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Our new navigator!!
rick 127,996
02/17/2015, San Juans

Summer of 2014!
Jenna trying out her skills as a navigator!!! :)

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PHANTOM 2+ Drone above JUNESSA
RICK 121,628
09/30/2014, Puget Sound, Washington

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09/25/2014, Neah Bay

I'm cooking up some fresh fish that we shot. The fish was perfect!!!! Oh so good!
The green beans were dehyraded!!! They were just as good as FRESH! I was very impressed!!!!!

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Spear Fishing
09/24/2014, Neah Bay

I'm going to give it a few days to see what the weather does... in the mean time, I found some people from Oregon that drive up and go spearfishing every year!
We took JUNESSA out around the island and break wall of Neah Bay to find a whale feeding in the spot we wanted to fish.
We were able to shoot a good size stringer of fish. It's was a lot of fun being back in the water!!!

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09/23/2014, Neah Bay

Well, it looks like Mother Nature does not want me to do the Pacific Crossing this year... :(

There are two nasty systems headed my way and I have to be back to work in Alaska in 30 days. There is NO WAY I can wait out these two systems and make the Hawaiian Islands in time to get back to work.

Looks like I have to make a weather decision soon! :(

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Made it to Neah Bay!
09/21/2014, Neah Bay

I've been wanting to get here for YEARS!!! This was always going to be the jumping off point for the Pacific... Either heading W to Hawaii, SW to South Pacific, or S to Mexico!!!
It's now time to make the big decision... Hawaii or South Pacific...
The only problem... the storms being kicked off Mexico and the storms headed to the Pacific Northwest... grrrr! COME ON ALREADY! I'm here, loaded for a Pacific Crossing and need to get a move on! Work is a calling!
More to follow!

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Kicking back downwind!
09/21/2014, Puget Sound, Washington

I had a wonderful downwind sail from Port Angeles to Neah Bay. JUNESSA was in her groove for hours heading West towards Neah Bay!!!

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Port Angeles Pitstop
09/20/2014, puget Sound, Washington

Ahoy from Port Angeles!

I was about 2 hours East of Port Angeles and noticed the temperature drop big time... I went down below for my coat and some hot coffee, crawled back on deck to find myself in THICK FOG! Lucky I had AIS and Radar! I had two huge container ships headed right for me then make sharp tunes towards the West. (I was in the shipping lane... whoops!)
I pulled into Port Angeles to see some friends from our time in Guam. It was great seeing Dan and Rhonda!

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Passing Port Townsend
09/19/2014, Puget Sound, Washington

I'm headed to Neah Bay to make a final decision... head to Hawaii or South Pacific! The boat is loaded up and ready to head out into the deep waters!
JUNESSA is running great! Feeling confident and healthy! The only thing missing are my girls. :(
Neah Bay, here I come!

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tabletop test via airmail
09/09/2014, Home

Ahoy! I'm testing my shipboard SSB email system to Sailblogs. I hope this works!!! I'm changing plans so often that I have no clue what I'm doing next with the boat. Cheers!!!! Rick

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10/20/2014 | Daniel
In the military, I heard an instructor once say "a plan is a list of stuff that ain't going to happen". The reason, he said, was that once bullets start flying, you're just reacting and the plan goes out the window.

I say this to not worry too much about a plan but just do what feels right at the moment. You'll get to where you want to be. Good to see you're still at it on the boat.

Fair Winds, Rick. Look forward to more sailing updates.

1981 Norsea 27, Rhapsody
08/29/2014, San Juans

Just another beautiful sunset over the San Juans!

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08/17/2014, San Juans

Terri was the designated Ships Log keeper! Thank God she likes to write... I'm very bad about keeping up with the log. THANKS BABE!

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Shower Time!
08/16/2014, San Juans

Sigh... JUNESSA was perfect for one single guy! but when you pack in three FEMALES with NO SHOWER... you know theres going to be trouble for the Captain!!!! We pulled into harbors with showers as often as we could! Lucky for me, the girls were very easy going when it came to using the marina facilities!

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rick 123,297
08/15/2014, SAN JUAN IS., WA, USA

Ahoy from the San Juan Islands!
(actually from my kitchen table after the fact... better late than never!)

After letting my burnt hand heal up and scrapping the Around the Americas trip (small window to get thru the Northwest Passage) JUNESSA set sail with Terri, Jenna and myself for the world famous San Juan Islands. Taylor caught up with us a week later via Kenmore Air float plane (Lucky girl!!)

We actually SAILED the first two days then back to the usual motor-sailing around the San Juans. The winds are usually off the nose, no matter which direction I'm heading... I must have pissed off the wind gods!

Once Taylor joined us, we decided that our little 28' Bristol Channel Cutter is tooooooooooo SMALL for all of us. I'll take her out for one last big trip, then get her ready to be listed. We were able to go aboard a number of boats, power-boats and sailboats, all much bigger and spacious than our little boat.

Stay tuned for the next adventure of BCC JUNESSA.... should have a PLAN this week!

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Dinner Time! :)
07/24/2014, San Juans

Terri made some incredible meals on board JUNESSA... even with the limited space!!!! You go girl!!! :)

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Taylor joins us
07/23/2014, San Juan Is.

We were out a full week before Taylor flew in, via Seaplane, to join in the family cruise. More shopping and more ice cream!!!!

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Drone shot over anchorage
07/23/2014, San Juan Is

I'm so happy I bought that Phantom Drone quad-copter! It's amazing how far technology has come to allow us to fly a gyro-stabilized-HD camera for 20 minutes all from your iPhone! Crazy! What will we see 10 years from now?

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Next Island Stop
07/22/2014, San Juans Is.

Here we are posing for yet another family photo! I love it!!! The girls were getting sick of the camera... :( Terri and I try and try to explain that the photos are a great record of our family and their childhood... "come on! put on a happy smile for two seconds!!" click! haha

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Raising the Anchor
07/22/2014, San Juans

It's funny how raising the anchor sounds like so much fun.... all three girls wanted to try it! In the end, they gave the job back to me... oh well! :)

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deer harbor photo

deer harbor photo

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