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18 September 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
20 February 2007 | Langkawi, Malaysia
16 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
13 February 2007 | Talaga Marina
07 February 2007 | Koh Mok
03 February 2007 | Phi Phi Don
27 January 2007 | Phuket
13 January 2007 | Phuket and surrounding islands.
09 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
03 January 2007 | Phuket and the surrounding Islands
26 December 2006 | Phuket and the Islands
10 December 2006 | Phuket
01 December 2006 | Thailand
22 November 2006 | Panang
16 November 2006 | Port Dickson
30 October 2006 | Singapore
30 October 2006 | Singapore
18 October 2006 | Bangka Island..01.32'N 105. 50.97'E
09 October 2006 | Borneo..03 20.03'S:114 33.01'E

Manta Ray Bay to Gilli Air, off Lombok.

01 September 2006 | Manta Ray Bay, Saraya KL
Above.. Photo of the comfomable beach seating at Gili Air.

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Friday 1st September 2006

A day of swimming and finished the day with a BBQ.

Saturday 2nd September 2006

We had a bread making lesson on Mr Bean at 10 o'clock, Maggie, Libby and Gary, Adam and Bromwin, Daphni and Joan came, and all said they enjoyed it, and found the kneading process the most beneficial. Photo below of Adam proudly showing off his loaf Bromwin has made after the lesson, best one they have ever produced.
Went over and snorkelled and scuba with the hooker out on a rock half mile off shore with Adam and Bromwin, lots of fish and coral to see.
Later went swimming over at the pass, it was the best, saw a Manta Ray with a 14 foot wing span.
Went on the other end of beach for a pot luck, again brilliant, then Adam and I went to Been A Long for a drink, very late night.

Sunday 3rd September 2006

Went over to the pass and had a snorkelled and scuba dived with the hooker, it was a best we have ever done, we were swimming with Manta Rays with 10 foot wing spans.
After we went on the beach with the La Barca's, it was a beautiful spot. Had the kids on board while he Las Barca's went snorkelling.
Early night as we are leaving to go west to Banter lsland tomorrow 16 miles away.

Monday 4th September 2006

Sailed from Manta Bay, had a little problem getting the anchor chain wrapped around coral, then on to Banta Island 15 miles away, left at 0600 hours got there at 1000 hours, anchored over sand in 11 metres.
Sad too leave the last anchorage, there are jelly fish in the water, also stingers, so I wasn't wanting to go in, especially as my wet suit has been stolen off the boat, some where along the line.
Spent afternoon Mr Bean entertaining Jack, had a lovely time with him, in fact he stopped till Mum and Dad can over at 1700 hours.

Had the fleet of 5 boats over for a meal and sundowners on Mr Bean.

Tuesday 5th September 2006

Left anchorage at 0600 hours for Weira, where 15 to 20 metre boat building is done on the beach. We arrived there at noon, after a good start, and the promise of a sail, but after an hour, the wind dropped, and we had a knot of tide against us, so we had to motor sail the rest of the way.
Weira looks a prosperous town, and went to see the boats and the village, boats were fascinating, and a 15 metre one would cost 300,000,000 rupere,20,000, that's with a second hand engine.

Wednesday 6th September 2006

Left anchorage at 0700 hours, one hour later than the other 4 boats, as I feel they leave too early and miss the best wind. The wind can up at 1100 hours, and we had brilliant down wind sail for the last 3 hours, it was a pleasure to do real sailing again.
The anchorage at Kilo, 08.19.8 S 118.22.9 E, was in 17 metres, and we dropped back too between 12 and 6 metres, kept both anchor alarm on, as we where quite close to the beach, but the holding was very good in black volcanic sand.
The locals can out in their canoes, and we are a little fed up with there intrusion, but we are such an interest to them, we have to put up with it. Most of the sheltered anchorages have a village, so it is very difficult to get away from them.
Did not go ashore, watched a DVD in the evening, Tora,Tora,Tora, all about the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbour.

Thursday 7th September 2006

Left Kilo at 0630 hours, motor sailed for the first three and a half hours, then the sea breeze kicked in, and built up to 20 knots, and we had a brilliant down wind wing and wing sail, we caught up the pack as we left half hour later than them.
We looked at a couple of anchorages on the way up, but La Barca called up on VHF, and said the anchorage at Santonda Island, two miles away was calm and a sandy bottom, so we did a 90 degree turn, and where there very quickly, Adam came out and guided us in to a sandy spot, which happened to be right by a tourist boat, and we dropped the anchor within feet of this boat, and were talking to them as the anchor chain was going out.
Once settled, we went ashore to eat, we have found another beautiful anchorage, which is part of the National Park, and had to pay 10,000 rp, per person to stay, that's 75p.
The boat we anchored by left of the mainland, but in the morning we where surrounded by day boats visiting the island, for its diving and crater lake.

Friday 8th September 2006

Had a very pleasant day on the beach, celebrating Amy's 2nd Birthday, we had pancakes, cooked over an open fire as usual, we had taken a photo of Bluey, with his Australian flag, printed it out on special paper, and ironed it on to a tee shirt for a present of Amy, as she has fallen in love with him.
After that, we took a walk to the volcano crater, which is full of sea water, filled by a 20 metre Tsunami back in the year 1800. All the guys went for a swim in it, seemed quite surreal with the crater sides all around us.
Late afternoon, went ashore, I built up the fire, and little Jack and I made up a dough to bake as a twister on a stick over the open fire, it was superb, spread with La Barca's butter.
Adam had caught a white flesh tuna, trolling from his dingy, and he had made sashimi, and prepared the rest to fry in flour and seasoning on the fire, others had bought cous cous etc, and we had a great banquet, to round off Amy's day.

