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Sunrise: Chasing the dream
Life filled with adventure, both actual and spiritual.
Charleston and the Battery
04/26/2011, Charleston, SC

Isobel played in the public fountains.

We had a nice although light air day sailing from Hilton Head to Charleston SC. We arrived a the end of the day and anchored at the edge of the Ashley River... This allowed us to move into the City Marina early in the day and get right into the city.

Of course our first encounter with a local was a great one. We asked a lady on the street for directions. In addition to the directions she gave us some hints on speaking correctly "The battery" is pronounced: the bah-tree. And when you meet someone on the street you say: "moooornin".

She also suggested seeing the ceiling of the Unitarian Church... as being on of the most beautiful church ceiling this side of Europe... we never found it... which give us a reason to go back! We did find a good playground, the fountains pictured above and the horse drawn carriage horse stable. Here we petted horses and watch the barn chickens and a most bizarre rooster.

This morning we did another expedition into the French quarter, bought some Mahi Mahi and pushed off the dock just before a huge thunder storm rolled in. We headed to the sheltered Wapoo Creek anchorage...

04/26/2011 | Uncle Readie
Probably lots of Civil War 150th anniversary activities in Charleston, I reckon.
04/26/2011 | Uncle Readie
Called simply the Charleston Fountain, it can be seen on Google Street View at the intersection of Concord St and Vendue Range St. Also in Waterfront Park is the Pineapple Fountain, but that's probably not for playing in. :)
Eggs for Easter
04/24/2011, Hilton Head, SC

Isobel plays one on one basketball with a girl at the playground on Hilton Head. Here she is taking a shot (with a little help)! Slam dunk!

When we left Helme in Isle of Hope he offered to drive us to get some eggs, which we were out of... I had said that we would have some kind of adventure getting eggs and would let him know. Here is the egg adventure:

We had spent the night in Skull Creek at the north end of Hilton Head and had weighed anchor not too early, planing on sailing as much as we could in Port Royal Sound and up the ICW. The wind was up and the current would be with us. We were not a mile into the sound when we saw a beach we had passed before... we went back and forth about going on or going to the beach... We dropped all the sails and prepared for a quck beach visit, maybe an hour at most...

We rowed to the beach and before we touched the beach some guy on shore was greeting us with an "ahoy". Peter helped us with the dingy and gave us a little history of the beach and surrounding community then asked, "what do you need?" Kind of joking, Lara said "eggs"! He said, "walk toward the playground down at that end of the beach and I will be back with eggs..." He was off and by the time we had reached the end of the beach, he was back with 18 eggs, a sandwich and chips for Isobel, three bottles of water, three Kit-Kats and a bottle of wine. Wow!! What a guy! And then he was off on his bike...

This little supply bag allowed us to really enjoy the beach and have a great time at the playground... arriving back at the boat about 3 pm, with enough energy to motor back to Skull creek and drop the anchor for another quiet night. Thanks Pete!

We were off early the next morning and as we sailed past the beach, there was Pete flipping over stranded horseshoe crabs and bringing them to the water. He hollered and we waved.

04/24/2011 | Uncle Readie
You're heading north again? Here I was getting ready to point out when you would intersect your journey north last year, exactly one year later. You were at Isle of Hope on 30 Apr 2010, so it was getting close. I had figured it would be St Augustine FL (27 Apr 2010). Oh, well, enjoy the journey, like you always do. :)
04/26/2011 | Uncle Readie
Okay, I'm guessing you were at Dolphin Head Beach on the north tip of Hilton Head Island. It's actually part of a private gated community ("plantation"), so you're lucky you ran into someone as nice as Pete, though he's probably used to ICW folks dropping in. That's the nature of adventures.
Get that hat right
04/22/2011, Wassaw Wildlife Refuge

Of course Isobel likes things in order, including hats that have velcro

the only problem with GA
04/22/2011, Wassaw Wildlife Refuge

Bugs. We worked hard to keep them out of the boat so we could sleep at night....

04/22/2011, Wassaw Wildlife Refuge

We would hang out by the beach and in the breeze during the day and move into a river for the night. This time we pulled up the anchor we found two Horseshoe Crab on the chain!

