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JUNESSA is getting TLC as Plans change yet again!
tabletop test via airmail
09/09/2014, Home

Ahoy! I'm testing my shipboard SSB email system to Sailblogs. I hope this works!!! I'm changing plans so often that I have no clue what I'm doing next with the boat. Cheers!!!! Rick

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10/20/2014 | Daniel
In the military, I heard an instructor once say "a plan is a list of stuff that ain't going to happen". The reason, he said, was that once bullets start flying, you're just reacting and the plan goes out the window.

I say this to not worry too much about a plan but just do what feels right at the moment. You'll get to where you want to be. Good to see you're still at it on the boat.

Fair Winds, Rick. Look forward to more sailing updates.

1981 Norsea 27, Rhapsody
deer harbor photo

deer harbor photo

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rick 123,297
08/15/2014, SAN JUAN IS., WA, USA

Ahoy from the San Juan Islands!
(actually from my kitchen table after the fact... better late than never!)

After letting my burnt hand heal up and scrapping the Around the Americas trip (small window to get thru the Northwest Passage) JUNESSA set sail with Terri, Jenna and myself for the world famous San Juan Islands. Taylor caught up with us a week later via Kenmore Air float plane (Lucky girl!!)

We actually SAILED the first two days then back to the usual motor-sailing around the San Juans. The winds are usually off the nose, no matter which direction I'm heading... I must have pissed off the wind gods!

Once Taylor joined us, we decided that our little 28' Bristol Channel Cutter is tooooooooooo SMALL for all of us. I'll take her out for one last big trip, then get her ready to be listed. We were able to go aboard a number of boats, power-boats and sailboats, all much bigger and spacious than our little boat.

Stay tuned for the next adventure of BCC JUNESSA.... should have a PLAN this week!

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PHANTOM 2+ Drone above JUNESSA
RICK 121,628
07/15/2014, Puget Sound, Washington

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Rick 106,466
07/14/2014, Puget Sound, Washington

Just a quick update....

I was ready to start my grand adventure around the americas.... then I played with fireworks... I ended up getting 3rd degree burns on my right hand and will not be able to reach the Northwest Passage in time. So... Plan B is now going into effect.

I'll be cruising with my girls for a couple weeks then I'll shove off solo to the South Pacific (Unless my Dad wants to go) and then Terri will meet me for the return trip to the Pacific Northwest.

I spent A LOT OF MONEY and dreaming for this big trip, but it just wasn't meant to be. It's time to concentrate on cursing with my family! :)

More to come!!!!

I shot this from my Phantom drone! Pretty cool!!!
My Dad and I took JUNESSA out for a quick spin and tested the Phantom out...

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07/15/2014 | Douglas
Gee, Rick , sorry to read about your fireworks accident, and having to change plans.
So S Pacific is back up plan "B", not bad , but maybe to late to start that trip this year, Ouch ! What wind speed grounds your drone ?
07/16/2014 | Richard Angel
It is important to spend time cursing with your family! Airborne all the way!
07/18/2014 | Bud
Good luck Rick! May you have a speedy recovery and may you always have the sea room to ease the sheets let that classic beauty foot wherever you may sail. The guys at work will miss your talent though and Cornell's PN 17 leads where? Just kidding! - Bud
RICK 76,000
07/05/2014, PUGET SOUND

I can not believe my luck! You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!!

I haven't played with fireworks in over 20 years and the very first one I try to light off.... boom! tries to burn a whole thru my hand!

So... the doctor seems to think this will take at least two weeks to heal in dry conditions.... the chance of it healing while under sail is pretty much out of the question. sigh.......

All that time, MONEY and dreaming down the tube.

I'm being told "It wasn't meant to be" sigh... Time to look at options.
More to follow....

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07/04/2014, Puget Sound, Washington

Sorry for the lack of posts.... Technical difficulties!! (I've been trying to customize this blog into something with a google map/earth that updates with my current position and it just isn't working for me)

Anyways, the big day is approaching and the stress levels are thru the roof, not only my own, but my entire family!

The boat is 90% ready to sail and my mental state is up and down on this whole adventure... I like to explain its like having a coin toss... heads-I'm going to miss my family so much and worry about them! Tails- I've been dreaming of this adventure for so many years and spent almost my entire saving to go. That coin is being flipped and landing randomly thru out the day!!!! Happy! SAD! Happy! Sad!

I'll post more in the next couple days... gotta run! More boat projects to knock out!

