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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Wunderschön !!
TGIF type of sunny and hot
September 9, 2011 , Halifax

Something interesting happened today. As I was in the very quiet and very full morning elevator ride, one of the people got off before me, and very cheerfully and laughingly said "have a great day everyone" as she exited.

Interesting because I don't think half the people in the elevator "heard her" or if they did, not one reacted. Of those that might have heard her, there was not one smile that cracked a face. Except for one, that smiled and said, "you too".

And after saying "you too" I realized that that was the wake up call that I needed to get out of my funk and live the present moment.

Some mornings it's hard to get up and at 'em. Some mornings are easier than others. And really I have nothing to complain about but some mornings there's just more energy in this little body of mine. Today is a let me sleep, leave me alone, I don't want to go to work, i don't want to think, engage or parlay type of morning, which kind of sucks, but since I'm a firm believer in Thoughts becoming Things, I really want to end my day with a resounding "yehaaa, what a fantastic and Wunderschön type of day today was !!

And it started this morning with a stranger wishing us all "a great day" and made me vow that in my next contact with someone I would cheerfully wish them "a Wunderschön day" too !!

I think that the above reflects one of the differences between life on land and the recent month of nomadic liveaboard cruising lifestyle we experienced where people were in slow motion, smiling, laughing, interacting, helping...

Have a Wunderschön type of day everyone, or if it's not happening, then MAKE IT SO !

PS: Weather looks promising, so a sailabout might be in the works tonight :) Now that's a Wunderschön thing !!

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September 9, 2011 | Trish
Happy FRIDAY... Saturday & Sunday too!!
September 9, 2011 | Annette
Have a Wunderschon Weekend and you are right we have so much to be thankful for so live and enjoy each day. Have a great weekend on the water.
Heading back...
Alex, sunny, windy and just gorgeous
September 5, 2011 , Halifax Harbour et environs

So here we be, my last day of "vacation" and we wanted to take the "kids" on a sailabout... we had woken up to fog and drizzle and grey skies, but by the time we got all our SCHTUFF together, it was almost all cleared up, the skies were blue, the sun was out, and man was it windy !!

The white caps didn't deter us, no sir !!

There was such great wind that we easily sailed all the way to Long Cove, Bedford, and then all the way back (at one point clocking in at 10 knots)... Need I say that Dave thoroughly enjoyed himself as this was truly manhandling the boat, waves, wind and well... we were a tad overpowered, but man, what fun !! The "kids" loved the speed, and well, didn't seem to mind getting a tad wet in the process...

We picked up our mooring ball at Timmin's Cove, by McNabs island, fed our ravenous selves, watched two enormous bald eagles hunt and majestically soar the skies, and then went for a wee hike on McNabs Island before it got too foggy and too late.

Hard to describe the richness of the colours surrounding us, the colourful greens and the silence of the wind whistling through the trees... saw a deer in total stillness, listened to the crickets, and by the time we crossed the island, the lighthouse was already ensconced in fog and we knew it was time to head back.

Head back home. Head back to reality. Head back to work (for me anyways) and head back to a new routine. But as I told Dave it's not The End. It is not Heading Back. It is merely HEADING ONWARD ...

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