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The Chronicles of BEAR with Gary & Roslyn Cramer
Getting Ready To Go
Gary Cramer
07/13/2012, Ft. Lauderdale FL USA

It's taken a year for us to get off of the dock. It's not because of the work and modifications that we needed on Bear but rather, my medical problems and hospital stays. But now, we are ready to go.

Burning Hair
Gary Cramer
06/16/2012, Ft. Lauderdale FL USA

As we continue to reflect on our abilities to complete our sailing dreams with me being old, unbalanced, and blind, Roz met a man on the dock that had been to sea for over 10 years in his catamaran surviving 3 heart attacks and one near-death experience. It made the stuff that I'm going through seem simple in comparison. My problem has to do with an electrical connection within my heart. One electrical connection doesn't perform properly, my heart starts to laugh at all the joy that I've experienced in my lifetime, I say laugh because that's the kind of heartbeat that I get when this happens. It's just like my heart is happy and laughing not the regular beat, beat, beat, beat in a regular sort of way.

Last Friday, I was hospitalized so that they could go inside my heart and weld it with cryogenics and electrical waves. I was on the operating table for 4 hours. Apparently, it was a very difficult operation. I went for my follow-up visit this Thursday and I still had the original condition. So back in the hospital, I went just one week after my last operation. This time they showed up with the paddles on my chest and zapped me with electricity. I've got to tell you, I'm getting tired of waking up in a room with that burned hair smell lingering in the room. You don't feel much in this procedure, they've got you well drugged and you don't remember much of anything.

We continue to march on. The extra rails and handholds for the boat have arrived and will be installed on Monday. I go for a follow-up doctor's visit on Thursday and if everything remains well, we can start our sea trials immediately after that. I really need to get out of here before hurricane season, seriously, sets in.

Pictures of our new rails and handles will follow. Stay tuned.

Adding New Gear
Gary Cramer
06/02/2012, Ft. Lauderdale FL USA

New Helm Seat

06/03/2012 | Todd Brooks
Lookin good Captain... I like all the new add ons! When ya setting sail?
I look forward to following you guys so keep the new videos coming.
Safe journeys my friends! God Bless!
06/03/2012 | violeta
Oh Boy, It's very nice, Hopefully, you will sail.
keep in touch.
06/04/2012 | nate
Gary you sure do like your bright colors, from boat upholstry to your fancy shoes
06/11/2012 | Evan
Very cool Chair you got there captain! Are you doing your exercises?!!?
Adding New Gear
gary Cramer
06/02/2012, ft. Lauderdale FL USA

New carbon fibre Passerelle, (Gangway).

Can We Go Yet?
06/02/2012, Ft. Lauderdale FL USA

Can we go yet? Soon, Dear, soon.

06/03/2012 | violeta
Now, I now where you get that beautiful tan of yours.....
Adding Gear
06/02/2012, F Lauderdale FL

A comfortable place to bow-ride and for sun-downers.

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