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Testing testing. Adding sponsor to my blog. PREDICT WIND

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Rick, 111,107
06/06/2014, Puget Sound, Washington


I've been pretty busy preparing JUNESSA for this upcoming voyage! I'll try to get on here more often now that the departure date is getting closer!

As you can see by the ice report from June 6th, the Northwest Passage is still packed full of ice!!!!! Plan A is still to head North and thru the NWP, heading down the Eastern Seaboard to Cape Horn and back up the Western Seaboard back home.... about 7 or 8 months voyage! (did I mention NON-STOP-UNASSISTED?)

When I plan, I plan BIG!!!! :)


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06/11/2014 | Terri
Soooo, "Plan A" if the ice melts.... don't forget to tell the Wife what "Plan B" is. Love you!
06/27/2014 | graham
A HUGE Adventure.. Very Best Wishes.. Certainly going to be tough at times.. Hopefully the exhilaration of the great moments will more than offset them.. If I could recommend one book to take along it would be Bernard Moitessier's 'The Long Way'.. might help to keep focused on life's purpose. Good Luck Rick.. G
Rick, 109,550

Please check out this worthwhile organization. Matt Rutherford is the founder of and was the first person in history to complete a non-stop, single-handed, voyage around North and South America, counter-clockwise.

His team will complete first ever continent to continent marine debris survey leaving Oakland, California for Fukuoka, Japan using a high speed trawl net to generate a data set to add to the global understanding of how much marine debris is on the ocean's surface and to discover how ocean plastics threaten marine life and human health.

Best of luck to Matt and his team!

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Rick, 109,550
04/13/2014, Ft. Greely, Alaska

Well, the SEA LAUNCH gig didn't pan out... They had some "technical" difficulties and sent us back to our "regular" jobs. I'm back on duty up North.

I gave my official leave of absence to my employer, so I can concentrate on the big voyage starting in a couple months! I've been planning this for a long time and always found an excuse to put it off until next year... well, my very supportive family has given me the green light to go and get back in one piece! :)

I'll be working long hours on JUNESSA to get her ready to take on the Americas. I know the To-DO-List is long, but I'm confident once I get the momentum going, I'll be testing the systems in June. Stay tuned for updates and youtube vids of my progress. I bought two new GoPro3+ Blacks... for the videos! :)
I would love to start a weekly video update... maybe!

Thanks for checking back here!!!!

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Rick, 109,012
03/29/2014, LONG BEACH, CA

I'm on my last job assignment before my big voyage... SEA-LAUNCH We'll be flying support for a rocket launch at the Equator near Christmas Island! Pretty cool! I get paid to be at sea!!! I like this job!!!
When I get back from Sea-Launch I'll be preparing JUNESSA for a 27,000 mile solo, non-stop voyage.... If all goes well, I should be back at my starting point in under 8 months! I plan to film the voyage from the decks, under the water and in the air from a Phantom 2 drone...
Stay tuned for updates and a new website.

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04/03/2014 | Rich Littke
Have you checked out Drake Paragon's latest youtube video at
The List Goes On and On!
rick 106,466
01/08/2014, puget Sound, Washington

Ahoy! from FrostBanks Alaska! (I have to build up the sailing kitty to pay for all the projects!)

Speaking of PROJECTS, here's what's on the project list to knock out prior to this summer:

Install AirBreeze Wind Gen
Install two solar panels
Install Alt Energy control panel
Install Uridium Satphone base station w/antenna
Mount SSB radio (shelf or brackets) & test Pactor Modem
Install start battery with switch and charging options
Possibly replace aging CB panels and rewire
Build/Install louver companion way doors
Build/Install teak cockpit grate
Build/Install provisions to hold 10 jerry cans of fuel
Improve the battery tie-downs
Service the motor
Service all the winches

Then comes the systems tests/shake down! :)

Test all electronics
Test the email components (SSB/Pactor Modem/Iridium Satphone to computer
Test Autopilots
Test Capehorn windvane
Test sea anchor
Test the Storm Trysail
Test all bulge pumps
Test Exposure Suit
Test watermaker
and the list goes on and on...... I'm tired just typing it out! yicks!!!

