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14 January 2018 | Portsmouth, Dominica
13 January 2018 | Portsmouth, Dominica
12 January 2018 | Portsmouth, Dominica
11 January 2018 | Portsmouth, Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica
09 January 2018 | Portsmouth, Dominica
07 January 2018 | St Pierre, Martinique
06 January 2018 | Saint Pierre, Martinique
05 January 2018 | Anse Mitan, Martinique
03 January 2018
02 January 2018 | Grand Anse D’Arlet, Martinique
01 January 2018 | Petit Anse D’Arlet, Martinique
31 December 2017
31 December 2017 | Petit Anse D’Arlet, Martinique
30 December 2017 | Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia
28 December 2017 | Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia
27 December 2017 | Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia
26 December 2017 | Approaching St Lucia
25 December 2017 | Bequia, SVG
24 December 2017 | Bequia, SVG
23 December 2017 | Chatham Bay, Union Island, SVG

Cooling in Canouan

20 December 2017 | Canouan, St Vincent and the Grenadines
Yesterday we had what was probably our first really Caribbean chill-out day - a walk through the village in the morning, with all its fruit and craft stalls, then a dinghy ride over to the Princess Margaret beach, for a swim, beer, lunch, swim, sunbathe, swim, dinghy home, swim, and sundowners of rum and ginger - and then the lovely Didi in her water taxi 'Blessings' took us over to the Fig Tree restaurant where we enjoyed frozen margaritas and creole cooking before she returned us to Barracuda.

Whilst walking through the village you could hear the school orchestra practicing Christmas carols on steel drums - so lovely to hear.

Note on the Fig Tree - the restaurant owner, Cheryl, or Mizz Johnston as she is known locally, was just lovely and we had a good chat with her. She was from St Vincent. She was trying to encourage us to come for Christmas. We had Christmas carollers from the local church group come round singing carols Caribbean style with guitars and tambourines, and we had the entertainment of the owner's daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter singing - all very local and family friendly.

Today we are making the push on south to the island of Canouan, all of 21 miles away. We have decided to by-pass Mustique as it seems they are working hard there to make it very elite and less attractive for mortals like ourselves.

We have just had the heaviest rain squall yet on the way over so we and the boat are all very clean. See Today's photo. We might have expected this in Argyll, not the Caribbean!
Vessel Name: Barracuda
Vessel Make/Model: OVNI 395
Hailing Port: Argyll
Crew: Graham and Kate
About: Learning as we go....
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