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Sunrise: Chasing the dream
Life filled with adventure, both actual and spiritual.
11/23/2010, Oriental NC

Turtle cuts open the rudder to see what is happening inside...

First, we have to tell you of all the turtles in our life. Turtles seem to show up everywhere. We have seen lots of turtles at sea, several of them before our transit of the Oregon Inlet. Isobel has a Turtle nightlight, which is quite cool. One of the early images of the tropics that has kept us inspired during the preparations for the trip... is a photo of a turtle. I can't think of all the turtles in our lives... so it was not a big surprise when the fiberglass guy here at Sailcraft Services introduced himself as "Turtle".

Turtle is clearly a wonderful fiberglass craftsman. He has already carefully removed the skin of the boat at the top of the skeg to determine what was damaged. It appears that the rudder did not contact the ground, but instead it appears that it may have been hit by a wave when we were broadside to the waves during the "incident". Although Pete worked hard to keep us stern to the waves. There was a moment when we tried to motor back out to sea, then realizing we would have no luck there, we turn back toward the inlet. So, twice we were taking breaking waves broadside... Our rudder post is bent and the core of the rudder is shattered. The skeg is bent to port.

11/24/2010 | George Mora
Turtle's animal medecine:

"Turtle teaches us to be careful in new situations and to be patient in reaching our goals. Turtle also teaches us to take things slow, for it gives us time to figure out if we need to protect our self or forge ahead. Turtle shows up in our lives when we need to go into shell and wait until our thoughts & ideas are ready to be expressed. He also teaches us to be adaptable to our environment so we can find the harmony within it."

Life is funny, isn't it?
Our box in Oriental
11/23/2010, Oriental NC

Our home... kind of...

You can see that we have unloaded all of our belongings out of the boat and into this truck box that we rented. Not too far from the boat and right next to our mast, the box has allowed us to make sure the work on the boat can be done efficiently and also that our stuff will not be covered with fiberglass dust.

Lara and Isobel have been in VA at Lara's Aunt's house and the SSCA found a house in Oriental where Bill is staying while the owners are in Texas for Thanksgiving.

From the initial guesses from the yard, it will take them about a month to complete the work. There are three major areas of work:

The rudder and rudder post
The bottom of the keel
The various bulkhead tabbing throughout the boats interior

getting mast ready to come down
11/15/2010, Oriental NC

All of the mast wiring comes to this point, I set it up for this possibility. On the mast there are deck lights, navigation lights and the radar. The radar is connected by all the color coded wires at the bottom terminal strips.

We had a truck box delivered today... we will have to unload the "stuff" from the boat so that the repairs can be made. I will be working on a photo documentary to send to the insurance company to make clear where the problems are.

11/17/2010 | Randy
I have followed the updates on the 1500 fleet and noted that sailor Laura Zekoll is likely lost. One of the grim realities of possible dangers of life at sea - very sad. Hope you guys are well and well on the path to making Sunrise sea worthy again. What are you plans once she is recommissioned?
getting the boat ready for the hard
11/15/2010, Oriental NC

Isobel helps fold up the dingy.

We prepped the boat for the haul out. The mast came off and the deck was cleared.

In for repairs
11/12/2010, Oriental NC

Pete points the way. Yes, even here there are traps... must be crabs of fish traps...

We had an uneventful day completing the crossing of the Pamlico Sound. We are all very relieved to be tied up to Sailcrafts Boat Yard. There was some quiet stress today as we had to cross one of the big shoals in Pamlico Sound. We really did not want to come close to touching the bottom... and we didn't. There was one point when the wind and waves conspired to give us some flashbacks as the boat rolled in the big swell.

After a nice dinner out at Silo's everyone except for me is asleep... I will follow soon. tomorrow we will haul the boat, and start to unload what we need to so that the work can start. The mast will come down to work on the mast post, the rudder will come off and... who knows what else.

