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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Alex, hot with a chance of Smiles, Hugs and Tears
November 5, 2015 , St George's, Grenada

Whatever direction you're going, may you soar freely forth in clear blue skies.


It's that time of year again. The H-Season (dare I say it??) is almost officially over, however, we don't want to jinx things too much!! After all the Weather Gods that Be may just BE hovering overhead, and we certainly wouldn't want to get in their way, n'est ce pas?

Lately, the shopping buses have been over-filled with cruisers getting last minute extras, and the boat galley cupboards are most likely brimming full. The Capt'N's are surely performing final checks and sea trials. The Crusing Guides have been brought out and are visible on the tables, the pages being perused are dog-marked and annotated with places to stop and things to see along the way.

There's excitement a-buzzing all around and the energy is vibrant and frenzied. As we stop and converge in a group, sharing our schedules and intended itineraries, it all seems to end with one last HeartFelt Hug, and perhaps even a Tear or Two.

Like everyone else, we've been trying to get it all done and trying to see everyone in the limited (weather dependant) time we have on our hands.

It's sort of like everyone trying to do everything and trying to squeeze into this very narrow passageway that is the photo, meet and mingle through this very narrow space,

and as we emerge on the other side, we all scatter freely in different directions.

Camp Grenada is OUT.

Along with that, there's been a few birthday celebrations to celebrate.


Our dear friend Jeff, who was willing to share Cake with me.

What a great evening with fabulous friends who came out to raise a toast with us. Lovely memories made that night that will be treasured for a very long time.

The Annual Halloween Bash was the next big event on the list. It was rather challenging to organize a group costume, but we think we pulled it off rather brilliantly, wouldn't you agree?

Gilligan's Island, complete with The Witch Doctor and Voodoo doll,

that made poor Gilligan jump up and down in fear.

And then we learned that the timing was down to a crunch and that there were even more changes in the works.

Some special hugs,

some special toasts,

(and even another advance Birthday Celebration) followed by a special request at The Aquarium: Grenada, Spice Island performed live, just for us.

Grenada: where we've made such wonderful memories !!

And then, we found ourselves in the same place at the same time as longtime friends Mike and Rebecca of Zero to Cruising, and quickly made dinner plans.

We fondly remember how, many years ago, reading their blogs was a daily routine. We were eagerly planning and anticipating living this lifestyle, doing what they were doing, and Just.Couldn't.Wait!!

And now we are here, and what a mind-warp all that is !!

New and different destinations, along with new and exciting plans in the works for all of us.

Which makes me wonder where we will all be this time next year? In some instances we're saying serious "good-bye's", and in some instances it's only a brief "see you later".

And as we lounge back into the comfort of our home in the cushions of our cockpit, planning our plans we smile. The beginnings of the colours of the evening palate are emerging,

and we toast a cheers to our friends that have already left, to the new ones we've met, all of it melding into beautiful memories.

My beautiful friend Wendy likes to raise a toast with these German words:

"so jung kommen wir nicht meh zusammen"

which translates (roughly) to,

"We will never be this young, together, again".

To our Friends: It's been great fun. We shall miss you. We do miss you. And we cherish the memories of our time spent with you.

To Grenada: We shall miss you too. And will remember you warmly.

"See You Somewhere North of Somewhere".

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November 6, 2015 | Andy n judy
Sorry we missed u guys heading out safe sailing n fair winds.
Alex, underwater salty wet with a chance of snorkelling
October 20, 2015 , Ronde Island, Grenada

Ever watch Sharknado? The popular B-rate horror movies of the Attacking Sharks Gone Wild kind?

Ever wonder what you might see if you go snorkelling in the waters in the Caribbean ?

Why not join us as we experience some Close Encounters of the Thrilling UnderWater Kind. Brought to you Live, Close and Personal (and bonus, no commercials!).

This is NOT Sharknado, but rather SharkBlogO!!


"I can't believe it took us THREE YEARS to finally stop at Ronde Island" we exclaimed as we sailed Banyan into the waters of this quaint, quiet and calm anchorage.

"Did you know that it's For Sale?" I exclaimed. "Only 100 million U.S. dollars for this deserted rugged island!"

Located approx 10 nmiles south of Tyrell Bay (Carriacou) or about 20 nmiles North of St George's (Grenada), Isle de Ronde just never seemed to fit into the right time, right weather, right conditions or the right schedules for us.

However, we just happened to be on a "This is THE Perfect time" type of trip. The weather was perfect. The conditions were perfect. The schedules were perfect. And it was TIME.

Picturesque! "Three years!"
Quiet and Calm!! "Three years!"
Not far to travel to !!! "Three years!"

Once the anchor set, we looked down at the crystal clear waters and knew immediately that snorkelling was next on our list. NOW!

We swam out to the point and were enthralled by the views,

large boulders dotted with all sorts of growing oral,

pretty amazing canyon type of hallways to navigate through,

I heard something and came up to see, only to hear :

"SHARK !!!" yelled Sue. "SHARK !!!"

The heart starts pounding and as I went below towards her, afraid of what I might find, I saw hime. A grey form gliding over the bottom, as he emerged out from behind a boulder.

A wave of relief swept over me as my brain engaged and confirmed that it was only a Nurse Shark.

I just couldn't swim fast enough to get a face on view and photo.

Did I really want to come face to face with a shark ?

Nurse Sharks are thought to be quite harmless. Google describes them as :

" nocturnal animals... spending the day in large inactive groups of up to 40"


"Their diet consists primarily of crustaceans, molluscs, tunicates, sea snakes, and other fish, particularly stingrays."


Did you know that :

"The nurse shark's thousands of tiny, sharp teeth are arranged in rows and rotate into position as necessary to replace a broken or lost tooth"


"because of its sluggish behaviour it is an easy target for local fisheries. Its skin is exceptionally tough and is prized for leather; its flesh is consumed fresh and salted and its liver is utilised for oil"


Wow, back up to get a breather, not to mention squeal with delight and touched with adrenaline,

"OMG, just breathe, and how WOW was that?"

Back down again.

The underwater landscape simply stunning. From nothing much to see that is somehow still enthralling and mesmerizing in its own peaceful way,

to fans and corals and all sorts of colours of life, a world that is unknown to many of us.

How about this guy,

hiding under the rock?

Can you spot him? His large bulbous eyeballs watching you?

A Caribbean Reef Octopus. And if there's more than one, it's Octopuses.

Google says :

"they are typically solitary and are able to quickly change color using specialized cells in their skin known as chromatophores"

And this moray eel was quick to slither out and then back in again, sliding through spaces and places that even our eyes couldn't find or follow.

The Flying Gurnard was asleep,

and not showing his wings or his colours today.

But not to worry, we saw plenty more.

Now if you lived under the sea, what kind of fish would you be?

Would you be a Moray Eel? Or a Flying Gurnard? Or an Octopus? The Colourful Fish? Or perhaps you'd be the Shark?

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