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Sunrise: Chasing the dream
Life filled with adventure, both actual and spiritual.
crashing to windward
03/09/2012, Nassau Bahamas

I took the opportunity to test out a new refueling concept that would use underway when there is some boat motion. You can't tell from the photo, but the boat is rolling almost from rail to rail in the swell that is wrappng around the point. The system works really well. Brings back memories of the 1970s fuel shortage...

Well, we wouldn't have done it if we hadn't been so miserable. Last night especially was so rolly in the anchorage that it was hard to move about the boat and impossible to stay in our berths without lee-cloths or pillows.

So we crashed to windward for 5 hous under a reefed main sail to give us stability. We were happy to anchor at the east end of Nassau Harbor where the water was calm.

For dinner we had steak! The steaks had been delivered to us by the tender of a big motor yacht in thanks for Sunrise being a relay when they were stuck on a sand bar and trying to call their mother boat. This kind of thing is normally done as standard. Everyone helps each other out here, so we were surprised (and happy) to receive the gifts!

After dinner we collapsed into bed exhausted...

03/09/2012 | Uncle Readie
I'm writing this at a point where it looks as if your post has been truncated, ending with "so we crashed to windward". That doesn't sound good on it's own, but when Google showed it had something to do with capsizing the boat, it was worse. The fact that you're posting suggests the worst is over, but I'm anxiously waiting to see what the full story is.
03/10/2012 | Bill Calfee
Everything is fine. Poor Internet. More later
Moving for Weather
Bill, clear, windy
03/05/2012, Chub Cay, Bahamas

Isobel helps with the laundry. She can run the dryer all by her self now.

Fraizer's Hog was a great spot for the front to come through... but (as we thought) it quickly became very clear that it was not the place to spend the next few days. Forecast is for 20 with gusts to 30 and squalls to 40... so we have moved to the lee of a little beach on Chub Cay. We plan a beach outing and maybe an exploration...

The water is crystal clear and although right now it is cool since there is a breeze
25 24.571'n:077 54.606'w

03/05/2012 | Uncle Readie
Roll on Caribbean Summer! I'm guessing the girls would like cosmopolitan Trinidad to bypass the hurricanes.
03/06/2012 | ellen
Beautiful pix of you and Izobell on the beach. Now that is why you go cruising!! Enjoy. Peace.
03/07/2012 | Megan and Pat
So glad to hear you had a nice Gulfstream passage and are in the Berry's! We think of the crew of Sunrise OFTEN here on the Night Cloud. We are heading back through the canal to the Caribbean within the month... heading back home for a job opportunity. Maybe we can liaison at some point on the trip?! Take care and be safe.
03/07/2012 | Megan and Pat
So glad to hear you had a nice Gulfstream passage and are in the Berry's! We think of the crew of Sunrise OFTEN here on the Night Cloud. We are heading back through the canal to the Caribbean within the month... heading back home for a job opportunity. Maybe we can liaison at some point on the trip?! Take care and be safe.
Now we are in the Bahamas!!!
03/04/2012, Fraizer's Hog Cay

Well, here we are in the Bahamas, Frazer's Hog Cay to be exact.

Our first beach outing on Fraizer's Hog Cay in the Berry Islands.

We had an uneventful crossing of the Gulf Steam on a pretty day with light winds out of the SSE. We sailed a bit and started the engine when we recalculated our ETA on the banks. We decided that it would be a good idea to get a few hours sleep at anchor just east of Bimini , which was a wonderful idea. We had a very peaceful dinner at anchor and the only sound was the gurgle of the water in our scuppers as we barely rocked. We went to bed early and woke at 3 am to pull the anchor and head out (so we had time to reach the Berry Islands before dark.)

Crossing the banks was motor sailing on a close reach in light winds the wind was supposed to clock around to the south but it never did. We napped, read, did little projects, the girls painted . When we reached the Tongue of the Ocean the wind was on our nose rather then the forecast south so we gritted our teeth and motored into the 4 foot swells, reaching the Berry Island Club in Frazier's Hog Cay by 5:30 pm. We tied up to a mooring and had an early night. The sand shallows protected us from the SE winds.

Bill was given a ride to the airport to clear in by a local guy, Howard who, with his brother owns 600 acres on the island. It was an interesting drive with commentary about the local road conditions and goings on at the "club". Once back on the boat we realized how wonderful it was to not have the pressure of "getting ready to go". Although there is still the project list there is no urgency to buy those last minute necessities. We have what we have and we are thankful for all of it.

Next we are getting ready to weather a strong NE wind that will blow for a few days this week. Our current plan is to move to the SW corner of Chub Cay where there is a cove that will protect us from the NE winds.

