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The big delivery
Cronulla to Port Stephens
24 September 2011
Cronulla to Port Stephens
Perfect weather, main up, warm and sunny...
Passing Sydney and identifying the northern beaches, with a few other small boats in front of the harbour and Pittwater. We could see the coathanger and taller buildings as we passed.
The stacks of Newcastle were in view as we got the forecast that a cold front was about to catch us up. Burney was cooking a gourmet meal, garlic bread and salad with pasta and at 5:45 it caught us. Pandemonium in the kitchen with plates, garlic bread and salad strewn everywhere!
A hurried meal and then to battle stations of one hour on and two hours off through the night with very little let up. There was an interesting encounter with ship in the early morning.
Exhausted, we arrived at Port Stephens at 6am for a full day of recovery. We all felt good by happy hour with beer, wine, nibbles, etc. Burney is a present cooking a leg of lamb for dinner...