I'm hoping to post some BIG news SOON!!
Stay Tuned! :)

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02/14/2014 | Theresa
Hi Rick thanks for sharing your Alaska trip on YouTube My husband and I watch it; will just say a lot. Best wishes and congratulations on the wedding. We need more videos. One question though we were just watching another favorite video I think you know him Alex Dorsey well. Was that you in his video with the Alaska hat on?
Rick, 103.589
09/12/2013, Canada

I know this has turned into a Dual-Sport Motorcycle blog along with my SAILING JUNESSA blog... but this will probably be the last motorcycle entry for awhile and you should start seeing A LOT MORE SAILING STUFF! :)

I'm riding my BMW 1200GS South from Fairbanks along the Alaska Highway, via the Cassiar Highway. The FALL colors are just outstanding!!! When I departed Fairbanks, I ran into near freezing rain and High winds... Two days later, I ran into 102F temps in Southern BC Canada!!! What a contrast!!!

I planned on stopping and taking hundreds of photos and hours of video, but I got the GET-HOME-ITUS and rode from sun-up to sun-down and took me three days to do ride the 2200 miles! Of course I'm not as young as I once was, so I had to see the chiropractor twice and get two massages after this ride! OUCH!

Stay tuned... Next month (October) I should be posting updates on:
-Finishing my install of the Cape Horn Windvane
-Rebuilding a winch
-Volvo 2003 tune-up
-kids swinging on the Bosun's chair at the dock.... :)

Cheers from Fairbanks, Alaska (working again)

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07/29/2013, Puget Sound, Washington


The girls and I had such a blast on our overnight sail to Blake Island. They really enjoyed being out on the boat!!! We watched ICE BLINK, a video of the Martin Family that cruised with kids, so now my girls want to swing from the Bosun's chair like the kids in the video... I just had more gray hairs pop out!!

The girls had fun drawing, playing with their Kindles and EATING! :)

Taylor and Jenna touching grounded jellyfish.

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10/26/2013 | Terri
I'm so happy the girls can share in the love of the water and learn how to sail! Now if we only had some wind...

I'm thinking I should give the Bosun's chair a try first! You know, just in case...

Looking forward to our first family cruise...soon! Now begins the project list. What's first?

Exciting times for the Peterson Crew of Junessa!

Love Your Ship Mate aka Executive Officer,
Rick 101,620
06/13/2013, BC/Yukon/Alaska

Hi from the Alaska Highway!
I'm on my BMW 1200GS heading to work in Alaska for a month. I decided to ride the bide up and camp along the way again... I never get tired of that drive!

I drove from Seattle to Fairbanks in 4 1/2 days... That was riding 550 miles/day. The first two days were rainy and cold. The third day was a mix of rain and sun. The fourth day was entering Alaska and it was HOT!!! IN THE 90s!!!

There were lots of black bears, moose and fox along the road in the Yukon. If you plan to drive to Alaska, give yourself a week for the drive and take your time, stop a lot and enjoy the scenery. Don't do like I do.... go go go!!!!

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RICK, 101,612
06/08/2013, Puget Sound, Washington


JUNESSA and I finally got our initiation into the world of FAMILY CRUISING these past couple months. JUNESSA was built with a family in mind, with her four berths and lots of deck space to walk around. I'm not sure she was built for LONG-DISTANC-CRUISING with 4 plus 1 dog.... (Terri did an outstanding job at organizing my mess so we all fit comfy in our own little spots)

I took the girls for a quick overnight in the Puget Sound area and they had a blast! I'm sooooo lucky they all enjoyed sailing (mostly motoring, since the winds here really suck for sailing).

Every time a big power-boater would go by and kick up some waves... the girls would rush to the foredeck to hold on as JUNESSA would give us all a fun bucking ride.

We tired to use the puppy training pads to get our dog Pixie to do her business onboard, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it... she finally had enough and went on the deck. Oh well.... anyone have any other ideas????

I'm going to continue to outfit for a LONG DISTANCE ADVENTURE for next year... stay tuned for more about my big trip.


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08/23/2013 | Jonas
I look forward to future updates! Can you give us a hint of where you plan to Cruise?
Whish you and your new family all the best!
10/26/2013 | Terri
A note from the "XO aka First Mate" In response to Jonas:

I'd say when we get to go on a "practice cruise" with kids we'll head NORTH to Alaska through the Inside Passage! After that there could possibly be a much longer cruise for Rick and Junessa, or maybe even a long Family Cruise Instaed! Stay tuned for more and thanks for following!

Rick, 100,069
06/08/2013, Puget Sound, Washington

A quick update.....

