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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Snow and Tires
Alex, sunny and COLD
November 22, 2011 , Halifax

Dave spent a good portion of the day yesterday at the garage, getting winter tires on our car. Tires that will propel us through the winter months with prudence and caution and a grinning smile as we sit in comfort, watching the white flakes fall on our windshield, knowing we can arrive safe and sound as we drive the roads with tread. Something that was dangerously non-existant in my previous tires.

We've kept them anyways (the old tires), although he doubts that they would have much more life left in them... a month or two perhaps. I personally think it was all them there trips to Chester to check up on our lovely Banyan, ha ha, that did them in.

The good nes was the fact that the garage was sold-out of the advertised promotional tires, so they one-or-two-or three upped the deal, and gave us much much BETTER ones, for the same low low price.

Now that's good ole fashioned customer service.

Isn't that always the way though ? You get way ahead of yourself (way to go !!) and feel damn right proud of yourself, for being so way ahead of yourself, and marvel at the way those winter tires look, way cool man, and lo and behold, the weather report comes on and the weatherman indicates that it's going to snow tomorrow.

SNOW ???!!! TOMORROW ?!?!?!?!

Lots and lots and lots of snow supposedly. In fact, it's written in banner-style in bright red letters across the weatheroffice website webpage : "SNOWFALL WARNING IN EFFECT" .

So not cool. So not the way to go. For the weather I mean.

So cool and SO THE WAY to go and so grateful for my hunny who got 'er done in time. Grin.

I sure am glad that Banyan won't be needing any winter tires.

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Surprises on a Sunday
November 20, 2011

Albeit a truly very windy day we opted to go for a bit of a Sunday Drive with a mission... head up to East River Marine just to see if our lovely Banyan had been shrink wrapped and ready to withstand winter... we got there to see that she hadn't, but the wooden frame was up, so she's definitely next on the list and ready to go, so here's hoping that that happens this week sometime.

Since we were in the area and needed some (ok, lots) of exercise after our Sunday Chickenburger feast, we drove across the way to Graves Island Provincial Park.

This past summer we had spent a lovely evening anchored in Scotch Cove overlooking the Park... We had dinghied ashore then but never got to do a full island walk-a-bout and voila, here we were today...

Surprisingly it took us close to one hour to do the whole walk-a-bout, a nice walk on a gravelly path, with a fantastic ocean view no matter which way you turned. As always, great to breathe in the salty air combined with the cedar muskiness of the woods, while walking among the spectacular almost winter colours.

At the top of the hill we found ourselves staring down at a concrete slab establishing that particular spot as Canada's First Geocache Plaque (date stamped June 2000). We're not geocachers, but admittedly stumbling upon this plaque in the middle of a campground, was a bit of a surprise. I can easily see where the thrill of actually geocaching would be addicting, especially if one is picking up/leaving behind objects of desire.

All in all a Sunday full of Surprises. Totally fun.

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