11/12/2010 | Jace

I am glad everyone is safe and out the sound. I have friends in New Bern if you need a land POC. He's an Episcopal Priest too if you need a blessing or two. Someone is watching out for the Sunrise.
11/14/2010 | Mary Ellen
You should of left in August----
SEE you soon - stay safe ----
love to all mec
11/15/2010 | Alan & Nancy
We are glad you are all well and hope Sunrise recovers quickly from her repairs. May the rest of your journey be filled with positive experiences!
We are off to the BVIs
11/08/2010, Hampton Public Piers

Wanted you all to know that we will be departing Hampton at dusk today. This will have us arrive at a gulf stream entry point (34 15N 76W) early Wednesday morning. As Chris Parker, our weather guy said, this will be the least worst time to cross. We will have wind and waves behind us and we are expecting about 6 hours of pretty rough conditions. Nothing dangerous, but most likely unpleasant.

From there Chris has given us waypoints that have us use the Gulf Stream eddies to help us go south. Once we exit the GS we will be on a straight course to the BVIs. We will have plenty of wind and it will be behind us which will give us good speed. The waves will also be significant, although they will be behind us and spread out, so they will also help our speed as we will surf a little...

You will be able to check our progress on the Click on the follow our progress link. Sunrise is in the Cruiser class 7.

11/08/2010 | Sally And Henry Stevens
God Speed and stay safe. Hugs and kisses for the co-pilot and Little one. Don't forget to stop in Georgetown on your next trip. Hot Showers and Washer and Dryer awaits.

Henry and Sally Stevens
11/08/2010 | Stevens
email address in last note should be [email protected]
11/09/2010 | George Mora
This is really cool being able to follow your progress on the tracker. And don't think I'm not checking in many times a day! Looks like you made really good progress overnight.

BTW, love the new profile photo of the family.
test from Hampton
11/07/2010, Hampton, VA

Catherine returns home.

Catherine took advantage of being delayed in VA to visit her parents for her Dad's birthday. We celebrated her return with Pizza and green beans... Isobel wanted to make sure Catherine ate her beans...

Yesterday Pete and Bill completed the new wiring for the Solar, moved the cockpit radio location to make it easier for the person at the helm, more things we stowed. We discussed a watch schedule and emergency procedures, including Man Overboard (The Coast Guard has adopted the more PC "Person in the Water"

after work...

We now have the main cabin organized enough to be able to sit around and have a beer... a Vermont beer

Waiting on Tomas
11/05/2010, Hampton Public Piers

What we are dreaming of...

Well, here we are, still waiting for good weather. We have friends who are leaving today in a 54' boat... thinking of staying west of the weather... hoping Tomas keeps heading east. I think we will hang in there and see how it develops.

Pete has been helping a lot: securing the floor boards and companionway ladder. We cleaned the water tank and replaced the seals on the access ports. We have rewired the solar to make for a cleaner installation. There are now lee cloths sewn and installed on all berths (this will allow Pete and Catherine to move out of the V-berth should we have rough weather. We have been stowing things and securing things.

The extra days have allowed us to talk through some of the emergency drills, location of items and watch schedule.

Bill has been doing some work on other boats to make a little extra cash.

delayed... and working
clear and very cold
11/02/2010, Hampton Public Piers

Isobel found some girls to play with. They investigate some mollusks on the pier.

We are still sitting here watching the hurricane Thomas in the Caribbean. The thought is that it will be sucked up the cold front by the low that will pass over us in the next couple days. in the mean time we do more project to get the boat even more ready! Pete and Catherine are great help.

11/04/2010 | Sarah Crepeau
Hello Lara, Bill and Isobel! Catherine just sent me a link to this site a few days ago, great to see what you have been up to... and Isobel is growing so much and is so beautiful. I graduate from massage school in two weeks Lara! It has been an amazing experience. Much love to you all and blessings on this next part of your journey....Sarah

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