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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
we're getting... MARRIED !!!
June 18, 2011 , Dartmouth, NS

WOWSERS... things are moving along, rather speedily I might add. All things considering... all things falling into place.. all things being what they are... we've decided that with Dave's impending retirement in a month, we really should tie the knot before he officially leaves the Navy. And we love each other. So, why not ?

Looking at the calendar and trying to find a day that will do between now and then, means that we have less than 3 weeks to pull this off. Gasp.

Since we've both been 'round the Buoy once before, neither one of us wants anything hugely traditional or ceremonious. We both know we want our new home to be part of the ceremony. And from there we will build something fantastic !

How exciting n'est ce pas ?

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A dinghy !!!
June 11, 2011 , Dartmouth, NS

Our new home came equipped with a HELLUVA lot of SCHTUFF, which all things considering, we were really happy with (some stuff was almost overkill, but hey, since we didn't "buy" it, we'll "take it". One of the things that didn't come with our new home and which we will desperately need, is our "car" (a.k.a. : dinghy).

Dave has been scouring the web, researching, looking for used, looking for new, what is best, what is worst, what will wear well for the southern climates, what will transport us and our provisions to and fro...

So we finally got ourselves a brand spanking new AB dinghy, and motor ! Huge purchases to be sure. We are now having fun breaking both of them in... won't be long before the shinieness of the dinghy will be replaced by the scum that seems to collect when things sit in the water...

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