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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
H-Season Spoiler Alert Teaser Take Three
April 23, 2016

These are the facts as we've revealed them in the last two Spoiler Alerts, and as you, dear readers and friends, now know them. After four years in the Caribbean, we're driving to do something different this H-season. Due to some recent Divine Signs, we'd been presented with an idea that has, with A Plan, turned our Dreams into Dates.


Returning to Grenada after our quick visit home last fall had us dealing with one question, and one question only.

"What are we up to this year?"

It sure didn't help that everyone else, as is customary when the Cruising Season is about to start, were also asking us:

"What are you up to this year?"

And as we sat back, rum punch in hand, and chit-chatted the Happy Hours away, we still didn't have the answer to the question:

"What are we up to?"

As we Hashed (or perhaps Hallucinated) in the hot humid heat that is Grenada, we were well aware that the Dream was just sitting there, somewhere in the backs of our minds, humming and whispering sweet notes of Adventurings in our ears.

There was a reality to face, though, and that was that Banyan was in need of some major attention. Our low Canadian Dollar was killing our BOAT (Break Out Another Thousand) Job Funds,

"Not to mention our Fun !!" we grumbled.

Yet, with each new Google Search, a solution to our work related issues seemed to materialize our of nowhere aided by this Dream we were dreaming.

Except for one iddy biddy problem. This was going to be an all or nothing type of deal. In order to make this happen, being in Grenada and all, we would have to go way out on a limb. Do something almost unheard of. Something a little crazy and a little wild.

And if we did do something unheard of, something a little crazy and something a little wild, we'd have to do it quick. We'd have some deadlines to respect, some hasty decisions to make, and live with the respective ensuing results.

"Should we?" was quick answered by "We could?"
"Could we?" was quickly answered by "We would".
"What if" was quickly answered by "Why not?"
And so we... DID !!

Once the signatures were affixed on X marks the spot, we now had ourselves a Dream turned Real. Banyan's bow was shifted towards our Date, and with winds in our sails we hoisted ourselves a Plan.

The plan was to take Banyan North to her H-Season home in Florida. And for those of you that follow us on FB, you would know we're now (almost) there.

Banyan is scheduled to haul out May 12th. Airline tickets have been purchased for a May 14th. And the big reveal is happening on May 16th.

These, dear Readers and Friends, are the Dates our Dreams are made of.

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April 23, 2016 | Kathi Ellis
Well, if Europe is part of your PLAN, we sure hope you stop by Mallorca to visit us... we will be arriving there on May 16! We have a little casita that would is just waiting for you....
H Season Spoiler Alert Take Two
April 22, 2016

Last summer when we were back home in Canada during H-Season and busy with visiting family and friends, we experienced a few of those Strange and Serendipitous Moments, that you could perhaps, in hindsight, be as bold as to call Signs. It was as if The Universe was telling us something, pushing certain thoughts, quite repeatedly I might add, right into our field of vision. And what do you think happened after that ??


I remember attending a retirement seminar way back when during my Working Life. The speaker addressed the crowded room, with a gentle tap on the microphone, and as the crowd shuffled into silence he introduced himself.

"Many of us have A Plan" he began. "When we're young, we have A Plan about which school we will attend. We have A Plan about which car we will buy. We Plan and save for our vacations. We Plan our jobs. We Plan for relationships. And we plan for our kids" he continued, "and not always necessarily in that order! "

To which the audience gave a responding, almost uncomfortable shift in their seats muffled in agreement type of laugh. For we all know what happens to the best laid plans, right ?

"But the one thing many neglect to do" he continued in all seriousness "and that is to plan your retirement. What is it you want to DO when you retire? And do you have a Plan for that?"

Now this seminar was being hosted by a banking institution, so you can well imagine where the talk went form there, but the AHA! Moment that stayed with me was just how relevant it is to have not only A Plan, but more importantly, a Bucket O'Dreams.

"You need to have A Plan" is also Dave's favourite saying, and I wholeheartedly agree. But having A Plan whilst simultaneously living the Cruising Life, well, it all needs to be as flexible as the shifting winds, right?

