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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Alex, hazy hot with a chance of an ale or two at the end of our walk
June 29, 2015 , Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Passion Ale. Pale Ale. Golden Wheat Ale. Stout Ale.

All the above ales from the Antillia Brewing Company located right here in Rodney Bay, St Lucia.


We'd been looking for something to do that would take us away from our morning boat chore routines. Lynn of Silverheels II popped by and asked if we'd be interested in doing something that afternoon.

"A small walk to the Local Brewing Company..."
"We're in" we said, before she even had a chance to finish.

We all gathered at the pre-appointed time. The Gals (Izzy, Me, Lynn and Wendy),

and The Guys (David, Doug, Ken and Jeff).

And no, we have no idea what Jeff was going on about.

Out of the marina and turn right and follow the main road, with Lynn and Ken leading the way.

It was early afternoon and the hazy sun rather hot and merciless. It wasn't long before we were sweating and slowing down, the buses honking their loud horns as they drove past us, eyeing us to see if we wanted or needed a drive. We waved them on with a shake of the hand and a smile.

Pretty soon we were turing into the Rodney Bay mall and heading towards the little pathway that the Cruisers use to get to the Dinghy Dock. We needed the small narrow entrance of a road just after that.

A beautiful majestic tree sits in an empty lot,

and on the left, the Antillia Brewing Company.

We meandered in, introduced ourselves and were welcomed with open arms and big smiles.

The building new, well decorated, airy and spacious. Local artwork on the walls adds to the charm and we headed towards a table that was outside and in the breeze of the afternoon.

Chad was our server and he was happy to chat with us and tell us all about the place as he seated us.

Brand new (as of February 2015), the owner Canadian. We told him we were (almost) all Canadians and that elicited another smile and more chit-chat.

Unfortunately the owner was "back home" and unavailable to meet with us. Perhaps he was celebrating Canada Day back home? Which led us to wonder where we would be celebrating Canada Day. And as with all great minds, a few ideas were quickly thrown around.

But, back to our parched and sweaty weary faces, Chad was quick to recognize our plight and serve up the Flights of ales for us to try. Golden Wheat. Pale Ale. Stout. And Passion Fruit Ale was the Choice of the Season. Oh my, yes please !!

And does anyone know why we say "Flight" of Beer/Wine??

We all enjoyed tasting and testing, and testing and tasting. There was more than enough quantity wise to share one flight per couple.

We all agreed, with varying differences of the palate, that the Stout, although it smelled the nicest (of aromatic coffee and cocoa),

was perhaps hmm, perhaps best described by the puckered up look on Jeff and Izzy's faces at the just perfect Photo-Op moment, just a little too much for some of us, and within some of our group, the last to disappear.

The full bodied Stout (5.25% alcohol) made of six different malts (chocolate, black and crystal malts) result in a chocolate and coffee flavour aroma (and taste).

The Golden Wheat (4.75% alcohol) was, just as described, light and citrusy.

The Pale Ale (5.3% alcohol) was a bit more malty and just slightly more bitter, compared to the very light Passion Fruit Ale.

We thought there was something for every tastebud, and they were all quite very good.

We enquired about a tour, and pretty soon we were being introduced to Sid who was happy to show us around.

Not being a brew connoisseur, and not to divulge any secrets, but I was surprised to learn the age and lineage of the yeast used within this Brewing Company. Interesting.

Sugars in the grains are converted into alcohol by yeast. Different yeast ferments into different flavours.

And a giggle as I noticed the calendar on the wall.

Sid was informative and allowed us a few extra minutes in the very cold room !! So cold you could see your breath, something that most of us haven't experienced in quite some time.

You can purchase a Growler at $25 EC filled to the brim with your Ale of choice. When empty, you can bring it back for a
$20 EC refill.

How Awesome is that? Or be green and use the beautiful bottles for something else.

By the time our tour was finished we were parched once again and more than ready to this time, order our personal favourites. Along with some pub-style grub.

Onion rings (oh how I have missed you!!),

Beer Battered Mahi Mahi (was there a doubt?), Jerk Wings, Calamari. All served up with potato wedges and yes, even a Hot Dog was found on the menu.

The food was quick to arrive and good in the typical fried fare fashion.

We did notice a lack of colour though... so might we suggest a colourful addition? Some carrot/celery sticks (with blue cheese dip) to add some fresh-ness to the fried-ness?

Pretty soon it was time to go. We'd had a few beers, chit-chatted about this and that, eaten some, drank some and laughed some. And now it was time to face the long walk home.

"We'd better hops to it" we said.
"Oh, I can barley stand it!" we replied.

{{ GROAN }}

So if you happen to find yourself near Rodney Bay, St Lucia, we highly recommend a visit to the Antillia Brewing Company, just steps from the Mall. The atmosphere, the staff and the ales were all extremely worth the visit.

Cheers !

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June 29, 2015 | Phil
Nice to hear from the Banyanites again....always enjoy the blog.....10 days in St.Martin Sept/Oct.....any tips? Thx...Phil
Banyan's Back in Bloggin'
Alex, hazy hot and raining with a slight chance of blogging
June 28, 2015 , Rodney Bay, St Lucia

A great friend of ours offered up some time, energy, knowledge, effort and creativity and whipped up a watermark for our photos.

How sweet is that? And isn't it great?? We love it.

Now we have no excuse to not get back to bloggin, right?

Except that it's been two months and I have no idea where to start. Or how to use Sailblogs new interface.

So might as well start Right Now and Right Here. Right?


Oh, and Thank You Joe !!

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