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Sunrise: Chasing the dream
Life filled with adventure, both actual and spiritual.
Isobel finds kids to play with on Waterlemon Cay.
06/26/2012, Great Lameshur Bay

What they were huddled together to look at we'll never know. Isobel said it was some animal? Before beach combing, the two girls made Isobel's dream come true by burying her in a cozy lounging position. Covered in sand, all she could do was grin her approval.

This is another place that is hard to leave. Not far from Francis Bay, actually, looking west, we see the lights of the top of St Thomas over Uncle Readie's Tombolo. To the North East we see the lights of Tortola (we are occasionally rocked by the wake of the ferry going to Tortola. This cove has access by land to the SW corner. many people, including our new friends here, drive to that point, then walk a trail that leads around to the NE corner of the bay, swimming the last 50 yards to end up on Waterlemon Cay. Most people don't come for the little beach, most come to snorkel the reef off the west side of the cay.

kids on boats
06/26/2012 | Uncle Readie
I know it seems odd, but it's actually "WaterLEMON", not "WaterMELON". Wrong fruit. :) The official National Park map labels it "Waterlemon", and there are six times as many Google matches for "Waterlemon Cay" than "Watermelon Cay". Maybe all that sun reflecting off the water makes you a little "lysdexic". :)
half under water
06/26/2012, Hawksnest Bay, St John, USVI

Here's a bizarre photo from Hawksnest.

06/26/2012 | Uncle Readie
Google "total internal reflection".
Isobel in the surf
06/26/2012, Hawksnest Bay, St John, USVI

When it gets hot, this is the best way to do it...

One of the girl's favorite lines "they love to run in the hot, hot sun". Can you remember what classic that's from?

kids on boats
06/26/2012 | Uncle Readie
I'm guessing it's from "In The Hot, Hot Sun", a children's book by Nora Gaydos. Soon enough Isobel will learn to attribute, I'm sure. :)
Fish in the surf
06/26/2012, Francis Bay, St John, USVI

Since I'm still working through my fear of 'the guys in the grey suits,' I'm pretty content - no much more than content, I LOVE floating around in 2 or 3 feet of water near shore and being drawn into that wonderful world of tumbling sand, shells and coral. I can stare at it all for hours.
While I was ebbing and surging with the wavelets, a small barracuda ebbed and surged in rhythm with me. Staring me down at an arms length away. Their flat but eerie appearance coupled with an intense curiosity can make one a bit nervous. Anyway, it was "a score" as Isobel is fond of saying, when this school of fish came racing through in hot pursuit of the scores of tiny fish nearby.

Back in the quiet bay
06/24/2012, Francis Bay

Lara was below and I had two whisker poles up and wanted to turn into Francis bay. Isobel, who has been "steering" from time to time was game to steer while I worked on the fore deck. She did well, and clearly knows which way is port and starboard, as I called out "a little to port... a little more... good good straighten out... turn to starboard a little..." I don't think she got the fact that she was actually guiding the boat between the rocky shores, and yet she would steer to one side or the other on command... Lara came up to document the moment!!

Well, it is clear that Waterlemon Cay is the first stop for all the charter boats when they set out from Tortola. We started the day peacefully. Lara and Isobel worked on the V berth while I sewed a new shade for the midships.

Slowly, during the afternoon the boats piled in with excited chatterers yelling to each other... Kids crying, people hooting and hollering.. There were two boats practicing picking up moorings over and over and over...

Time to leave... We cast off the mooring and furled out the genoa, slipping away down wind through the "narrows" to Francis Bay. There are boats here, but a much, more quiet lot...

18 21.958'n. 064 44.884'w

kids on boats
06/25/2012 | Mary Ellen
YES-- down wind is more fun---easier on the crew
next WED. is July 4- make sure the colors are displayed.... Captain...
Love and hugs too mec
Things we have found most useful
06/20/2012, Coral Bay, St John, USVI

We thought we might make some extra posts as we think of things that we are really happy to have on board...

