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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
OH! Henry??
Alex, sunny and hot (and a bit of rain)
April 24, 2014 , Hermitage Bay (Jolly Harbour), Antigua

OHHENRY! : An alternate way, for the purpose of this blog, of professing surprise, excited anticipation, and just plain ole WOW, or perhaps even WTF? moments, and as visually supported by the photo below, and humbly offered up to you, dear reader, for a morning smile type of moment.

When we first sailed into Hermitage bay a couple of days ago, mostly in order to get some Fast and Furious WiFi, seconded only by our desire for some quiet R&R after the hectic pace of Antigua Classics, we were (almost) the only boat here,

in fact, early the next morning, the other two boats that were anchored beside us, upped anchor and left. Funny when that happens, and you are left being the only solitary boat left behind. Made us wonder if there was something we didn't know about, that we perhaps ought to know about and THAT, was an OhHENRY moment indeed.

We splashed our Kayaks into the waters and armed with camera in a Ziploc Baggie and water, off we went to explore, (OhhEnry !!),

the water closer to shore pretty crystal clear compared to the rather silty waters out in the anchorage,

the rocky shoreline speaking volumes of different sized and types and colours of rocks,

with sugar mills perched on top of hills, just waiting to be explored,

always keeping an eye on pointy underwater things,

as you might well guess, inflatable kayaks and sharp coral type edges would not bode well in a jagged encounter of any kind.

We landed on one beach,

and went for a bit of a stroll,

getting our feet wet,

and then heading back to home to task on some more boat chores, that were quickly nixed and put on tomorrows list, as we both sat in the cockpit and enjoyed the peaceful solitude instead.

And speaking of peaceful solitude, we used some of that Fast and Furious WiFi to google ourselves some additional information on our next stop(s). And therein arose a pet peeve of mine, of the perhaps not-so-latest, however, very prevalent trend in the online world.

Everything, and I do mean everything, needs to be quantified in a most dire way, have you noticed that? I don't understand, and proclaim that I tastefully dislike, this itemized scrutinized analyzed bucket list of items to cross off my life list. Talk about unneeded Pressure that OHMY where's the list of How to Feel if you've not accomplished one item on that list??

"Top Ten things to DO on Thursday"; "166 things to DO in XYZ". "27 surreal places to visit before you DIE". (DIE?) If you knew you were going to DIE would you limit yourself to 27? Surreal? Places? "52 places to go in 2014": that's what, one a week? And while you're busy living someone else's list narrowed down to some odd number, you should beware of the "31 healthy foods you SHOULD be eating" to fuel you along, and the "25 fattening foods you should NEVER be eating" lest you die before going to 27 surreal places. But, ohhenry, wait, before you do any of that, there's a list of 75 books you MUST read before you watch 86 best movies of all time, and seriously?

Made me (almost) want to click on the link just to see, in some perverse anger me moment, to confirm whether I was doing what I SHOULD be doing, and did we have one of the foods on that DO or DON'T list for breakfast before we went kayaking, and dare I even google whether kayaking Inflatable Kayaks is on a ok'd DO list somewhere of things to do, or not do, after breakfast or before lunch, in Antigua, and (gasp) did I read the book about it, or perhaps I should wait for the movie OHHENRY!

Swim Club was started over a week ago (thanks Dalynn for the gentle nudge, nudge and persistent picking me up at 07:30 a.m. for the 4 lap swim across Pigeon Beach, oHHenry!!) and mySELF has been challenging me to continue on my own, despite the place or time of day. Today is Day 5 and Proudly Counting Along, and given the initial bodily fatigue that one feels when first re-starting any fitness regimen anew, energy begets energy, and I am happy to report that despite the sore muscles, I am feeling a tad more energized. oH Henry indeed!!

We are prepping to leave here using the weather window opening up on Friday. Weather on all fronts is indicating a perfect East Wind that will allow us to sail straight South, OhHENRY !!

And so yesterday after another kayak, and another swim, and another wonderful evening shared with great friends David and Libby (and SuperDog, Brody) from SV Peregrine,

over great food, where we watched our solitary anchorage get increasingly crowded as the sun went down.

