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Douglas Paddock
12/08/2012, Warderick Wells, Exumas

Surprise...surprise! Internet access is NOT available everywhere. Or if available, is quite costly.

We are currently located at Warderick Wells, the park headquarters for the Exumas Land and Sea Park. It is the first internet access we have had since entering the Bahamas on November 26th. We are paying $15 for 24 hours access and are limited to 128 megabytes. Our friends went through 128 megs in a couple of hours...just catching up on the news.

Our primary means of communication here is the SSB/HAM radio. We listen to Chris Parker every a.m. for weather, check in our position report with the Waterway Net daily, and get email via winlink.

I've regretted not being able to do blog posts on our blogger account. I can do via our radio so we are going to start a new blog here.

I will notify everyone I can be email but am sure that I will leave someone out. Please pass our new blog address on to others for us.

I can not send pictures via the HAM radio but will hopefully add a gallery and upload some pictures when we have internet access.

12/08/2012 | Mary Verlaque
Pleased to see your blog arrive by Winlink. We are at the SSCA Gam in Melbourne and the Winlink Development Team talked about this new possibility (and suggested that it could include condensed photos!). Big improvements. There will be MANY fabulous places you will want to cruise where there will be no cell tower and on Internet. Enjoy the break!

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