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Sunrise: Chasing the dream
Life filled with adventure, both actual and spiritual.
Bill: 70 clear, light wind sw
10/02/2011, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

In two years we have met some of the most amazing people. We think that people who are part of the cruising community are a remarkable bunch. Of course they come from all walks of life, economic status and from every corner of the world.

There is an instant camaraderie that comes from knowing that we are all together in close proximity to the elements. Until today we have found every one of them to be kind and generous even under the worst of circumstances. We have seen remarkable cheerfulness even when two boats are cheek and jowl because one has dragged into another in a squall. We have seen people flock to help a cruiser aground, people willing to contribute parts and expertise to someone broken down far from a yard or Tow Boat US. Old salts are always willing to offer suggestions to new cruisers. This is one reason why we love it out here.

Well, today we had a very unsettling encounter with someone on a boat that was either mean spirited or (hopefully) they we having a rough go of it and let the wrong comments fly. Not the kind of first we like. And on the other hand, pretty remarkable that two years out has given us so many remarkable encounters.

We moved to be away from these folks. New position: 40 25.091'n:074 01.366'w

10/02/2011 | Uncle Readie
Probably a "Jersey Shore" fan. ("It's a Jersey thing.")
10/02/2011 | George Mora
Well, that's distressing. Those encounters seem to cling to the psyche in ways that happy ones don't. There's always karma...but sometimes a lifetime is too long to wait.
10/03/2011 | Randy
My experience has been exactly as you describe. These "bad apples" are far and few between. but they are there. Your move-away strategy is best.
Highest speed over ground yet
Bill: 68 overcast. N 10 knots
10/01/2011, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

We waited patiently for the tide to rise enough for us to clear the little shoal in Five Mile River... using the time to change the fuel filters and find an air leak in the fuel line that has been plaguing us for months... I also replaced two blocks that connect the windvane to the wheel... although more work needs to be done here... Below the boat continues to be more and more ready for the sea....

We sailed with the current west in Long Island Sound and into the East River where we hit 13.1 knots speed over the ground. I had a reefed main up and the genoa ready to go incase the engine failed us.... not something we expected... but since the current was as fast as our boat speed I wanted some control should the unexpected happen.

Well, it didn't happen... and Isobel slept through the whole thing! And we passed the NY harbor without the normal weekday crazyness (ferries and water taxis)... although three cruise ships were outbound with us. Because of our late departure, we arrived at sunset and anchored next to a 35' Hallberg Rassy, our friends on Macana (a Cat) and a boat from Vermont called Grace. This is where we first met Coot... and we miss them...

10/01/2011 | Uncle Readie
Watch out for the Fort Hancock ferry.
A visit to CT
Bill: 75 and clear, wind sw 15
09/30/2011, Rowayton, CT

What a spectacular day of sailing. With the current in LI Sound we sailed with the wind slightly forward of the beam at more than 7 knots. One of those days we dream of... and when we have them we wish we were going someplace far away so we could stretch it out...

Today we saw our friends from Tamure who are making their yearly stop at "home" here to do all those various land things that are easier to do where people know you. Scott met us as we sailed in ("Take down that sail") and brought us to the mooring. The channel is so narrow here that everyone ties up to a bow mooring and a stern mooring, as there is no room to swing!

The current and wind seem right for us to sail to Atlantic Highlands tomorrow... and we continue to watch the weather for the two day passage south to Norfolk VA.

This image is not from today, but the weather is similar... although there was more wind today. I post this image as Scott is the one who has us planning on putting two whisker poles on our boat, so we can pole out two headsails or easily jibe one. Here I use his strategy of a fore and after guy to hole the pole in one place, so it is ready for a sail.

Note that we have the dinghy on deck where is is safe and doesn't create any drag, as towing it would. Also, on boats, everything serves more than one purpose... so when it is not a dinghy, it is a trampoline...

41 04.227'n 073 26.697'w

09/30/2011 | Kevin & Debbie Stone
Hello from a fellow Vermont sailboat! When we logged in to sailblogs, it indicated you were near. Hope our passages cross and we get to say hello in person!
Debbie & Kevin Stone
s/v Grace
09/30/2011 | Uncle Readie
A motorized trampoline.... You ought to patent that idea. ;) You weren't kidding about the close quarter bow-to-stern moorings. It looks like with enough boats, you could send a Morse Code message via Google Earth. :)
10/01/2011 | Keith
It is 45 tonight in Oriental... it is safe to come south now.
two steps forward, one back
Bill: clearing and 75
09/29/2011, Port Jefferson, NY

Well, Lara had a dental appointment at noon so we tried to leave by 2 and sail to Norwalk. Although we had the current against us, we had 20 knots of wind on the beam which had us racing along at 6 knots over the ground. Slowly in the west a dark line of clouds appeared... we were 12 miles (2 hours) from Norwalk yet that was straight into the squall line... we were 5 miles from Port Jefferson... which was down wind and down current... So we turned tail and ran... doing 8+ knots over the ground... arriving in the Conscience Bay channel just as the skies opened up and it poured cats and dogs. It only blew 25... So we regretted not having pressed on... yet here we are... and now we can get a few more things in order as we look forward to passages south.

Now, the sky is clear and a nice sunset is developing...

