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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Hopping to the Races
Windy and hot with a chance of Easter Eggs
April 19, 2014 , Pigeon Beach, Falmouth, Antigua

We are currently anchored by Pigeon Beach, Falmouth, Antigua.

Along with the hundreds of other boats, all here to partake, race or, like us, just watch the Classics. The harbour, the anchorage and everywhere your eyes can panoramically see, is a visual feast as the beautiful classic boats glide by with their blinding shine of well varnished teak and the matching well uniformed crew standing on deck ready aye ready.

With fellow cruising friends we are hiking to the many look-off points to grab oodles of photos as the mostly white, some grey, and some beige or brown sails unfurl and snap to attention in small craft advisory wind warnings, and easy to see 2+ meter seas. And enjoying the free champagne sundowners during evening sociable activities. It's a gala time with the back-drop of tin pan music, the brightly coloured flags billowing in the wind, the chaotic blend of cruisers and racers and owners and spectators.

The complete lack of WiFi is frustrating. It's either non-existent or as slow as cold molasses on a Canadian winter day. Please be patient with us as we start our days persevering with the hot uphill hikes in the dry heat of morning, and end our days with a flute of champagne and know that we are gathering the photos and planning to get wordy on the upcoming blogs, and will update as soon as time and WiFi permit.

In the meantime, wishing y'all very Hoppy Easter festivities. Hope your days are smothered in love and chocolate.

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April 19, 2014 | Catherine
Ooh, sounds like great fun! Hope you had a great couple of weeks & good to see you back on line, even if frustratingly slow.
A Week of This and That
Alex, sunny and hot
April 2, 2014 , between Carlisle Bay and Deep Bay, Antigua

Clearing in with customs at Jolly Harbour, turned out to be a relatively easy and painless procedure (given the recent rumours we've been hearing about the rigid customs procedures), and once paperwork was safe in hand we were free to remove the yellow Q-flag and proudly hoist in its place, the brightly colourful Antiguan Flag.

Since then we've been busy roaming the South/Western coast of Antigua, doing A Bit of This and A Bit of That.

For example, here we are on our way to Carlisle Bay in search of some clearer waters in order to run our WaterMaker, and then,

fast forward to that afternoon, sun is shining and we're heading back through the Five Islands Channel and towards Deep Bay that we intended to make Home for that Night.

We needed a quiet bay (read, no Northerly Swells) in order to get some repairs done. Our holding tank was filling up too quickly, cough-cough (read, not emptying properly), and the Capt'N deduced that the discharge hose was probably clogged up.

Our best guess is that it was changed when the holding tank was inserted, with the previous owner, back in 2006. Time for a lot of buildup, of which there is no need to discuss, just in case you happen to be reading this over breakfast with your morning cup of coffee.

So, most certainly not an easy job given the very tight quarters that required lots of contortion abilities for the Capt'N, and the hose. Thankfully thanks to diligent prep procedures, it was all over without any stinky messy mess to speak of.

Old hose discharged, new hose inserted, and with time we hope that this is the fix that the holding tank needed.

Still on the To Do list is re-terminate the outdoor speakers and the re-affix the SSB cable, which will require me to hoist the Capt'N high up the mast, probably higher than he wants to go, where he will have to hoist himself back and... well, he prefers at this moment not to have to think about it.

We took Banyan for a drive into Jolly Harbour and picked up a mooring ball,

where we were on a mission of A Few Things To Do. Namely drop off our laundry with Geraldine, drop our empty propane tank off with Danny, and then promptly drop our mooring ball lines and head back out to Hermitage Bay, the land of Great WiFi.

During this week of A Bit of This and A Bit of That, we've also based our home out of Hermitage Bay where we've enjoyed some fantastic reunions with friends we haven't seen in A.LONG.TIME.

Namely, we were thrilled to meet up with Dalynn and Glen (SV Amoray)

where we spent a couple of great evenings catching up on A Bit of This and A Bit of That (and playing Wizard). I am proud to proclaim that I may just have been dubbed the Wizard Queen.

A few days later, we met up with long-lost friends Mike and Roberta (SV Celilo), that we originally met in Vero Beach, (Florida), and then again as we were crossing from Bahamas to Puerto Rico, where we enjoyed some fun travels together before the parting of ways.

During this time we've also been laying low, trying to recoup from a cold that the Capt'N caught somewhere somehow, and tried to off on me, but armed with lots of Vitamin C, honey and liquids, I bravely fought off, along with any potential vampires lurking around, thanks to copious amounts of garlic.

The best part of this most recent week of A Bit of This and A Bit of That, is that we've also been prepping for incoming family to arrive for a two week stay onboard Banyan. Prepping that had us re-vamping our living space and turning our Aft Garage into a live-able Aft Cabin, and thinking of menu ideas so as to over-stock Banyan's Galley CupBoards, trying to determine a Plan.Of.Attack on how to best circumnavigate this beautiful island called Antigua, And.So.On !

One of the hardest adaptations (for us), with this chosen lifestyle is the time spent far, far away from our kids. It is what it is, however, we are Pretty.Darn.Excited to announce that in less than a 48 hour count-down, Banyan will be full of Welcome.Aboard.Hugs... CAN.NOT.WAIT !!

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