Dave and I are fortunate enough to have a shared interest in Travelling, in Exploring, in Adventuring. We have built a common and quite overflowing Bucket O'Dreams. Our first dream, as you might've guessed, was a few years in the Planning, but it has allowed us to comfortably retire and sail the Caribbean Waters for these last four years.

The more we adventured and explored, the more we knew we wanted to adventure and explore even more. We're not done with that dream just yet.

"I'd love to go to Cuba"
"And the Western Caribbean?"
"And cross the Atlantic?"
"Or transit the Panama Canal?"
"Explore the Pacific"

Ahem, cough cough
"Let's not get carried away hon. I've not yet done four straight days at sea, let alone four weeks"
To which, he (wisely) concurs as he replies
"Ya, been there done that, and don't need to do it again..."

BUT, there remains the ever present BUT.. right?

"But we could fly?"
"Charter a houseboat and travel the French Canals?"
"Hike the Camino Trails? Do an Italian Food Feast?"

And then a friend introduced us to the idea of Housesitting.
"We could explore the lands from the vantage of someone else's home?"
"Now that's interesting...!"

"I've always wanted to go to Australia"
"We could fly there, buy an RV, and drive around the country"

And we fall silent, sitting in the shade of our cockpit, contemplating what exploring Life down Under might be like.

And when we see a trawler or motor-cat pass us by as we're passaging, or perhaps anchored beside us, we go forth to meet the owners and talk about their Experiences and Adventures and always walk away a little wiser, and with the added bonus of new friendships as well as, you guessed It, more ideas swirling around.

"We could exchange our beloved Banyan for a small one of those?"
"Easier to explore the Bahamas with a shallow draft"
"We could travel the Great Circle Loop?" we mused out loud. "Explore the inland waterways in comfort and ease of not having to do any hoisting of sails, winching and pulling..." I said excitedly.
"Or whining" teases Dave.

And sometime in the future, when we're done with Life on a Heel with a Keel, our plan is to morph ourselves into an RV. Explore our own country form coast to coast, in the comfort of the Four Wheels that we would call home.

"I've never been to Newfoundland" I think out loud, as I finger count the provinces I have been to.
"I'd love to see the glaciers there, and the Rockies"

And we discuss what life might be like as we drive along the highways.
"And then there's Alaska?"
"Have you been to the Grand Canyon?"
"No, and I'd like to hug a Giant Redwood tree."
"And see sand in a dessert, not only the beach"

But that's plenty enough said about our Bucket O'Dreams, now you know that we've picked one !!

What's in your Bucket O'Dreams?? Feel like guessing ours? Or Sharing Yours?

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April 22, 2016 | Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor
My initial guess is that you're going to store your boat for h-season and then RV around North America, but that seems like too simple of an answer. I'm expecting something unexpected from you guys :-)

I keep saying that I'd like to cross the Atlantic and explore the Med etc. For some reason, it sounds like a great idea in my mind until I remember the whole part about actually sailing across the ocean.
April 22, 2016 | Sue
My guess is also RVing, where exactly, hmm. Maybe from Florida across to the western states, then up through Canada from coast to coast?

We just completed one of our bucket list items, we spent 20 days exploring many of the big national parks in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, if it's something you have the opportunity to do, you won't be disappointed, absolutely amazing!
April 22, 2016 | Trish
Our retirement is coming is a really good question: what are our plans?".... Travel, golf, fish....go home to NL without making return reservations.... Can't wait to solidify those plans!

You go guys!! Xo
April 22, 2016 | Jim & Ursula
Well, from another couple of world travellers (not sailors, though), whatever you have decided to do we with you *fair winds, following seas* and the joy of life together.
Bon voyage, encore!
April 23, 2016 | David & Alexandra
LOL Ellen, that whole sailing across the ocean is what gets to me too... although, I still dream about it !!
April 23, 2016 | David & Alexandra
Saw some of your photos Sue, they looked absolutely Stunning !! you're definitely enjoying retired life :)
April 23, 2016 | David & Alexandra
Sounds like you have LOTS of plans in the works Trish !! No Schedules, NO Deadlines... awesomeness !!
April 23, 2016 | David & Alexandra
Thank you Jim & Ursula, for those perfect words. Maybe we can cross paths this summer sometime?


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