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The Adventures of David & Alexandra
Here and There and Everywhere
Alex, sunny !!
May 3, 2012 , Halifax

Our house is starting to look,
and feel,
pretty DARN empty.

Living room and dining room are just, well,
empty rooms and quite bare.
Which is a good thing.
Except for the piles.
Piles going here and piles going there.
Piles going everywhere.

Our things are selling in a timely manner.
All things considering.
Which is an even better thing.
Sell some stuff here, sell some stuff there.
Selling stuff everywhere !

Our posessions are starting to dwindle.
Which is kind of a funny thing.
Dwindle here, dwindle there,
Dwindle everywhere.

It's nice to meet the folks who are buying what was once our stuff,
but has now become their stuff.
And helping them pack it away into respective cars and trucks.
And watch it all drive away. Down the street.
But all with a smile, as we know this brings us closer to our goals.
And nice to know that everything is going to a good home.
But still feels kind of funny.
Funny here, funny there,
Funny everywhere.

And then you pick up a memento. A photo.
A lock of baby's hair. A set of first teeth lost.
The first letter my kids wrote to Santa.
Memories of times long gone,
but not forgotten.
And it feels sort of sad.
A tear here, a tear there.
A few tears everywhere.

Which leads to hugs. A hug here, a hug there.
Lots of hugs everywhere.

So between the piling and the selling and the dwindling and the hugging and the crying, we're having a fun ole time !!

CAPTION : Dave and I making plans @ Rainbow Haven Beach

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May 3, 2012 | Annette
Alex & Dave....I am sure it all feels kind of funny selling your stuff and picking up things like a lock of baby hair and it brings a tear or two to your eyes. Those were great and happy times and you will never forget those and now you are making new memories with each other.
Something I learned in Pre-School...
Alex, kind of drizzly
April 23, 2012 , East River Marine

...finally helped me today, some 40 (and a few) odd years later.

One of our tasks over the weekend was to get at the storage spaces in our master cabin, underneath our mattress. So first job was to haul out the mattresses and vacum them and then undo and move this convoluted mess of a plastic gridlock system that came with the boat when we bought her last year.

Then it was a simple matter to wipe down the wood, lift up the hatches, and contort oursleves upside down and head first to see what was in there. We'd had a peek in there last year and had bleached everything out then, so this time it was just to gage a better idea of space for storage and well, the good news is that not only was it still as clean as we'd left it but much bigger than when we remember it ?? Bonus.

However i'm sure that since ALL our life's belongings are soon going to have to fit in a 40 foot space, it will probably appear to be much smaller than we remember it next time we look at it.

Then the FROLIcking fun started...

...trying to reassemble this FROLI SYSTEM. Thank goodness for puzzle time way back when in elementary school, as i'm sure that all that time spent putting puzzles together, certainly helped me figure this mess out. Patience is a virtue right ?

According to some research on the web, this FROLI System is a modular sleep system that is supposedly a great foundation for any mattress, allowing air to flow beneath to eliminate moisture and mildew issues. it also adapts to your body shape and movements (for when one is frolicking i'm assuming?). It even boasts that these "highly flexible elements offer excellent comfort and suspension for an orthopedically correct night's sleep" and you can adjust the firmness (and height ?) to your personal preference.

I didn't know we could do that so will have to check this out next time we're back there. And I suppose that time will tell as to whether this system delivers what it boasts.

CAPTION: All clicked into place and looking forward to some FROLI-licking good times !!

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April 23, 2012 | Trish
LOVE the frolicking idea!! lol
April 23, 2012 | Annette
I agree with Trish have fun.


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