Earlier in the day we deflated and fresh water rinsed and dried our kayaks, and packaged them away. That's a rather sad ohhenry moment. Today its time to pick up our laundry, check out with C&I, get some provisions and then get some more (as its probably best to stock up Banyan's empty cupboards here in EC dollars instead of Euro Dollars), and depart in the wee hours of tomorrow morning for the 40some odd nm's that will get us THERE.

THERE being Deshaies, Guadeloupe. Write to you on the French side. OHHENRY!

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April 24, 2014 | Dirk A
Enjoy the taste of France. A month in Guadeloupe is on my list of things to do in 2015 -- but I haven't numbered the list -- yet!
April 24, 2014 | Catherine (& Henry)
So funny! That obviously what comes of having access to much-too-fast internet.

Now where did I put my list of top sailing blogs to read... Oh look, you're on it! ;-)
April 24, 2014 | Dan
Alex, You, are............. Amazing!!
A Blog about Nothing
Alex, cloudy with a chance of rain
April 22, 2014 , Hermitage Bay (Jolly Harbour), Antigua

I've been nattering and complaining the last little while about the lack of Fast and Furious WiFi being the largest contributing factor to my inability to post photos and blogs and keep you up-to-date about Sailing Banyan's Adventures.

Whilst this is true, I find myself at this very moment sitting comfortably on my settee, coffee slowly getting cold in one hand while I stare at the way-too-many photos uploading from my camera to the laptop...and reliving the memories as the photos scroll by me, finding myself mentally writing a book about each and every image.

And once photos are uploaded, and with all the bandwidth that the airwaves can possibly carry, I sit here dumbfounded as my fingers lie frozen over the QWERTY and I can't think of a single thing to start with.

"How's the blog coming?" queries the Capt'n (kind of smugly and with a smirk) as he sees me on my hands and knees wiping the floor, after having made the bed, and washed out the bathroom, but first having cleaned the galley.

There's so much to say, that I have no idea where to begin?? So instead I busy myself with cleaning. I'd rather be out there doing my morning swim and kayaking, but its all been postponed due to rain. So I shut the hatches, again. And sit down again. And face the empty screen.

There's certainly no lack of stuff to talk about given our recent adventures circumnavigating Antigua with family onboard, and here's the chart of our travels that we gifted them with

just before they left.

Then having front row seats at the Antigua Classics races,

and just what is a Classic anyways??

And the legend of Old Bob

should deserve a blog of it's own perhaps?

And wouldn't the wind generated off this helicopter impede the 25 plus knots of wind that the Rainbow was already dealing with?

And the dinghy raft-up concert, hosted by Bodacious,

that lasted well past Cruiser's Midnight.

And where Spirited Lady

and this daring trapeze artist,

and you know who,

were all having all sorts of fun.

There's also reunions of a very special kind that happened, that included being unable to oust Dave from his Wizard King pedestal, and where we hiked over valley and dale,

and got to spend some quality time with Brody, our Favourite Dog, Ever.

Then there's emails we've received on subject matter for future blogs.

A How-to-Anchor with Etiquette perhaps, after just having watched a cruiser arrive in this very large bay with only three other boats in it, drop his anchor directly RIGHT in front of us? Like, Really??

How about a "A What's It Like to Live Aboard Blog?" Or a blog on how I take care of the Capt'N?

"Dave... " I asked,
"Yes dear..." he sighed in anticipation and preparation (knowing it was going to be one of THOSE questions),
"Do I take care of you?"

To be continued. Stay tuned my friends, the rain has stopped and we're off to kayak some, and swim some...

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April 22, 2014 | Yvonne and Joe
love it all !!!!! I am sharing the photo's with Joe's mom !!
April 22, 2014 | Rohabn
It's the lemming factor. People think if you're anchored there you 1./know something is really good about that spot and 2./will provide safety for them when they are attacked. Either that or they're just visually challenged. Or stunned. Likely the last.
April 23, 2014 | Dan
Alex, my dear, I think it was the Mad Hatter, in Alice in Wonderland, that commented when Alice ( in this case Alex) stated she didn't know where to begin.... " You simply begin, at the beginning! " . You just have to pic a starting point! . eg. family visit, race week or a particular day??.
Love you two, keep up the good work. OH MY did I say work, I meant blog... Lol

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