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Mr Bean at Sea
Gibraltar to Alcudia, Mallorca

22nd July 1998...0700 hours we left Gibraltar for Benalmadena, 36.35.67 N 004.30.72 W, Spain, arriving at 1800 hours, 54 miles away, but had a very strong apposing currant, through the straights, which took a long time to get.
We stayed at the marina, which looks very Disney in its construction, and spent a day as Mike and Pat, friends from the UK, have an apartment and a boat at the marina, and we were able too spend some time with them.

24th July 1998...Left the marina at 0915 hours, for Villajoyosa, but because of was so rough, we aborted the trip and sailed into Cartagena, 38.31.47 N 000.07.22 W, a Spanish navy base, anchoring at 1600 hours.
We decided to stay an extra day, to do some sight seeing.

26th July... On to Villajoysa 38.30.49 N 000.13.11 W, starting at 0700 hours, and arriving at 1800 hours.

27th July ...On to Benidorm, 38.31.47 N 000.07 22 W where our son, Ben, was on holiday, he saw a boat anchored out at sea, but couldn't comprehend that it could be us.
Made contact with him the following day.

29th July...on to Morayra, 38.41.11 N 000.08.47 E, at 1130 hours arriving at 1400 hours, went into their lovely little marina. This is a lovely place to visit.

1st August...Over to Cala Salada, Ibiza, 39.00.60 N 001.17.81 E, at 0645 hours, 50 miles away, arrived 1600 hours,

2nd August...Cala Salada to San Antonio, 38.58.30 N 001.17.92 E, the teenage party capital of the world, it was very noisy, with drunken teenagers every where. We could not get into the marina, so anchor outside it.

3rd August...San Antonio to San Miguel, but was not happy with the anchorage, and the wind was starting to become stronger, so moved over to the Cala Birurras anchorage, 39.05.41 N 001.26.94 E, taking a greeny through the bow hatch, because we forgot to shut it!

That night it blew a gale, we were securely anchored, but another charter sail boat in the anchorage, started to drag at midnight, and during their attempts to re-anchor, hit us three times, catching there anchor on our chain each time.

Because we were not sure if our anchor was disturbed, due to us having to pull up some of our chain, up each time they hit us, to retrieve their anchor.

We choose to run the engine slowly in forward gear for the rest of the night, taking the load off the anchor, to make sure we were not going to drag. The charter boat could not re-anchor, and just motored around the anchorage for the rest the night.

The charter boat crew where first time sailors, a couple with three young children, they did not have life jackets, so we lent them ours, and they were all very frightened, and we helped them as much as we could. They said that this was their first and last sailing trip..

We sustained a fair amount of damage to the wooden gunwales and top sides. We put a claim in to the charter company of the damage, , and eventually got paid.

Another boat at anchor, with a family of small children, tried to get ashore, in the early evening, as they where all becoming sea sick, but failed because their dingy wasn't man enough to get them to the shore.

Later the inshore life boat arrived and took every-body off, leaving one of the life boat crew on board.

6th August... Cala Birurras to Andrex, 38.58.30 N 001.17.92 E, 20 miles away... left at 0815 hours arriving at 1600 hours. A lovely holiday town with a Marina, lots of restaurants, and out lying villages.

Whist there, we sold our dingy to a charter boat company, as they were desperate to get one quickly, so got a very good price. This dingy had come from our old sailing boat, "Gosport Kracker". We put the money towards buying a beautiful new hard bottomed white Zodiac dingy, and two Yamaha outboard motors 15 and 2 HP. Buying the new ribbed dingy and big outboard was in direct response to seeing the dingy not being able to take the people ashore, in those rough conditions, and also felt it was time to up grade.

We used our new fold up cycles for the first time, and traveled around the area on them.

11th August...Andrex to Calabra, 39.51.51 N 002.7.75 E, a beautiful anchorage with a waterfall.

12th August ...Calabra to Porto Pollensa 39.53.78 N 003.05.88 E, met by our friends, Rob and Sue, who have a holiday Villa and Motor boat here.
We loved it here, and had some very good times here. Met a lovely couple that we call" the International singing stars," Jason and Vanessa, we heard them singing in one of the hotels, got to talk to them, and discovered they lived on a sailing boat, and quite a bit of them.

29th August...Seem to be coming Town bound, so it's time to move on after 17 days. We upped anchor at 0845 hours and sailed around to Alcudia, 39.50.11 N 003.07.84 E, and anchored near the marina in 2.5 metres.

30th August...Upped anchor at 0800 hours, and headed South to Cala Mitjana, 39.44.58 N 003.24.35 E, dropped anchor in very strong winds, but the anchorage was very sheltered.
31st August...On to Porto Cristo 39.32.44 N 003.20.27 E, dropped anchor near the little marina, the next day we when into the marina, it was very tight to get in !
Enjoyed it here, we visited the Caves of Drach, took the boat ride on the lake and saw the beautiful limestone formations, including stalagmites and stalactites. accompanied by the sound of musicians performing classical music.

2nd September...On to Porto Colon, 39.25.32 N 003.15.93 E, reached through a narrow entrance, and opening into a natural harbour, a very safe place to anchor, and also lots to do there, so stayed a week.

9th September...Back North to Cala Mitjana.

11th September...Back to Porto Pollenca.

23th September...Sailed to Alcudia marina, and Mr Bean went on the hard stand for the winter.

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