25 25.319'n 077 50.207'w

03/04/2012 | Shawn c/o Papillon
So glad that y'all have finally made it! You missed some very strong winds today at Dinner Key so glad you have made it there safely. We hope to follow you in about a year! Can't wait to hear more about it soon.
03/05/2012 | ellen
Congratulations!!!!! So glad you had a nice uneventful crossing. You have all worked so hard to get there and beyond. Can't wait to see some pix. Peace. ellen
lunch with Ruack

Isobel spend the morning with the kids on Ruack. Beach... then lunch back on the boat with her buddy Mave

03/01/2012 | Uncle Readie
Bon voyage! I know you guys aren't the strict schedule type, but any planning info would be appreciated, even if only something like "back in the US by July".
03/01/2012 | Green
Hopefully this comment finds you in the Bahamas... As you are headed to Hati, am I right in assuming that you will be following the thorny path? If so, be absolutely sure not to miss Big Sand Key in the Turks and Cacos - often the last stop before jumping to Hati or the DR. While there, the beach combing is outstanding as is the huge natural arch on the south side. One of our favorite places in the world.
Sails for Haiti
02/29/2012, Dinner Key, Florida

Bill and Mike carry the bagged sails to the dinghy.

It is now the end of a long day. The final preparations for a departure in the morning for what appears like a really benign crossing of the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.

The day started with the loading of one of our most important cargos. We had been talking with a sail loft in Fort Lauderdale about delivering some sails and material to Haiti as we head south. There was a delay in our connection with us, so I started to look for another source and found Sails for Sustenance. This is a volunteer organization that gathers sails from all over the US, packs them a generally has them added to shipments going to Haiti. It sounds like we are the first sail boat to be loaded with sails. What makes them unique is that they keep track of where the sails come from and what fisherman they end up with. For Instance, we believe that the sails in out three big duffles came from sailing clubs on Cape Cod and Rochester NY.

We are planning on delivering the sails to a small island on the south side of Haiti called Ile La Vache. We have contacts on Ile La Vache. Apparently there are 7 fishermen who are "next on the list". We also have a couple hundred pencils and several hundred crayons and a bunch of notebooks... these destined for the kids at the village school.

Alvin Ailey
clear 80 degrees
02/26/2012, Miami, Florida

Isobel recreates one of the dances we saw performed by the Alvin Ailey dance troop.

First, let me apologize for not posting in a while. When we arrived in Miami we were intent on the first weather window to the Bahamas... so we ran around doing the final preparations for leaving the US (final inoculations, final provisions, final shipping, final nuts, bolts, wires, connectors, tubing, etc...) We then moved to Dinner Key (here) a a staging area... and we found that there were some used sailed in Fort Lauderdale that were needed in Haiti... So, we are waiting for them (since we are going to Ile La Vache, where they are needed).... In the mean time we have had some time to chill out.

Lara found us tickets to this dance performance, it was wonderful. We all had a great time, Isobel was enthralled.

25 43. 390'n 080 13.911'w

02/27/2012 | Uncle Readie
My French isn't as good as that of some of my siblings, but thanks to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", I knew that "Ile a Vache" means "Cow Island". Hope Lara saw my updated email regarding VLC.
02/27/2012 | Uncle Readie
By the way, I was certain of Isobel's incipient dancing talent two years ago.
Kids, Kids and kids
02/25/2012, Coconut Grove, FL

We found this little beach where our friends from Ruack met us. Then another little boy from a boat showed up. They are all pictured here. Later two other boat boys showed up.

rainy and 75 degrees
02/24/2012, Coconut Grove, FL

The two mermaids.

Although we really make an effort to buy locally... Starbucks is a reliable source of fast internet. Really! In a cruiser's life, these days, internet is valuable. It allows posts to the blog, banking, emails, skype calls. On this rainy day we visited the Coconut Grove Starbucks so we could upgrade our computer software, IPAD apps and other things like that.

Isobel chatted it up with the locals and we met a mother-daughter couple who had just returned from a 10 mile run. They train together for Marathons and hope to be in the NY marathon. The daughter has a 4 year-old daughter and we hope to get together with them at the local playground.

Arrived Miami
02/16/2012, Miami Beach, FL

The girls went to the beach with the folks off Ruack after breakfast and we pulled the anchor around noon to motor down to Miami. More and more, the water is very tropical looking.

When we anchor we normally push a button on the Furuno GP-32 to set a point for use as an anchor alarm. For whatever reason I forgot to push the button as the anchor went over... so the "point" that the alarm is set to swing around was 60' west of where the anchor is. Usually, in this case I try to fudge in a point that might be where the anchor is... but Ruack called to say they had pasta cooking and we dropped everything and went and had a nice dinner with them... then we all climbed into be when we arrived home.

So at 2 am, the boat swung on anchor to the east and the alarm went off... not because we had dragged, but hecause we were swinging around a different point than the alarm was watching... ah well. The Miami skyline is very nice...

02/16/2012 | Uncle Readie
"Be sure to tune in next time for another episode of... Captain's Confessions!"
02/22/2012 | Mary Ellen
HOPE you are enjoying the view---nice here too 49 degrees--SEE any fish yet--Dolphins etc????
SAY Hi to Miami for me- Blessings luv mec
birthday party
02/13/2012, University Cove

The girls blow out the candles

We had been separated now for two days... an eternity to a three-year-old... so at 6 PM when Ruack pulled in there was lots of calling back and forth between the boats... finally, Ruack arrived and the party started. They brought lots of fun things like hats and noise-makers etc...

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