actually a pretty big inlet surrounded by parkland and almost entirely landlocked except for a narrow channel with about 10 ft of water in it. Once through the channel we had one of our prettiest anchorages to date.

Campbell river

17 June 2017 | Vancouver Island
We had an uneventful motor up to Campbell river, right up until we entered Discovery passage and noticed the boat speed up to over 10 kts. Apparently there was a stiff 4+ kt current flushing us through. Fortunately it was quiet inside the breakwater and we got a nice slip in the Discovery Harbor Marina. From here we spent 3 days seeing the sights which included a museum, some great totems, a few hikes, some geocaching and an excellent pizza. We also took a bus to the movies and a cab ride out to see the Elk Falls and the "highest" suspension bridge in BC. Here we also saw some huge hydroelectric pipes made entirely of wooden staves over 70 yrs ago and still in use.


15 June 2017 | Comox, BC
We motorsailed the 55 miles from Nanimo to Comax with a dying southerly pushing us along. We had planned to stop a couple places along the way, but with the forecasted strong winds now upon us, I'm glad we did not linger. Even secured in the harbor, we are seeing steady 30+ kts of wind, with gusts to 40 kts. With the strong winds and rain we are hunkered down on the boat, but are warm and dry with water, power and WiFi. Yesterday it was nice and we enjoyed a long geocaching hike (excellent parks on Vancouver Island) and in the afternoon we took a bus over to the sister city of Courtenay to explore.
Also yesterday, an F27 called Sistership came into the harbor. This boat is part of a diverse fleet of boats competing in the Race to Alaska ( These hardy sailors and rowers are competing with only wind and/or human power in a race from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK. So far, in less than a week, they have been battered by 3 different fronts carrying gale force winds and large seas. Respect and fair winds to Sistership and her all woman crew, they're certainly tougher sailors than I.


12 June 2017 | Nanimo, BC
We had a beautiful, but calm motor transit from Ganges to Nanimo, but we had to carefully time our arrival for slack water at Dodd Narrows, a tight little channel where boats must proceed through single file on the favorable side of slack water which lasts only about 30 minutes. Nanimo was fun, we saw a couple of museums and hiked their very nice waterfront park. At noon there was a cannon salute over the harbor which Wendy was allowed to fire - big fun! On our last day we dinghied across to Newcastle Island, all of which was a park and Skid and Wendy made friends with another dog playing in the low tidal mud... Skid got hosed off on the dock, but I allowed Wendy to use the shower onboard.
From here we hustled up the east side of Vancouver Island to Comox in advance of an approaching cold front and gale warning.


10 June 2017 | Saltspring Island, BC
Spent 2 nights anchored in Ganges harbor on Saltspring Island in the Gulf Islands of BC, This is an eclectic artisans community with heaps of character. We enjoyed hiking the trails and Wendy explored the weekly crafts market. We elected to push on for Nanimo since we will probably spend more time in the Gulf Islands later in the summer
Vessel Name: Bangorang
Hailing Port: Ventura, CA
Crew: Colin, Wendy and Skid
Extra: Urban Dictionary: Bangorang - The word from the film "Hook" meaning, basically, awesome!
Bangorang's Photos - Mazatlan to PV
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Awesome micro brewery and pizza joint in Pt Vallarta
Icon of the PV malecon
PV church in the central plaza
inside the PV church
Extreme geocaching at Playa de los Muertos, Sayulita
Sayulita cemetery
Hippy art, Sayulita
Main beach, Sayulita
Sayulita church
Bucerias church
Bangorang in Chacala anchorage from the dinghy landing.
Jaltemba waterfront - very colorful
Bangorang in Jaltemba anchored off Isla La Pena
Our own beach on Isla La Pena, at least
Chacala beach
Chacala hotel
Isla Isabela
Isla Isabel
Isla Isabel
Isla Isabel
Isla Isabel
Chacala church