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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
We're getting there...
Alex, windy and cool
April 12, 2012 , Dartmouth

Last few weeks we were bubbling with excitement to get away, perfect timing what with the long Easter weekend, so looking forward to time off, and time away, and time with each other, my hunny and I.

Also, being with family that I only see once a year (if that), is always heart warming - reconnecting, sharing, having fun ! It's never long enough, though, and damn it was way too hard to leave. However, it's admittedly also good to come back "home", to get back into our own routines. Which makes me wonder about the whole concept of home and routines when one steps out of the box as we are planning to do... what will be our new routine on our new home?

So, i've always maintained that Thoughts (do indeed) become Things. The Universe seems to agree as well.

Perfect case in point. Dave spent the better part of the last two weeks, nattering, that "watch" while we are away, there will be a viewing, and an offer", and we'll be away from home, and have to deal with all of it long distance, and sure enough, as we were driving up to Quebec City, didn't we get a phone call that a viewing had taken place. The next day (while said nattering person was stuffing his face with poutine), interested potential buyer was walking through our house a second time. Second viewings are pretty much a sure sign that an offer is on its way. And sure enough, one arrived that very evening.

And then the flurry of emails in cyberspace ensued... and we followed through with a counter offer, which had us scrambling to the nearest Business Depot Fax machine in the allowable time limit. Back and Forth it went for the next couple of days until both parties were reasonably satisfied, which had us once again scrambling for the nearest Business Depot fax machine, which just happened to be closed as it was Easter Sunday. Strangely enough, this potential buyer is from Quebec. It probably would've been cheaper for us to drive over and hand deliver the paperwork to him then to fax the pages long distance. However the fact of the matter is one seems to pay a hefty price in order to have others to do some simple forwarding of messages, it's always imperative to double check your crossed t's and dot your i's yo'self. HAH.

So house inspection was done yesterday and we have just been informed that there's nothing to be addressed. Thank The Universe for that one. Funny what 24 hours of worry can do to you when you learn that there was nothing to worry about in the first place. Funny how we build mountains sometimes out of molehills. And now there's yet another 24 hour time period before the final signatures can happen and we can place a SOLD sign on top of the FOR SALE SIGN, YAY.

And voila. As always, glad that you tuned in :)

CAPTION: A rather deserted looking marina, such is the time of year, in Quebec City.

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April 12, 2012 | Annette
Congrats Guys on the sale of your house. When is the closing and when do you have to move out?
Alex, cool-ish
April 8, 2012 , Québec City

Aren't migratory birds wonderfully smart creatures? Perhaps they do know best? Twice a year they get up and go, pointing their beaks and sniffing the air for warmer climates, what a life!!

But then I feel a sense of understanding, as Dave and I are prepping, and will soon be pointing our lovely Banyan towards warmer climates as well.

And so we were in Québec City over the long Easter weekend, eating too many Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Ashton poutines, Chocolate Mousse with Pear Birthday cakes... and found oursevles craving a bit of adventure (or might that be much needed-exercise)?

The Canada Snow Goose (Geese?) fly from the Great White North down to the Atlantic Seaside, and then in March reverse direction and come back. One of their stomping grounds during this migration is at Cap Tourmente, approx half hour drive East of Quebec City.

Cap Tourmente (so named by Samuel de Champlain because in his words the slightest bit of wind in the area creates big waves) is a National Wildlife Area, home to many km's of hiking trails, flora, fauna, birds and wildlife. The wetlands are also home to the bullrush plant, a favourite food of the Snow Goose (Geese). Well fed Goose are happy Geese ?

We didn't get too far in as the grounds were closed and we had other plans for the day, however, that being said, it was a good thing they were closed, as I wasn't too keen on paying an admission fee, for something as natural as migrating birds found in nature. We did venture a ways in and took a peek at the grounds, saw a beautiful woodpecker having his feed of suet.. pictures, as always, can be found on Banyan's FB site.

So back into the car we go and another drive up and up and over the mountain, through blizzard conditions (seriously ??), and back down again into the sun and the lovely community of Baie St-Paul. This area is considered to be an artist's paradise, as evidenced by the many statues of famous artist busts, and the many art galleries and beautiful scenery everywhere the eye can see. We enjoyed a late afternoon snack of gelato (maple for Dave, mango for me, cherry for Ben, and chocolate sundaes and vanilla twists for my sister and nephew).

A short walk through town and most of the art galleries, boutiques and craft shops were open... one of them selling, notably donkey milk soaps. We never did find the shop that sold white wine made of tomatoes. A local speciality apparently.

Another short drive away we stopped at the edge of the Baie where there was a spectacular horizon of ''Snow Goose White'', and a painter immortalizing the moment on canvas. We also stumbled upon the home of Habitat 07 (an ecologically built house that uses the idea of energy sustainability). It too was closed, and if it had been open, would have incurred an admission fee.

Instead we found ourselves peeping through the windows, free of charge.

The drive home took us back up the mountain, back through blizzarding and blowing snow, arriving at home just in time to prep some good ole Fondue Chinoise. Yumm !

And so, just for a day, we too migrated, flocking to the areas that interested us, staying if only for a moment or two, feeding and snacking as the mood overtook us and then flying away leaving only the memories of a perfect day to stay within our minds and our hearts.

CAPTION: the Snow Goose at Baie St-Paul.

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