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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Walking vs Sailing
Beautiful fall day
October 29, 2011 , Dartmouth, NS

So i suppose if you can't sail, the next best thing is to go walking?

The fall colours are well, absolutely gorgeous but also, almost gone... i think there's more leaves on the ground than left on the trees, the air crisp, the heat of the sun almost non-existent, but oh the smells of the forest (and the chilly air) sure do invigorate you !!! Mother Nature in all her mutli-colour splendour, a true feast for the eyes !

After we got our new iPhone hooked up and running, much to Dave's delight, we spent the remainder of the lovely Friday afternoon walking the trails in Shubie Park (and playing with the iPhone, hence the wonderful picture of me taken with his/our new toy). Technology sure has come a long way, and despite Dave's frustrations with Siri (while trying to get the wording right so she would understand his commands, he said at one point "I wasn't talking to you" and Siri responded with "who knew?"). Bugger !!!

I've been walking there since my arrival in Nova Scotia 20 some odd years ago, and have watching this park expand and grow into a system of trails (that are also part of the Trans-Canada Trail and are a hop-skip and jump from where we live) that border on Lake Charles (that include a beach and campground area) and Lake MicMac and an interpretive centre that explains the origins and workings of Shubie Canal System.

I guess that this land was part of King George III's personal wood lot (established in the mid-1700's, part of an estate called "Country-View"), that provided masts for the Royal Navy. It's now a 49 acre system of well laid out interconnecting trails.

I like that (parts of it) are dog friendly ! So many people stop to feed the chipmunks, squirrels, ducks, finches, bluejays... in fact they are so tame that if you stand there with food in your hand, they will easily fly down and clamber up for a moment or two to feast. As we were watching a lady who was doing just that said "it's great therapy" ... indeed !!

Right in our own backyard - who knew ??

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October 29, 2011 | Trish
Morning Sunshine!

those trails are beautiful!! (although, I have gotten lost in there before!)

so nice to have in .... our backyard!
Ghoulish Times
Alex, sunny and cool
October 28, 2011 , Halifax

It's that chilling time of year again, when all sorts of ghosts and goblins wind up rounding the corner and scaring the beejessus out of you, fun times to be sure. Walking around our neighbourhood lately, we've been amazed at how expansive (not to mention expensive) Halloween has become vis-a-vis the prep work involved. I won't even mention the aisles in the stores dedicated to these events.

Almost every single house is decorated, inside and out, with not only a spooky window here, but a creepy yard there, and a walkway and front entranceway that is indeed worthy of a few camera pics. Neither one of us recall families going to these great big lengths in our youth-dom. And the expense ? Temporary Halloween costume shops rise up on every street corner a few weeks before the big event with unbelievably over priced costumes on the rack. Combine that, with the cost of the decorations and the over-priced bags of candy... now THAT's enough to have you digging a grave...

Haven't all events escalated into gargantuan proportions lately ?? Valentine's Day ? I won't even mention Christmas. I guess I'm discovering how insanely old-fashioned I am in that isn't it, shouldn't it, be all about family and time spent together ??

I am admittedly a lover of celebrations (hence the very fitting name of Banyan for our home), and one who will find any excuse to make a celebratory food feast to be shared with friends for any and all calendar holidays, but especially non-calendar occasions. This year we are having a private celebration-à-deux. The plan is to have a hauntingly good time feasting on a fantastic meal while watching some not-so-spooky movies (Mothman Prophecies, The Fourth Kind) perhaps, and Dave will be happy to hear he won't have to dress up.

And all this makes me wonder how we will celebrate next year on our 40 foot Banyan ? Hang a ghost-sheet from the mast ? Where will we put the Christmas tree? I don't quite think that the galley oven will fit our usual turkey en famille and I'm sweating even thinking about basting a turkey under that hot Carribean sun. And the "en famille" will be a whole new way of doing things...

Superstitions vs Traditions on this one folks. Scream your way through a most haunting Tricking and Treating time !!

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October 28, 2011 | Annette
Alex...I agree too many shops for costumes and overpriced indeed. What happen to good old traditions. I am like you and I love all the holidays but most important to spend with family and friends. Enjoy your food and movies and some nice quality time with Dave.
October 29, 2011 | Trish
Agree with you girls... I used to really enjoy dressing up at the door as I handed out treats for the tons of kids when we lived in Sackville, but as we moved further out (Fall River) the numbers of kids got smaller and the joy was vanishing... I had a yard sale one time and got rid of alot of Halloween stuff, including decorations and costumes & such.... and even Christmas stuff.... A real gift for me now at ANY ocassion is the gift of time with my family and friends. As we all grow and move in different directions - it is awesome to "come together" in any kind of celebration/gathering!


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