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Mr Bean at Sea
Ruing to Seraya KL
19/08/2006, Ruing

Photo above of The old traditional village of Bena

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Saturday 19th August 2006 .. 8.24.38S 121 05 04E

Up at 0600 hours, Gary and Liddy were knocking on the hull at 0700 hours, saying they were off on the trip, I lent them our hand held, to report back when any thing was happening, as we were not going over there that early
It was a good move, as I was able to have breakfast, and we went ashore at 0745 hours, and still the tour didn't leave till 0900 hours, Gary, bless him giving us updates on the present situation.
We got to Bejawa, the capital of the area, by noon, of a very pleasant, meal, with a chose of scraggy chicken or fish, which took forever to cook.
From there we went to Bena, an old traditional village, which as we approached in the coach from above it, was very similar in look, to Macha Pichu.
From there we went to the Mengeruda hot springs, which had a hot water fall with pools below to swim and slide about in, it was very lovely , just like having a hot bath, and great to ease to aching limbs cause by very bumpy roads and poor suspension of the bus. The whole trip was very good, and escorted all the way by the police with siren blazing and lights a flashing , the government are really taking very good care of us.
We heard that extra police where brought into the area to guard the dingies on the dock, and to keep a heneral eye on things, the government and tourism department are very keen to stop any problems happening, as they see the rally as a way of promoting tourism in Indonesia.
Photos below are of the tour, first one is our police escort .going through the local capital of Bajawa.
The photos on the next page of Bena Village, this village was built as a ship, and commands wonderful views from it's bow, the women were doing the hand weaving, and most of the older ones had their months full of beetle nuts , which make them look like vampires that have just drawn blood from a victim.

Saturday 20th August 2006

Went ashore for lunch with Gambori, Aquarius and Belvenie, after us boys did our passage plan to Bali, as we need to get there for the 17th Sept, so we can renew our visa's before they expire.Below. us with our free sash given to us at the festival.

Sunday 21st August 2006

Left Riung at 1100 hours, for a short sail up the coast, to a little indent in the land, we had picked out on the chart, it turned out to be a superb anchorage, photo below shows the outlet to the sea, the photo below that shows the large expanse of water before becoming a river, also showing dinner cooking on the Barbie.

Above photo shows some villagers that where invited to look around the boat, the children have their presents in their hands, writing books, pens, and tee shirts.

Tuesday 22nd August 2006

Left anchorage at 0930 hours, the wind seems to be coming up early now, and we had a good sail all the way to our next anchorage,23 mile west at Lindley bay, we had 10 to 15 knots of wind from the NE, and we had a lovely down wind sail . There was an extensive reef around the anchorage, not shown on the chart, but once in, it was a very calm one in 17 metres of water.
We where inundated with canoes, with calls of Mister, Mister from the children, all wanting something, but after a few presents and bantering of Fish, Coconuts and Sea shells, they leave you alone.
Had a very pleasant evening on Gambori, with Aquarius and Jack and Dafinee, off Resolute an American couple.

Wednesday 23rd August 2006

Spent the morning doing a few jobs, the small heads inlet pipe seemed to be blocked, so used the dingy pump to un-block it, which was done successfully. Also changed the furling line on the Genoa, as the new one I brought in Darwin was too thin, and cut into my hands when furling.
Afternoon we went over to Aquarius for a Barbeque, with the four usual boats, Libby made a stunning soup starter.
Thursday 24th August 2006

Left Lindley bay at 0745 hours for TK Bari, 28 miles away, had to motor most of the way, got there by 1400 hours, and was inundated with the bloody local kids, it is becoming a nightmare, and will try to avoid villages in future.
Had the three usually boats over for a sun downers, and to discuss the next passage, there are twelve boats in the anchorage, so we have decided to stop at a Island on the way to the next stop, to let them get ahead.
Photo on the next page shows Gambori at anchor with all the teenage children in there canoes, with was the worst we have had ....

Friday 25th August 2006

Left TK Bari at 0745 hours heading west and a white sandy beach to barieque on, no village with children, and as we were leading the pack, it become our mission to find one.
After rounding the island of Seraya Besar, which we looked to see if it was possible to anchor there, but there was too much coral, so continued on to a smaller island called Seraya KL , 25 miles up the coast.
We nosed the boat in to the shore, the bottom rises steeply from 30 metre to 5 metres, we had arrived at high water springs, and the tide would drop us 2.5 metres. After some checking the water which was very clear, we decided to drop the anchor in 20 metres, on the shelf, and drop back in to the shallower water. The conditions where so, that we just put out 40 metres of chain, and we settled in 6 metres, 3.5 metres at low water.
Lindy snorkelled around the boat, before we pulled back to set the anchor, all look good, but we decided not to set the anchor, just let the weight of the anchor and chain hold us, as the wind is very light. We could pull up are shelves into deeper water if need be, the reason we did not set the anchor was, as the ground was very rocky, didn't want to trap the anchor in 20 metres, and risk losing it.
The three other boats in our pack arrived, and within an hour, we where all on the beach having a barbeque, it's so lovely that we will stay another day.
Our trip for here, now we are at the end of Flores, may take us to a little island Labuan Bajo, then on to Rinca and Komodo, to see the large monitor lizards of the same name, then on to Sumbawa, which we know nothing about, then on to Lombok, and Bali.

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