Saturday 7th September 2006

Left Santando Island at 1100 hours for a night sail to Gilli Air, off Lombok, if the wind is right, other wise we will stop at Madang Island. The wind was very light, so we diverted to Madang, but as we got closer the wind picked up and we decided to carry on, and had a lovely sail, a little rolly went the wind dropped at 2030 hours, the last of the sea breeze but it picked up at midnight, which I guess was the land breeze.
Arrived at Gilli Air at 0900 hours, we asked for advise from other yachties in the anchorage, and was directed to a prime spot by Court Jester, and we seemed to get our anchor in very well with a little patience. A lot of boats had problems anchoring and also dragging, but I think we will be fine.
We went ashore for lunch, with Adam and Jack, and took the pony and trap to a very pleasant restaurant, then came back for a sleep, to catch up on the lack of it, the night before.
Went out again at 1730 hours, took the pony and trap across the island, for a sunset drink, then walked back around the island to a restaurant, again it was brilliant, I had barbecued squid, Lindy had King prawns with vegetable curry.
Monday 11th September 2006

Aquarius, Gambori, Been A Long, Resolute came in by 0900 hours, after repairing our bimini light, the wire had broken, and had to renew it, making it longer to stop it happening again, Lindy gave me a long needed hair cut.
We went ashore at lunch time, bumped into Aquarius and Gambori, and joined them for lunch. Later we went out to the Harmony Restaurant, had a lobster, not over impressed, but still fun.
Below, Aquarius and us enjoying the view, and food cooking on the restaurant BBQ.

Tuesday 12th September 2006

We spent a relaxing day at Gilli Air, below Lindy on the beautiful beach and relaxing.

Wednesday13th September 2006

Had another relaxing day at Gilli Air, had pony tank filled with compressed air. Below photo shows the seating on the beach, a real lovely way to relax.

Thursday 14th September 2006

Another relaxing day at Gilli Air, Lombok

Friday 15th September 2006-09-14

Took the Genoa furler off, cleaned out all the old grease, gave it a good clean, then re-greased it, put it all back together again, and at last it was working as it should.
The problems I have now, are the windless shaft has lifted 10mm, and will take it to bits in Bali, where if there is anything broken, I hopefully can get it fixed, the Genoa foil has turned near the top, so the Genoa cannot be dropped without going up the mast. Also oil and oil and diesel filter change is due.
Had lunch on the beach, starting to get bored with paradise now, so planning to leave for Bali on Sunday, it's the gypsy in us.

Saturday 16th September 2006

Changed the engine oil and filter, a little late, should be done at 100 hours, but have clocked up 180 hours since the last change, Also replaced the three diesel filters and cleaned out the raw water filter.
Went ashore for lunch, and lounged about on the beach, Lindy went for a snorkel, we stayed there till about 1900 hours, meeting lots of people during the day.
Lifting dingy back on to it's davits, ready for an early start for Bali tomorrow morning.

Sunday 17th September 2006

Left Gilli Air at 0630 hours, and had an interesting sail to Bali, the wind was mainly 30 degrees off the bow, so it was a beat. The tide/current was very strong at times, up to six knots with us, so completed the journey in very good time.
Vessel Name: Mr Bean
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts
Hailing Port: Eastbourne, UK
Crew: Malcolm Robertson
About: Admiral Lindy Robertson
Extra: Yacht Mr BeanIs presently on the hard stand at Rebak Marina, Langkawi. while we spend the summer back in the UK. Left UK, from Eastbourne Marina on June 15th 1998, and have nearly sailed around the world, mostly just the two of us.
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Port Bastia, Corsica
King of Aragon
Left boat in Venezuela, to go to Peru, we walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, this is looking down "Dead Womans Pass
Stern to at Avatu Harbour, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands.
Alcudia Marina, Malloca, where Mr Bean stayed on the hard stand of winter 1998/1999
Ryan, Ollie,Owen, our grand children and Jack and Amy off La Barca on Koh Hong, near Phuket
Ollie catching squid off  Phuket: Ollie catching squid off Phuket
The wonderful Port Dickson Marina, Malaysia.: The wonderful Port Dickson Marina, Malaysia
Blessing the yachts before leaving Bali: Blessing the yachts before leaving Bali
Voodoo Dancers, Ranon, Vanuatu.: Voodoo Dancers, Ranon, Vanuatu.
Natives in Sunday best, Malekula Island, Vanuatu: Crowded boat, Awie Island, Vanuatu
Locals at Avokh Island, Vanuatu: Locals at Avokh Island, Vanuatu
Tricky to get in, but what a place to anchor, Yellow Patch, Oz.
Working on Mr Bean at the start of our trip at Eastbourne Marina
The wonderful Island of Pi Pi Don, the back packers paradise, with Mr Bean in the back ground.: The wonderful Island of Pi Pi Don, the back packers paradise
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Who: Malcolm Robertson
Port: Eastbourne, UK