40 58.002'n 073 06.029'w

09/29/2011 | T.j.
Nice action shot!
09/30/2011 | Uncle Readie
Captain made the right choice again, I reckon.
09/30/2011 | Uncle Readie
Looks like that storm kno0cked out the LIRR. cityroom.blogs.nytimes dot com/2011/09/29/l-i-r-r-knocked-out-by-lightning-strike/
09/30/2011 | Rick aboard Makana
Hi, we are anchored in Atlantic Highlands and heading south on Monday hope to be in Annapolis by Wed, safe sailing
09/30/2011 | Bill in Miami
Just wanted to say, Good Luck on your trip south this year. I've been a follower since the Champlain Canal. The GPS coordinates make it fun and easy to follow you on Google maps. I wish all cruising boggers did the same
Ask and UPS shows up
09/29/2011, Mt Sinai, NY

We were standing by the car with the life raft and saying... wish we had a dolly... when along comes John the UPS guy... he lends us the dolly while he runs to Ralphs. So we were able to roll the life raft down the dock rather than carry the heavy, awkward thing.

Amazing the people who are happy to help. Thanks John.

09/29/2011 | T.j.
Just ask and you shall receive. Karma, Karma, Karma. You guys got it.
09/30/2011 | Uncle Readie
That luck must have skipped my generation. If I had said "Wish I had a dolly", Isobel would have walked up and handed me a plaything. ;^)
preparing for the journey south
09/28/2011, Mt Sinai, NY

Thousands of swallows have appeared here, they too are waiting for the Northerly winds to help them on their migration south. We will be right their with them... if we can get everything ready.

The recertified Liferaft is back on the boat, rig the trisail, fill the water, check the engine, rig the jack lines, set up the windvane, lash down the dinghy, stow the food, make up the bunks, stow the tools... etc...

VT under repair
09/24/2011, Jamaica, VT

We drove back to VT for a two day visit. We hung out with Mom a little, Lily and Isobel had an outing together, we stayed in Londonderry with friends who treated us like royalty... then we zipped back to Long Island.

On the way we passed through Jamaica VT which was especially badly hit by Hurricane Irene. The detour around the washed out bridge on route 30 took us on Water Street (really). Water street was completely washed away with several of the homes that were along it.

In the photo you can see the creek that is still above its normal level... an imagine it filling this entire photo. You can find some amazing video on YouTube. Note the wing of a house that is at the edge of the temporary road... missing the rest of the house. Some people lost their house as well as all of their land.

Round the world on a Valiant 40
09/21/2011, Miller Place, NY

Here is a great photo slide show of Tamure's circumnavigation. Tamure great escape

09/21/2011 | Roberto
Great link!!! Thanks Bill.
A day of Motoring
09/20/2011, Mt Sinai, NY

When it is cold out where do you put your Croissants to rise? Our BetaMarine 43 is so clean that you could eat off of it...

We were all set for another sail... the forecast was for the wind to drop as the day went on... we had 10 knots at 8 am and by 10 it was 3-4!! Unfortunately... we turned on the motor and ran with the current down the sound... again our speed was crazy... between 7.5 and 9.5 the whole way!! The sound was like a pond, which allowed some play on deck, so study of new radar/chart-plotter attributes that have showed up since I finally connected the autopilot (with fluxgate compass) to the chart-plotter.

We picked up a mooring in Mt Sinai harbor, which is close to where Lara's Mom lives. Scooping up our laundry we took the launch in to meet Teri... Isobel was very excited!

Here is a slide show of old photos:

09/20/2011 | Uncle Readie
Bringing laundry may sound exploitive, but Lara's Mom (my sister) even asks if I have laundry to do when I visit, and looks disappointed when I don't. She'll be happy to see you, laundry included. Give her and GiGi Vera my love.
09/20/2011 | ellen
uuummm. I thought this was a family blog. You may have mispelled fluxgate. But I got a heck of a chuckle......Great pictures!!! ellen
09/24/2011 | Randy
You've come a long, long way. The most amazing and obvious clue is watching Isobel change over time.

I am at Sandy Hook and planning to head around the NJ coast around Wednesday. Will you be in Annapolis this year?
09/26/2011 | Cindy
Aunt Teri is the best, laundry, food whatever it is she wants to do it for you she knows how to make everyone feel so for the crossiants on the engine.if it gets that cold you head to south to visit us in florida then you can put them out on the deck to rise and bake LOL....Glad you travels have been safe and I can't believe how much Isobel has grown up and on a sail boat...You guys are my heros...Please pass my love along to Isobel or is she reading them herself already XOXOXXO
Two Years ago today, part 1
09/19/2011, Thames River, CT

Well, what kind of crazy couple would leave on a sailboat with a 7 month old kid!! This was taken two years ago today at the north end of the Champlain Canal as we headed out on the adventure. flipping through the old photos has reminded us of how full our life has been. Not always fun or good, but full of life.

09/19/2011 | Barry & Barbara Freedman
Dear Bill, Lara & Isobel, good morning, wonderful pictures & commentary. Have a good passage South !
Kindest regards, Barry & Barbara

09/19/2011 | Uncle Readie
Ah, such fresh happy faces. Little did they know... that they would be fresh and happy in two years' time. ;)

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