A Taste of Cruising Mexico

Vessel Name: Journey
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Ventura, Ca
Crew: Jeff and Dori Beller
About: We're home ported out of Ventura, California. Jeff is a software engineer and Dori is a special ed teacher. We're both on sabbatical from our carreers or early retirement. We're not too sure which and don't really care. Cruising fits us real well right now.
Extra: This is our third extended cruise to Mexico. I guess we like it there! We hope you enjoy reading this journal of our cruise.
12 July 2012 | Ventura, CA
20 June 2012 | San Diego, CA
12 June 2012 | Turtle Bay
11 June 2012 | Turtle Bay
04 June 2012 | Bahia San Juanico
02 June 2012 | Outside of the Baja
31 May 2012 | Cabo San Lucas
27 May 2012 | La Paz
22 May 2012 | La Paz
22 May 2012 | Southern Sea of Cortez
15 May 2012 | Bahia Candeleros
15 May 2012 | Bahia Salinas
15 May 2012 | Isla Carmen
15 May 2012 | Isla Carmen
15 May 2012 | Isla Danzante
02 May 2012 | Sea of Cortez
02 May 2012 | Punta Colorada (Isla San Jose)
02 May 2012 | Sea of Cortez
02 May 2012 | Sea of Cortez
14 April 2012 | Mazatlan to La Paz
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Beginning the Bash

31 May 2012 | Cabo San Lucas
The trip from La Paz to San Diego is roughly 900 miles by sea, with potentially big seas and headwinds. Thus, it is affectionately know as the "Bash" by those who have done it or are comtemplating it. The key is picking the right weather to move north in and being patient to wait it out when it's snotty. I've been watching the weather on the outside of the Baja for the last four weeks and for the last three weeks there really hasn't been any break. And the boats going up the last couple weeks have had a tough go of it.

We spent the last four days covering the 150 miles between La Paz and Cabo. It has been mostly light southerly winds and easy traveling covering about 50 miles a day. Our stops included Playa Pichilinque, Los Muertos, Frailes and Cabo.

It appears our long anticipated weather window will materialize this weekend. The surface charts show a broad monsoonal trof forming and a very relaxed isobar pressure gradient for most of the southern half of the baja for the next four days. That translates into light and southerly winds and a long period south swell. That's what we want. It should get us easily to Magdalena Bay and maybe all the way to Turtle Bay.

Tonight the wind is still howling (20kts.) here in the anchorage, so we don't expect the seas to be laid down tomorrow (Friday) around the cape. We may delay until Saturday to have more favorable sea conditions.

This afternoon we swam in warm water (85) for probably the last time in a long time, finished last minute boat prep, and had an ice cream bar.

Here's to a "non-bash". 750 miles to go...
Journey's Photos - Main
We've posted our favorite photos from this year's cruising in the Sea of Cortez
46 Photos
Created 8 July 2012
Four glorious days of surfing "the longest wave" at Matanchen Bay in warm water, tropical surroundings, and no crowds.
11 Photos
Created 13 April 2012
Dori shot these photos of a morning surf session at Barra de Navidad. She was standing on the breakwater which adjacent to the surf break, giving great access for pictures.
15 Photos
Created 22 February 2012
This is a morning spent touring the estuary and river above Matanchen up to Tovara springs.
28 Photos
Created 27 January 2012
Yelapa is a unique little hidden away village on the south side of Banderas Bay. No roads reach it and the only way to get there is by water.
14 Photos
Created 15 March 2011
14 Photos
Created 20 December 2010
40 Photos
Created 15 November 2010

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