A Taste of Cruising Mexico

Vessel Name: Journey
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Ventura, Ca
Crew: Jeff and Dori Beller
About: We're home ported out of Ventura, California. Jeff is a software engineer and Dori is a special ed teacher. We're both on sabbatical from our carreers or early retirement. We're not too sure which and don't really care. Cruising fits us real well right now.
Extra: This is our third extended cruise to Mexico. I guess we like it there! We hope you enjoy reading this journal of our cruise.
12 July 2012 | Ventura, CA
20 June 2012 | San Diego, CA
12 June 2012 | Turtle Bay
11 June 2012 | Turtle Bay
04 June 2012 | Bahia San Juanico
02 June 2012 | Outside of the Baja
31 May 2012 | Cabo San Lucas
27 May 2012 | La Paz
22 May 2012 | La Paz
22 May 2012 | Southern Sea of Cortez
15 May 2012 | Bahia Candeleros
15 May 2012 | Bahia Salinas
15 May 2012 | Isla Carmen
15 May 2012 | Isla Carmen
15 May 2012 | Isla Danzante
02 May 2012 | Sea of Cortez
02 May 2012 | Punta Colorada (Isla San Jose)
02 May 2012 | Sea of Cortez
02 May 2012 | Sea of Cortez
14 April 2012 | Mazatlan to La Paz
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Turtle Taxi Service

14 April 2012 | Mazatlan to La Paz
Once the epic surf at Matanchen Bay had run its course, we began trekking north again. We had some really fine sailing during the trip to Isla Isabella, arriving in time to enjoy a beautiful afternoon anchored near the rocky Los Monas islets. With the water there still near 80 degrees, we wondered if we were doing the right thing by heading towards the much colder water in the Sea of Cortez.

The passage to Mazatlan offered calm, flat seas, but no wind. The 12-13 hour motorboat ride came with some built-in entertainment, though. It was turtles...turtles...everywhere. For several hours there were always 2-3 sea turtles within sight of the boat. And at least ¾ of them had hitchhikers on their backs, just as you see in the photo here. I guess when your wings get tired, it's nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

We anchored in the Stone Island anchorage just outside Mazatlan harbor. Weather conditions encouraged us to delay making the crossing to the Baja by one day. So we took time to play tourist, climbing up Isla Creston to the lighthouse which is billed as the highest lighthouse in the world. After shopping for a few supplies we couldn't resist finishing off the afternoon with the famous garlic shrimp pizza served at Benji's restaurant on the beach.

All that was left was to get a good night's sleep before attempting the passage of over 200 miles that lay ahead. Unfortunately, we had a very unpleasant surprise before the night was over. Jeff awoke to an unfamiliar squeaking sound and when he investigated, he discovered that our outboard motor had been stolen off the stern of the boat. We found out later that another boat had been boarded that night, but one of the crew woke up and came on deck, scaring the thieves away.

It was definitely a bummer. Without a motor for the dinghy, we'd be unable to do much in the way of diving or fishing and would be stranded on the boat when the wind was too strong to row to shore.

We put our disappointment aside, however, and set off on the 230 mile, 36 hour passage early that morning. It would have been nice to have wind so we could sail, but the sea was like a lake and the full moon made for a magical night passage. At 9 P.M. The next night, we anchored under that same full moon at Playa Bonanza. Weather conditions there were so nice that we stayed for three more days.

After leaving Bonanza, we took a slip at Marina La Paz and Jeff set about looking for a used outboard motor that we could use for our last couple of months down here. He did manage to find something that fit the bill. It's older and much heavier than our Nisson was, but it has plenty of get-up-and-go.

So we are all ready to leave La Paz and revisit some of our favorite spots in the Sea of Cortez.

Journey's Photos - Main
We've posted our favorite photos from this year's cruising in the Sea of Cortez
46 Photos
Created 8 July 2012
Four glorious days of surfing "the longest wave" at Matanchen Bay in warm water, tropical surroundings, and no crowds.
11 Photos
Created 13 April 2012
Dori shot these photos of a morning surf session at Barra de Navidad. She was standing on the breakwater which adjacent to the surf break, giving great access for pictures.
15 Photos
Created 22 February 2012
This is a morning spent touring the estuary and river above Matanchen up to Tovara springs.
28 Photos
Created 27 January 2012
Yelapa is a unique little hidden away village on the south side of Banderas Bay. No roads reach it and the only way to get there is by water.
14 Photos
Created 15 March 2011
14 Photos
Created 20 December 2010
40 Photos
Created 15 November 2010

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