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25 August 2016 | Apooiti, Raiatea, French Polynesia
24 August 2016 | "The Coral Gardens" anchorage, Tahaa
20 August 2016 | Coral Gardens near Tahaa
18 August 2016 | On the way to Tahaa, French Polynesia
17 August 2016 | Les Trois Cascades, Raiatea, French Polynesia
12 August 2016 | Uturoa, Raiatea
11 August 2016 | Bora Bora, French Polynesia
11 August 2016 | Tahaa West Pass
10 August 2016 | Tahaa Coral Gardens
10 August 2016 | Tahaa pass
10 August 2016 | West of Bora Bora
31 July 2016 | Bora Bora
30 July 2016 | Bora Bora in 2016, near Bloody Mary’s restaurant
26 July 2016 | Coral Garden near the Taha'a Resort
26 July 2016 | Near The Taha'a Resort
20 July 2016 | West side of Taha'a, French Polynesia
16 July 2016 | Tahaa, Frech Polynesia
12 July 2016 | Approach to Utaroa Raiatea French Polynesia
02 July 2016 | Ilot Maharare, Tahaa, French Polynesia
28 June 2016 | Tapioi, Raiatea

What did you do at school today, honey?

25 August 2016 | Apooiti, Raiatea, French Polynesia
Bill, Photo Credit Alicia Reitman
Isobel has been taking on more and more responsibility. Everytime we think of giving up life on the boat because of some complaint we have, we look at Isobel and think of what we could do to replace some of the lessons she is learning.

Check out this video of Isobel picking up a mooring

We use hand signals to communicate between the bow and the helm. The helm always confirms the signal by replying with the same signal (you can see her checking to make sure I saw the "Engine Neutral" signal.

Look at her face in the last image and you can see that she knows she contributed to the household in a meaningful way.

By the way, this was her second mooring pick up. The first one it was just she and I on the boat, Lara wasn't there as a back up and there was no photographer. The only discussion was confirming the hand signals we would use.

Photo Credit: Alicia Reitman, Music: Chris Joss, A mooring pick up well executed: Isobel

Holy Toledo

24 August 2016 | "The Coral Gardens" anchorage, Tahaa
Bill, Photo Credit Alicia Reitman
As usual the photo doesn't quite capture it, but Lara does!

One thing about being on a boat, you have to pay attention all the time.

Over and over we talk about confirming what you see on the chart with what is out there in real life. Confirm the weather report with what is going on out there.

So, the forecast was for a front to come through late in the day, so we planned on moving by noon. I had spend most of the morning with my nose buried in some “important business”, and I was not keeping my eye on the approaching front. This was an error: About 10 am the wind backed around to the south and it started to blow… Like stink, as boaters are known to say… which means “a lot more than I wanted,” 6 hours earlier than we had expected. We were pretty much ship shape, but holy toledo! This is not the anchorage we would have chosen for this blow… And we still had the dinghy in the water with the engine on it. Not good.

So we pulled the anchor as the rain pelted down and headed slowly into the nearby bay, where we were sheltered from the 3’-4’ wind chop. There, we were able to lift the dinghy engine off the dinghy and stow it on the aft rail. The Dinghy was lashed to the fore deck using ratchet straps (I still think of Clint on Karma, who came up with that strategy.) Then we were prepared for the conditions… and a couple hour slog back to Apooiti… again, not something we would have planned on doing.

More snorkling

20 August 2016 | Coral Gardens near Tahaa
Photo Credit Bill
What is this blue fish. He was very interested in us... and I must have taken 100 photos of him...

Setting the Spi with guests on board

18 August 2016 | On the way to Tahaa, French Polynesia
Bill, Photo Credit Lara
We picked up cousin Alicia and she helped us set the Spi to sail downwind to Tahaa.

A climb with the Austrians

17 August 2016 | Les Trois Cascades, Raiatea, French Polynesia
So, We met a kid and his parents anchored off Raiatea. They found this great hike to the Trois Cascades. We had a great hike and made it to all the way to the third cascade...

Fish on....

12 August 2016 | Uturoa, Raiatea
We caught this nice Tuna within a mile of the pass coming into Tahaa last late afternoon... It will make 4 or more meals. An impressive fight... I was hoping it wasn't a big Marlin...

We came into Uturoa to get some provisions and a quick blog post....

Bora Bora... laundry?

11 August 2016 | Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Bill, Photo Credit Lara
We are not sure if it was OK to do Laundry on Bora Bora. Life sure is different now on Bora than when I was here in 1986.

2400 hotel rooms... wow...!

The problem is that they are so beautiful

11 August 2016 | Tahaa West Pass
Bill, Photo credit Lara
We had set a line because it had been long enough since we had caught a fish that I had forgotten. Isobel asks every time we are underway if we can fish and I come up with some excuse… So, we sailed from Bora Bora and carefully picked a lure based on the latest lore on what works best… a blue one because it was a nice day and it was daytime. And, I thought it was one that dove deeper so we could catch a Tuna. And then we let out the line and went over the drill with Isobel if we should catch something. The sound that the reel would make and that she should call out “Fish On!!” if she heard the reel go off.

We had all but given up hope as the day of light air sailing with the code zero had turned into a motor into the wind as the wind direction was not as forecast (of Course). My mood was foul as I do not like to motor, being known to make fun of boats motoring rather than sailing… Like a trawler we set the auto-pilot and I set my chin.

Within about a mile of the West Tahaa Pass the reel went off and Isobel called “Fish On”… I was shocked into action. I should have had a belt to put the rod in, but because of my reluctance to fish, mine was buried in the sail locker. I tried to lodge the pole against my waist, then against the grab rail on the aft coach roof…

This was my first Tuna of this type and it was a fighter. Mahi Mahi don’t really do much… you just reel them in. This fish dove and ran and tried to run with the line and swim toward the boat to spit out the lure and then dive again… I started to be worried that we had caught too big a fish to land. I pledged to cut it loose if it were too big and Isobel demanded that we land it…

When it came to the surface finally it was like a silver flash… as though we had hooked a stainless steel dish… Then we saw it and, not having a gaff, I was able to use gloved hands to get it on board. We covered it quickly with a towel… removing the lure we realized that it had, during the fight, got the second hook of the lure caught in its gill… and had bled to death. No bashing or other brutal acts needed. Except the filleting….

Anenomes and clown fish... Not like finding Nemo

10 August 2016 | Tahaa Coral Gardens
Bill, photo credit Bill
I thought I would throw it out to readers to let me know if they can find this dark blue clown fish with a bright blue spot.

The other day we saw an entire "coral head" that was covered with anemones...

Comment function on Blog

10 August 2016 | Tahaa pass
I wasn't able to get a great shot of this Anemone... with the black clown fish with blue spots... they were pretty cool...

Sorry, something must be going on with Sailblogs... We have notified them that people are not allowed to comment... We like the comments too! It lets me know that people actually look at the thing!

Hopefully Tim and crew will get things fixed up
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