Helme and Isobel
04/21/2011, Wassaw Wildlife Refuge

Bill's brother Helme has been on board for a few days. Isobel loved being his "bug-a-boo"... He had a pretty good time too!!

Mettie on board for an evening
04/20/2011, Isle of Hope GA

Isobel's cousin, Mettie joined us for dinner and a night on the boat. Isobel loved having her to play with (and she has a cool phone too!)

04/19/2011, Savannah, GA

We bought this a while ago, but she wasn't tall enough to use it yet. We saw a kid on one in Wrightsville Beach and since then she has been talking about it... so here we go.

The concept is that, having no peddles, she can pick up the balance more quickly...

04/22/2011 | ellen
Loving the pix. The first thing I do every morning when I get in is check your blog. Always a treat when there is a new post. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Peace.
60 mile run
04/18/2011, Turner Creek, GA

Well, The camera was dropped down the companionway to the sole of the boat! And it has a "lens error" which seems quite fatal! As luck would have it Lara ordered a new camera for "herself" that is due to arrive tomorrow!! So, we will be back in photos again. This photo is from a few days ago ... Isobel on watch.

Today we had a nice run. Again motoring on the ICW... Past Beaufort, Parris Island Marine Recruitment Center, Hilton Head and on to Savannah. We didn't touch the bottom once... which sounds funny, but for a ocean boat in the ICW that is pretty good, especially in GA where they haven't done any dredging in years.

We have been using "Skipper Bob's", which is a remarkable little publication. It is simple and straight forward with location of shoals (shallow spots) and anchorages. It has definitely led us through some very sketchy shoals and we have also used some truly spectacular anchorages. The one last night was spectacular... the full moon and clear night helped. Also, it has keep us out of marinas by offering us many more options than we could find before just looking at the chart.

And for the birders out there, it was another great birding day! Tomorrow we will move a few miles and tie up at the Isle of Hope Marina for 24 hours to clean up, fuel up, provision up and pick up Helme, who will be with us for a few days.

04/18/2011 | Uncle Readie
The Google Street View outside the Isle of Hope Marina looks very south-ified with the spanish moss hanging from the trees. Lara's maternal grandma loved spanish moss.
04/19/2011 | Tom Sawtell
Hi Bill and Lara, I'm so glad to see you guys back on track. Now that your home is back in the water and your horizons are anywhere you want them to be, what are your plans? You kinda missed this winter in the islands, and hurricane season is just around the corner down here. I continue to enjoy your blogs. Our restoration project is coming along nicely and we'll be back on the water soon. Take care and enjoy your adventure.
04/21/2011 | Growltiger/joan
Hi to Sunrise! Watching you heading south, glad to see Isabel taking the wheel. Keep in touch, and check in with us once in awhile. We will be found in Hampton VA for the WCR ARC/Europe happening May 6th, then the SSCA GAM in Annapolis and the Annapolis Boat Show in fall 2011. See you at one or the other events. joan
04/16/2011, Dewer's Creek

Hey, who's on watch... Bill was pretty distracted by the birds today. I guess he is feeling better. Lost track of what we saw... Green Heron, Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, Skimmer, Oyster Catcher, Willet, Lesser Yellow Legs, least Tern, Common Tern, Royal Tern, Laughing Gull, Ringed Bill Gull, Boat Tailed Grackle...

My hat just blew off and Lara won't let me go after it?! It is only blowing 40 with a 2 knot current... I liked that hat, people said it was goofy, but it protected me from the sun.... Maybe it will be caught in the reeds and I can find it tomorrow when the blow is over..

04/16/2011 | Uncle Readie
Lara's a smart lady - it's good you have her to look after you. I hope you find the hat. We all have our foibles.
04/17/2011 | Gil
Oriental is still here despite the 60 mph winds and many tornados that came near. (some very near).
Hey, I wanted some of that french bread.

Oh, by the way, Bill, your hat blew into the harbor here in Oriental and I will hold on to it for you.

04/17/2011 | Bill and Lara Calfee
Oh Good Gil, Now I can stop searching the reeds... I guess we will have to come back to Oriental...

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