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Beth and Evans
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Return to Usuaia
08/15/2008, Usuaia, Argentina

We have returned to Ushuaia in order to be at a big 50th birthday party for Clive Shute, one of our best friends - a skipper we met 20 years ago in Christmas island when we were both young and sailing much smaller boats.

Aftre much winter cruising up and down the Beagle canal we have developed two boundries for what we consider 'fun': (1) We don't mind the cold as good clothing will deal with that, but we don't find frozen lines and sails much fun. (2) We like the occasional iceberg and don't mind up to an inch of surface ice skin but don't find more ice than that fun. These two guidelines place us firmly in the adventurous cruiser catagory rather than the in more hardy explorer/expedition group.

We are now starting to get the boat ready for the Falklands and South Georgia. We need to pack six months of food and fuel on board and get her ready for severe offshore conditions. The passage to South Georgia is rated by the expedition crowd as perhaps the toughest passage going, so we will likely find it a trial, but everyone says South Georgia is worth the pain of getting there and back.

Beth & I are both pet lovers, but have not had one on board because of the quarantine hassles, but we have been rafted next to two boats with kids and pets. One French boat with a lovely cat, who has been spending the day on Hawk to get away from the tail pulling he has to accept from the kids and an Austrian boat with a lovely golden retriever who has enjoyed chasing after the snowballs I throw for her.

08/16/2008 | Mike and Nicole
It's a beautiful thing that you all are doing. Nicole and I are in our early 20's and read Beth's first book back when we were teenagers and have finally saved enough to buy a proper sailing vessel to be able to outfit over the nest two years in Annapolis with plans to head south. The site keeps our dreams alive when things seem overwhelming and Beth's way of writing has contacting with Nicole and settled some of the fears of letting land life go for lie abroad. Thanks!


Mike and Nicole, s/v Grass Roots

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