As you can see by the photo, I got MARRIED aboard JUNESSA! YEAH!!!!! It was one of the happiest days of my life! I'm sure a BCC has never had so many people onboard at one time, but she stayed afloat and didn't mind the weight! :)

I'm so thankful that I met Terri and her darling daughters. They have changed my life in more ways than one! ALL FOR THE GOOD TOO!!! :)

Thanks to all our friends and family for the support! :)

Stay tuned for more updates.... "Cruising with Kids" and "Cruising with a Family" or something like that! :)



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06/25/2013 | Jaime
WOW! Congratulations. I've followed your Blog for awhile (BCC fan) and have to say well done on the marriage! Will you need a bigger boat with a family now? *wink* If you want Junessa to roam Alaska waters as her next home keep me in mind! Fair Winds.
06/29/2013 | Douglas Walling
Well ,,, Gee ,,, we do know when we find a "Keeper" , don't we ,,, Congratulations to You and Terri .
I have been following your blog since it started.
Today I have a question that you might be able to help me with .
My wife's puter work is being transferred to near Seattle , WA , and we are looking for a liveaboard marina , maybe Gig Hbr or Tacoma, do you have any recommendations for another BCC owner ? Douglas , S/V Calliste
07/04/2013 | Terri
What a perfect way to marry you, aboard BCC Junessa! I absolutely LOVE spending time on her with you and look forward to some cruising time and many other adventures on the water with you, the kids, and our boat dog Pixie too! With All My Love, Terri
07/12/2013 | Douglas
Ahoy Terri , I was wondering what were you doing in Ak ? Raising kids , Ok , but how did you meet him ? It seems like you would like to sail south with Rick , this winter , do you feel like that will happen ? Have you been South before ? We all wish you both and the kids well , what ever direction you go ,,, Wishing Much Love in Your Lives ,,, Douglas BCC Calliste , Japan .
07/27/2013 | Douglas
This from the BCC Forum archives,,,

To starboard, my boat has a single berth that has a foot well that fits
under the heater. Above that is a shelf for books and a small locker. I made
a plywood bunk that fits over the lip of the shelf and attached small blocks
of wood to the paneling on the side of the Nav. table that is aft of the
berth and just in front of the locker. These hold the extended shelf/bunk
bed in place for sleeping. With a cut to size foam pad and sleeping bag, it
makes for a great sleeping perch. During the day we simply lift it and lower
it to fit over the lower bunk with the foam pad becomming the new place to
sit. This way we spent ten days on the boat to try it out as a family boat
and if it had not been for the 8.5 days of rain, I think it would have been
a great experience... So even on 28 ft of space you can have 5 people and
the dog if you are well organized. (Yes, don't leave the dog at home. It
gives the kids something to do and fight over...) Even in the bad weather
the kids never once complained about the sailing, just the rain, but you get
what you get.
10/06/2013 | Tim Denning
Rick, I have been following your blog for about a year. Someday I hope to get a boat also. Congrats on the new family. Thanks for sharing . Tim
RICK 96,515
05/04/2013, HAWAII

Just a couple more photos from Hawaii before I get back to working on JUNESSA. I ended up climbing up the mast to remove some noisy lazy-jack parts, that drove us crazy all the way across the Pacific!!! It's a long way down from the top of the mast! Great Views!!! :) Aloha!!!

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05/06/2013 | Curtis
Thanks for sharing Rick. Sounds like you are having a great time. I am looking forward to reading more posts on Junessa. Glad to hear the health issue is under control.
05/20/2013 | Keith
Excellent Rick, so glad you're able to get this adventure with your Dad. Awesome trip I'm sure..... Look forward to more post and photos. Take care of yourself.
Cold and Wet in the Pacific!!!
Rick 96,025
04/26/2013, Halfway to Hawaii

Notes from our Pacific Crossing....

IT'S FRIG'N COLD AND WET OUT HERE!!! We freeze every night and wake up to soggy everything... what gives????

We've had some really beautiful sunsets and sunrises out here, but the coolest has been the MOON RISES a couple hundred miles off Mexico!!! HUGE ORANGE MOONS!!!! CRAZY!!! At first I thought we were heading the wrong direction but sure enough it was the MOON rising in the East!!!!

I thought the stars would be alot brighter than they are... not sure why they were dim... maybe the humidity in the air???? any ideas out there???

The photoluminescence was really fun to watch... especially with a catamaran! We get the two hulls slicing thru the water and lighting up the water behind us! I wish I could photograph it to share. I guess you'll just have to get out there and experience it yourselves! :)

More to follow.... Time to get back to the "W" word... here in Fairbanks, Alaska (work... spit on the ground!)


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