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The fingerprint sensor will affect the output of the iPhone 5 s
17 July 2013 | canada
Foreign media Digitimes claimed to a new report, apple's next-generation iPhone will be shipped in the early tension. In addition to the new iPhone to use LCD driver chip tension, a new fingerprint identification chip because rate is low and can't guarantee enough supply also become another reason.
According to industry insiders, fingerprint identification chip and LCD driver chip production shortfalls will affect iPhone 5 s after the release (September 2013) is expected in the first quarter of the shipments. This personage explains, the iPhone 5 s fingerprint identification and LCD driver chips should be mass production at the end of June or early July, but the yield of insufficient ability of mass production will be delayed to the end of July, it will affect the supply of these two chip, thereby affecting the new iPhone in early September shipments: will cause 3 million iphones delay the sale.. .
And, of course, apple CEO Tim Cook, Tim Cook has said on many occasions, the news of the apple products is difficult to progress through the supply chain to speculate. For the simple reason that apple has a large number of vendors and manufacturing partners, so even if some vendors really some problems eventually influence also is not very big.
Except for fingerprint recognition, the new iPhone is linked with use of the design for the iPhone 5, but upgrade the function of camera and support the high speed camera, and support the dual LED flash. Fingerprint identification function of the earliest dates back to the apple purchase for company last year, the iPhone 5 s on what will add this function is not yet determined.
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