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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Happy is We !!
Alex, windy and cold.
February 25, 2012 , Halifax

Let's start today's post with the Photo Caption; poster found @ The Binnacle display @ The Halifax International Boat Show...

"What happens at the Boat Show, stays at the Boat Show"

So we sadly cannot tell you about all the things that we bought.
Like perhaps the AIS and VIking LIfe Raft ?
Oops, my fingers type too fast sometimes.

Happy is We.

It was kind of anticlimactic - the Boat Show that is.
In that, after having been to both the Miami and Annapolis Boat Shows...
And well, the Annapolis one had Painkillers and hot sunny warm weather and so many boats to clamber in and out of that we actually gave up, and had another Painkiller, but that's another story.

At the Halifax Boat show there was sadly, only ONE sailboat to view.
4 years ago, there were 3. Not that we needed to be looking at boats (we have our lovely Banyan) but still...

I guess what's changed is us. Funny how that happens when you make a goal, have a dream, and take that step? All big things start with one step. Well, all things, big or little, start with a step...

Last year we were still looking, and wondering, and what if and when if and how, and, and, and... This year we walked around with a purpose, a list of things to buy... and c'est tout. In and out. Voila !

Funny what a year can do! Funny what 4 years can do - four years ago we didn't even know each other.

And so we celebrated our 4 year anniversary and Valentine's with our usual dinner @ The Keg. Why break with tradition?

Besides, this would be our last ever time @ The Keg. Which is okay, as the steak was mediocre, but the Escargot Stuffed Mushroom divine...

Now it's time to flip the calendar Page on Valentine's and Anniversaries and Boat Shows and February - we're gearing up for some major changes in March. Stay tuned !

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What does the Halifax International Boat Show and Anniversaries have in common?
Alex, mild and grey
February 23, 2012 , Halifax

Why Banyan of course ??!!

There happened to be a Chief.
Who happened to be posted to the 6th floor.
Of a particular building that shall remain nameless.

There also happened to be a Project Officer.
Who was yearning to expand her horizons and learn something new.
And so she received an assignment to the 6th floor,
of a particular building that shall remain nameless.

So these many moons ago, there was a Chief and a Project Officer,
who were now not only in the same budling, but on the same floor of the same building and better yet, just a few cubicles apart from each other.

But they didn't know that. Yet.

And as the fates of happenstance would have it,
every time he would leave his cubicle,
she would be out and about as well and every single time,
they always, quite literally, if not physically, kept bumping into each other.

(It was like someone up there, or somewhere, was saying, here, look, look... )

And then one day she needed some advice with the purchase of tires for her car.
And the garage was asking her some hmm, questions she couldn't answer.
And he happened to be around, and so she asked him for some help,
and he helped her... aww how sweet was he ?

He thinks it was all just a ruse.

And then she got sick with pneumonia.
Really really sick, that landed her in the hospital for a week.
OH NO !!
And when she got home, there was lots of wonderful emails waiting for her.
And one was from him. Aww, how sweet was that ?

And she answered him, and he answered back.
And he wrote again, and she wrote back.
And then the emails really started flying back and forth.

A few weeks later she felt better.
So he asked her out.
To dinner. And she accepted.
How exciting !!
And then he called her the day of the big dinner date.
And said, wanna come to the Boat Show first?

And she's like, Hmm, what's a boat show?

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Happy 4th Anniversary to my wonderful husband.
Looking forward to the Boat Show today. And dinner later.
Look how far we've come.
WIth much love, always.

PHOTO CAPTION : Just like this photo taken this summer, looking forward to sailing to new horizons with you, on our Banyan.

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February 23, 2012 | Trish
You guys are the sweetest couple! Happy Anniversary! xo
February 23, 2012 | Gina sweet!!! Happy Anniversary!!
February 23, 2012 | jennifer
Really nice story.
February 25, 2012 | Jim
Great story; you'll have to expand someday as an anecdote during a dinner. Couple meeting/getting together stories are always great dinner food...
Happy belated anniversaire.
February 25, 2012 | Annette
Happy Anniversary and it was just meant to be no matter who bumped into whom first, here you are and here you will be together.


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