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Beyond Reason
Here we GO!!!
01/23/2012, Winters, CA

It is official! We have a firm departure date. We hit the road for San Carlos on Feb.4th!

It has been a while....
01/12/2012, Winters, CA

It has been a while so I thought it would be wise to dust this blog off and see if it is still working.

Starting to prepare to depart
10/10/2011, Winters,CA

We are starting to prep our house life to be packed up and put away. I know before we know it we will be driving south with the new dinghy in tow on the way to a new life. I am nervous about leaving our home on dirt to have another live in it. At the same time I am excited to start our cruising life again. We have learned a lot from the last time and will certainly have many more creature comforts this time around. The waiting to start the journey is the difficult part.

10/10/2011 | Kimo Sadler
Crank it up and go....been waiting a long time to see you go. god bless and good luck.
12/13/2010, Home

Today we upgraded our website. At Our Christmas lists are filled with new goodies for the boat. About 354 days until we leave the land life again.

Hooking up link to FB

Testing the hook up.

11/18/2010 | Julie
Hi there! Can't wait to follow you on your adventures!
And so the blog begins
11/18/2010, Winters, Ca

Today starts the new blog.

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