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A Taste of Cruising Mexico
Vessel Name: Journey
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Ventura, Ca
About: Jeff and Dori Beller
About: We're home ported out of Ventura, California. Jeff is a software engineer and Dori is a special ed teacher. We're both on sabbatical from our carreers or early retirement. We're not too sure which and don't really care. Cruising fits us real well right now.
Extra: This is our third extended cruise to Mexico. I guess we like it there! We hope you enjoy reading this journal of our cruise.
Recent Blog Posts
12 July 2012 | Ventura, CA
Journey has been home for just over a week, after sailing into Ventura harbor on the Fourth of July.
20 June 2012 | San Diego, CA
It seems there is no rest for the weary. (OK, after resting four days, I guess being weary isn't an excuse anymore.) Anyway, we've received a few 'gentle' hints from some impatient readers. They've noticed that our position reports show we've reached San Diego, but our blog hasn't been updated to reflect [...]
12 June 2012 | Turtle Bay
Last night we debated whether or not to leave Turtle Bay early this morning, but one day's rest just didn't put a dent in the sense of exhaustion we were feeling after this last week. So we put off our departure until tomorrow. Our reward for making that decision was spending this evening at Anabel's. There [...]
11 June 2012 | Turtle Bay
Arriving at Turtle Bay is a milestone because it means you've reached the half-way point in your trip up or down the Baja. Several of the boats who left Cabo with us had a little celebration by having a scrumptious potluck lunch hosted by Mary and Jack on S.V. Oriana. We also attended to mundane details [...]
04 June 2012 | Bahia San Juanico
With one-third of the trip north completed, the good news is that we haven't really been 'bashed' much at all. The closest we've came was the passage around Cabo Falso early Saturday AM which Jeff described in his last post. As he mentioned, once that was behind us, it was all motoring in calm seas [...]
02 June 2012 | Outside of the Baja
We left Cabo San Lucas anchorage just before 6am this morning in calm winds and seas. By the time we rounded Cabo Falso an hour later the winds were 18-22 knots and seas were 3-5 feet. That's more than we expected but pretty typical for the Cape. We had lots of spray on deck, but managed to stay dry in the cockpit. We did find our main hatch over the dinette leaks badly. Everything else on the boat is tight and dry. Twenty miles out we got out of the venturi affect of the Cape: Both seas and winds have now dropped down and we are making a very nice going making 6.5 knots directly for Magdalena Bay. There is a low marine layer of clouds and the temperature has dropped twenty degrees. Feels like we're back in the June gloom of southern California. We have roughly another 95 miles to Punta Tosco, which is the next real windy spot we have to traverse. We are traveling in the company of three other vessels. All is well on board.