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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
The Calm before the Storm
Alex, TGIF type of sunny !!
April 20, 2012 , Halifax

Say what ?

It's now official, our house has sold. With Dave's son moved out, Dave and I are now truly "empty-nesters". The dinghy is repaired and back, ready to hit the water. The misc odds and sods of boxes and bags are starting to move. Closets and drawers are getting empty(er), garbage bags are filling up, money is coming in and money is going out. A see-saw balancing act.

And here I am saying it's been a quiet type of week ?? What is that, the calm before the storm ??

But I suppose it's all in the little things, n'est ce pas ? We're pacing ourselves. Doing a little bit of everything every day. From green power juices in the morning (thanks Hunny for cleaning the juicer) to power walking in the afternoons. Gourmet homemade meal one night to pizza and wings (go SENS go !!) the next night.

And in between there's work, work and work. From work with a paycheque (for me) to retirement work (for Dave). From the dreary daily chores of cleaning house and doing laundry to the not-so-dreary daily task of picking up every single piece of item you own and wondering what to do with it. From taking pictures (my camera is now officially busted !) to taking measurements (was that inches or cm's ?) and hoping our "junk" becomes someone else's treasure. And in between there's fun, fun and more fun. Dinners with family, and dinners with friends, evenings spent cuddling watching movies while we still have cable (NETFLIX has been axed), keeping up with blogs and designing our boat cards.

And so we are cha-cha-cha-ing along, keeping our sense of humour in check, our love strong and nurturing ourselves (body, mind and soul) with wonderful thoughts and things. And I prefer to say no, it's not the calm before the storm. It's about having made certain choices and envisioned a new way of living our life that has us now happily dancing along and making it happen.

CAPTION : Beer Bottle Racing at SYC. All lined up and ready to move on.

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April 20, 2012 | Mike
Congratulations guys. Selling the house is a big deal! It won't be long now.

April 20, 2012 | Annette
Sounds like a busy time. your house sold and Daves son moved out and away you will be going.
April 21, 2012 | David & Alex MacDonald
Thanks Mike !! Some days it feels like a minute is forever, other days feels like a snap of the fingers...
Here's to the FUN TIMES !
Alex, warm and sunny
April 16, 2012 , Halifax

BEFORE there was just a simple idea: that of travelling.
And then I met Dave and he introduced me to travelling via boat.

BEFORE, there was no boat.
And then we sold Dave's boat, and bought a new one that was ocean-travel-worthy and capable of us doing the above with ease and comfort. .

BEFORE there was a house and furniture and STUFF.
And now we find ourselves with a SOLD sign on the house, getting rid of furniture, and seriously needing to downsize on the Stuff.

We spent most (if not all) of this weekend on Banyan getting the boatwork started. Lugging stuff to the boat and and prepping and cleaning the insides so that when the shrinkwrap cover comes off, we can attack the outsides... especially the Before and After shot of the aft cabin... my oh my. We really are figuring that, especially gas prices being what they are, the sooner we get her back to Halifax Harbour, the better.

My darling (21 year old) son came with us to East River Marine if nothing else to get away from city life and recoup from his gruelling final week of university. He watched us work for a while and then meandered off, camera in hand. I thought nothing of it, until about 3 hours later, when we were getting ready to pack up and leave and he was nowhere to be found. Found my cellphone and his text simply read "OMG I think I'm lost". He had been happily plodding along on the Chester Connector Trail, one foot in front of the other enjoying the beautiful sunny skies and well... we found him a mere 8 km's away, sipping a smoothie at Tim's where we immediately told him he was grounded. LOL.

BEFORE is where we are coming from.
AFTER is what we are headed to.
In betweeen are the Fun Times.

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April 16, 2012 | Trish
similar to a favorite of mine... Life is the journey - not the destination.... Enjoy the journey, my friends....xoxo
April 16, 2012 | Annette
Agree with Trish, enjoy.
April 20, 2012 | David & Alex MacDonald


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