In the kids on boats category... The little Baby Bjorn potty. Well what can we say... For the $14 or whatever it was, Isobel has had a potty available on deck or in the cockpit. Less so now, but for a while there... There wasn't much time between the announcement: "I need to pee" and the peeing...

And the other thing we mention all the time is the Bimini zip on side and stern shades. We would be burnt to a crisp without them! Thanks to In Stitches in Shelburne VT for the design and construction of them... Wish we had made one to zip on the front of the Bimini... We had a series of cobbled together forward shades... We will sew something up... Soon...

good stuff on board
06/21/2012 | Mary Ellen
Happy summer -95 degrees here- Peter just left for Italy--
HOME alone----????????????????
MISS you guys -love mec
06/24/2012 | Uncle Readie
With TS Debby in the Gulf, I wonder whether you guys will jump to Trinidad via St Croix to get out of the hurricane zone quickly. It looks about half-again as long as your jump from Exumas to Haiti earlier.
The other side of the island
06/20/2012, Coral Bay, St John, USVI

We had lots of surplus power and calm waters... and the threads were flying from the genoa... So, I pulled out the sewing machine and set up a loft on the aft deck. I got pretty good at peddling with my knee!

We finally broke out of Watermelon Cay to move around to Coral Bay... This is considered "the other side" of the island. One person from Cruz Bay said, "We have chickens and they (in Coral bay) have goats!"

First thing we notice are lots more sailboats and lots of people coming home to them at the end of the day. Already we have met a Dutch family who has been here a year so their six year old daughter could go to school here (and learn English). We will explore town tomorrow...

And try to find some Wifi, so we can load photos and some other blog entries I wrote over the past few days. We have to get our wifi antenna sorted out...

Cruising lifestyle
06/22/2012 | Mark Stanley
We have always loved Great Lameshur Bay.
Getting geared up for a Saturday night out
06/16/2012, Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI

We went to the Hawksnest beach early. These little fish were hoping for some shelter off this sandy beach. Lara must have looked like a protective soul. They stayed very close, swiming through little flaps in her shirt and huddling in her armpit. When it it was time to go, she felt bad leaving her three proteges to fend for themselves...

We wanted to move out of Hawksnest as it was rolly, beautiful but rolly. So, while the girls napped, I dropped the mooring and rolled out the jib... A couple mile sail past the resort at Caneel Bay and into Cruz bay. We thought we would come here to find some live music and check out the scene. The downside is the boat and ferry traffic... But we will only be here overnight.

06/18/2012 | Scott Kuhner
Bill, send me your relative's address in VA and we will send the cruising guides to him.
06/20/2012 | Uncle Readie
Thanks for the postcard, though the "WA" was confused for Washington state before it went to Western Australia. :) Now that you're leaving the US, be sure to put "USA" at the end of US addresses you post to.
Down wind at last
06/15/2012, Hawksnest Bay, St John, USVI

About an hour before sunset we dropped the mooring and poled out the genoa on one side and the Spinnaker on the other (didn't want to disturb the three year old who was asleep in the hammock strung from the boom!) it was a beautiful sunset cruise...

The wind kind of died as we turned into Hawksnest... So we ghosted along depolying the Spi when the wind swirled over the mountain and came from behind, snuffing it when it was on the nose. The little girl, now awake, had lots of suggestions: "pull it in Papa... Quicker Papa... Mama, head for that mooring over there... Papa put the sail out, NOW... Grab the mooring Papa, loop the line through... Can I have dessert now?"

Work to do
06/14/2012, st John

Isobel works on the guys... It is quite hard figuring out who fits into who's pockets...

As to the other work, the dinghy engine oil has been changed, as has the Transmission oil, and the impeller. Heat exchanger on engine has been cleaned and the transmission oil cleaner has been removed and cleaned. Oh and there are the projects that I try to ignore: the chain stripper has been broken off on the windlass, the jib has some chafe where it rubs on the radar reflector. the Galley faucet is loose (I am reminded of that). I can't remember what else (there is a list)

Cruising lifestyle
06/14/2012 | Uncle Readie
You'll be out of US jurisdiction soon. Gotta be prepared for unknows, like animals without pockets.

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