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18 September 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
20 February 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
16 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
13 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
07 February 2007 | Koh Mok
03 February 2007 | Phi Phi Don
27 January 2007 | Phuket
13 January 2007 | Phuket and surrounding islands.
09 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
03 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
26 December 2006 | Phuket and the Islands
10 December 2006 | Phuket
01 December 2006 | Thailand
22 November 2006 | Panang
16 November 2006 | Port Dickson
30 October 2006 | Singapore
30 October 2006 | Singapore
18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
09 October 2006 | Borneo..03 20.03'S:114 33.01'E

Eastbourne, UK to La Corna, Spain

15 June 1998 | Eastbourne UK/ La Corna
50.47.57 N 000.19.62 E
Left Eastbourne Marina Photo above, on the morning of the 15th June 1998, and got to Brighton Marina, the see one of the world cup football matches on the TV.
50.48.64 N 000.05.98 W
From Brighton sailed to Bethon Marina at Lymington, were we had some work done on the cockpit bimini.
50.45.64 N 001.31.92 W
On to Alderney, picked up a friend, Rob Platts, then on to his home marina in Guernsey, Beaucette, and stayed a very pleasant two weeks, spending time with Rob and Ross, and their lovely daughters Katy and Sophie.
49.43.61 N 002.11.66 W
Next stop was La Corna, in Spain, crossing the Bay of Biscay to get there. This is where we encountered our first storm, we had 45 knots of wind, which may not seem that bad, but in Biscay, 10 metre waves built up and were braking over the yacht, so we had to "hove to", of the night.
The noise of the waves hitting the top deck was very disturbing, the steel vibrated as tons of water hit it, being brand new and not knowing the yacht then, as we do now, were concerned that she may not take the pounding .
Now we know Mr Bean is a very sturdy girl, and is very strongly built.
49.30.18 N 002.30.27 W
We where both very anxious, and have never encountered anything like it since, I though this was the end of our trip, as Lindy was feeling very sick, and I thought she might say enough is enough.
But come the morning the sun came out, the wind and waves decreased, and we made La Corna the following day.
43.21.94 N 008.22.87 W
Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.
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Port Bastia, Corsica
King of Aragon
Left boat in Venezuela, to go to Peru, we walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, this is looking down "Dead Womans Pass
Stern to at Avatu Harbour, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands.
Alcudia Marina, Malloca, where Mr Bean stayed on the hard stand of winter 1998/1999
Ryan, Ollie,Owen, our grand children and Jack and Amy off La Barca on Koh Hong, near Phuket
Ollie catching squid off  Phuket: Ollie catching squid off Phuket
The wonderful Port Dickson Marina, Malaysia.: The wonderful Port Dickson Marina, Malaysia
Blessing the yachts before leaving Bali: Blessing the yachts before leaving Bali
Voodoo Dancers, Ranon, Vanuatu.: Voodoo Dancers, Ranon, Vanuatu.
Natives in Sunday best, Malekula Island, Vanuatu: Crowded boat, Awie Island, Vanuatu
Locals at Avokh Island, Vanuatu: Locals at Avokh Island, Vanuatu
Tricky to get in, but what a place to anchor, Yellow Patch, Oz.
Working on Mr Bean at the start of our trip at Eastbourne Marina
The wonderful Island of Pi Pi Don, the back packers paradise, with Mr Bean in the back ground.: The wonderful Island of Pi Pi Don, the back packers paradise
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Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK