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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Hello Fans, Hello Friends
Alex, calm and quiet
August 19, 2014 , Mt Hartman Bay, Grenada

Invest in a moment of your day looking up at Mother Nature's beautiful blue skies, with it's many merging and emerging, forever evolving shades of white clouds. It's nice to allow your thoughts to wander and daydream if but for a moment. Imagine your life filled with wonder and excitement, friends and family and love, and let the magic overwhelm you as the pouffy wisps of cloud dissolve away to do your bidding. Magic.


"Post-Vacationing-Racing-Sailing-Carnival-ing-Too Much Activity-Blues !!" I said, "That's WHAT this is".

This being the complete inability to coax out of the QWERTY keyboard any intelligent flow of words that might perhaps converge into beautifully adjectified sentences that would adequately describe in detail to you our last month of Zany Adventurings.

I sit here this morning as the sun breaks onto the eerily calm waters of Mt Hartman Bay,

at a loss. Completely without a Clue of How to Begin.

No worries though, I will figure out how to tell you about Banyan crossing the finish line First,

and yet somehow, not winning First Place Prize of the First Race in the Regatta in Carriacou.

Then what followed was a a lovely Spinnaker Sail,

from Carriacou,

to Lovely and Lush and Beautiful Main-Land Grenada.

And as my mind wanders back into memories, I think of the famous "Camp Grenada" (Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh) song,

"Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh,
Here I am at Camp Granada".

but first there was the Incredible Non-Stop Insanity that is the Celebration known as the Grenadian Carnival

"Camp is very entertaining,
And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining"

and stop raining it did, so we stayed covered in J'Ouvert Paint while having Burgers for Breakfast,

and revelled in all of it.

60 hours later the Body Thumping Soca music stopped and we left Port Louis Marina (with their beautiful air-conditioned shower-rooms not to mention killer Rum Punches) arriving just in time to attend the Adventurings of the

SHH Kind (Secret Harbour Hikers), that had our legs sending us warning signals, screaming "Hey, Lazy-O's, you haven't hiked in over a month, what are you doing... !?"

We cajoled and bribed our bodies with promises to eat better, and restart our daily runs and exercise filled jaunts, and they believed us and carried us on up the tiny little hill, where we enjoyed views of Banyan on the hook, swaying gently to the wind, nestled perfectly in her "home away from home".

With the habitual Power and Water Generating Activities on the Agenda for a few hours this morning and envisioning plenty of time to sit and sort and create, with just a few hundred photos to scan through and... oh wait, Camp Grenada's Morning Net just blasted to life, and oh, what do I hear?

"Wait a minute, it stopped raining
Yoga's On and Friends are Swimming
Sailors Going Shopping, You Playing Volleyball??
Half Price Pizza and Happy Hour Tonight?...

Stop. Turn it Off... Gotta Go.

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Been a'while
Alex, hot and gusty with a chance of racing
August 3, 2014 , Carriacou

Between last posting back in July and this posting as of today, we've missed y'all.

The month of July had us on a vacation type of schedule. We've been enjoying some much needed family time and keeping busy exploring Grenada inside and out, with visiting daughter and boyfriend.

We hiked the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, did an island tour with Cutty, had fun with Camp Grenada type of activities such as volleyball and limin', sailed to the Tobago Cays where we snorkelled with the turtles, played way-too-many Wizard games, and so on... FUNtastique type of memory building times.

Shortly thereafter we found ourselves making plans to participate in the Carriacou Regatta 2014. Racing would be a first for me and "old hat" type of fun stuff for the Capt'N.

I kept telling myself that this experience (and in fact all new-to-you experiences, scary and challenging as they can be to step out of your own personal comfort box), are, (mostly) and always in the end, a learning curve, confidence boosting and empowering... and I needed me some, and perhaps, all of that.

So when the 35 knot squall pummelled us as we crossed the Northern tip of Carriacou in the "Two Handed Round Carriacou Race, I kept telling myself that if my friend Tasha (having recently participated in a few legs of the Clipper Races could do ten times worse than this, then, "I could handle this", and if, that single-hander in the small sailboat in front of us crashing through the swell and waves way too close to the reefs could work through the waves and wind BY HIMSELF, then... "I could handle this".

And it wasn't all me, "I could handle this" with the Capt'N by my side, and on race 2, with the rest of Team Banyan in our cockpit scrambling to the Capt'N's instructions, by my side.

Race Results have us placing first in Race 1 (a two handed round the island race), and third in the Carriacou South Coast Race. Tomorrow is the final race, followed by Awards tomorrow night... keep your fingers crossed for us.

Dare I tell you? I'm kinda feeling eager and competitive already...

Next we head to back to Grenada to celebrate Carnival... another first for us.

Unfortunately WiFi connections are not strong enough for me to upload the many stories and photos that my words wish to tell. However if you haven't already, "like" us on Sailing Banyan Facebook page for more up-to-date photos and status updates.

On that note, Welcome Aboard to all our new friends and followers... promises to inundate you with blogs, answer your questions, get caught up... as soon as life settles down and WiFi cooperates on a more consistent and speedy level.

In the meantime, why not challenge yourself to get out there and do something new and different today? And then tell us about it... ??

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