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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
Where are you today?
03/03/2015, La Paz

I'm sitting here at the desk, in the store going through our photos trying to locate some particular images. We've just sold a dozen or more to a new neighbour in our building who will decorate his new office with them.
Nice! And then I get to go back through many hundreds, well, thousands of photos and discover just how poorly we've categorized, or not categorized our photos, as the case may be!
Anyway a lovely trip down memory lane........
Just one image for now, but where would you rather be?

Happy birthday to you....
02/19/2015, La Paz

Today is Jeanne's birthday!!! Yea rather than get her a card, I am making one up from a few photos from the last few years! They have been awesome! So, to my Best friend, Lover, and wife, I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

02/19/2015 | Char
Happy Birthday Jeanne!! May you have a gazillion more! I hope you are doing something totally fun today.
02/19/2015 | wendyonwillow
Happiest of Birthdays to you, Miss Jeanne! "This is your birthday song, it is not very long, Hey!" I wrote it instead of singing it, as you would not want to hear me sing! I hope you have a wonderful day full of fun, friends and Tom! Feliz Cumpleanos!!! Much love, wsea
02/19/2015 | Nancy Rob Katie and Mike
happy happy birthday Jeanne!! Nice job, Tom.
We are toasting you from the swim up bar in Barrs de Navidad. SV Pangaea and SV Shindig
02/20/2015 | Don
Happy Birthday Jeanne!
02/28/2015 | Dave and Alice
Happy (belated) Birthday, Jeannie. Hi to Tom. We think of you from time to time, especially when we see sloops heading out the Strait to make the BLT. I finally found your blog again and am enjoying catching up on your travels. Best from both of us!! Dave and Alice
03/01/2015 | Dale & Cynthia
Happy Birthday Jeanne!
Best wishes for another fantastic year.
Happy Valentine's Dsay
02/14/2015, La Paz, BCS

Jeanne, lefty and I want to send out a big Happy valentine's day to every one!!

Marina Palmira had a "non-contact" kissing contest where all participants were to put on his or her favourite lip stick, pucker up...and kiss a piece of paper!!

Then the lip impressions would be voted on, and a winner will get a bottle of Champagne. And the winner it is a big surprise to me, since I kiss them lips all the time!! JEANNE!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!

02/14/2015 | Don
Congratulation Jeanne!

What made that huge lip?
02/15/2015 | Char
Yay Jeanne! What a fun contest.
02/17/2015 | andy
Well worth all the practice kisses.
02/17/2015 | Dale
Why should anyone be surprised!?
02/18/2015 | BMD
JMW: HB 2/19/15
Out and About town
02/11/2015, La Paz area

Well, we're back from our trip to the Seattle boat show. We're basically back in full work mode and desiring to change that, we headed out of town on Sunday. Not too far out of town on the road to El Triunfo is a road sign that says "San Blas 30K". According to our Baja Almanac this road, unimproved connects with the road to La Ventana. Perfect for a day road trip. So with cameras and lunch packed we headed out.

We turned off of the highway and made a quick organizational stop. Before we'd gone 2 k, we'd been passed by at least 4 vehicles.... huh, so much for a quiet, untraveled dirt road! We explored little side roads and meandered along enjoining the day.

San Blas is home to a mission, or at least the sign designates it as such. It also seems to be a popular spot for Sunday afternoon picnics. Opting for a bit more remoteness, we choose to continue on and revisit the church another day.

We stopped here and there snapping photos along the way. At one pretty picturesque corner we stopped to look. Tom saw a bit of a ravine that with water would be pretty spectacular........thinking that I should look at it, he backed up.....

right into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. Uh, oh!
Ok, assess and evaluate, and plan our removal from this ditch. The truck was sitting on the differential and the right quarter panel. We weren't going anywhere in a real hurry!

Of course, if one doesn't have photos, it didn't happen! Right? So, I went around documenting the 'event'. Meanwhile, Tom got out the emergency shovel and begun to dig us out. I inventoried the emergency box - found the length of 'tow' line- and assembled the flimsy little jack -then gathered rocks to put under the once jacked up wheel. We own a large floor jack - it's in Seattle! We'll now figure out a way to get it to Mexico. Road trip, anyone?

Later - 5 large rocks on my part and Tom sporting a shovel end blister right in the palm of his hand...... a truck with 4 cowboys and towing a large steer in a large trailer, followed by an Explorer with 6 cowboys inside came by. ( Hey, they all had the hats, buckles and boots!)

The truck and trailer passed, then stopped. The Explorer pulled up next to me and I asked if they'd help. If we had a 'line' they would. Tom continued to dig. I pulled our trailer hitch off Pancho, installed it on the Explorer and helped get the lines in place. Quickly grabbing the camera for some action shots, I stepped aside as Tom got behind the wheel of Pancho.

With so very little excitement, the truck was out!

Pancho is fine. He's now sporting a small 'curl' in the quarter panel, and a story to tell!
Thanks to the heroes of the day we were able to continue on our expedition and they were gifted with some pesos for cervezas!

02/11/2015 | wendyonwillow
Jeanne, Does Tom know you were taking pictures? And going to blog about it? You could've worked it for some serious bribery, like Koi sushi!! After seeing the photos, you two are true Mexicans now! Ariba!!! You Crazy Kids...
02/11/2015 | Don
That was lucky those guys came by, because that was a bad rut to be in without some safety equipment. I used to go to the desert often with friends to ride our dirt bikes and camp, and one nice piece of equipment to have is called a high-lift jack. You could have gotten out of that rut if you had one, and to a little of time to learn how to use one. It will fit in the truck easy, and you feel better carrying one. Check them out.
02/12/2015 | Char
You two crack me up. Yeah, a nice, uneventful little trip into the country.
02/18/2015 | Sagesniffer (Don Boos)
J & T, When I saw the 1st pic, I thot, oh,oh, something wrong with the real wheel that deflected. It'd good the cowboys are good, could have been,???
Say, Jeanne, does the World of Boaters know your B'day is maƱana. Si Si Si, I remember your day well, then a smoker, along with a few others, pacing the waiting room at Stanford Hosp. then finally seeing you in the crib. You were then, as now, quite precious. I also know where your kisser came from as your Mom and I practiced well.
Happy Birthday! I have a "thingy" to send you.
Mujeres en la cocina - Tamales #1
Jeanne from Seattle
01/28/2015, La Paz sent from Seattle

For those of you who have followed our blog, don't be confused by the next few posts. I'm in Seattle to attend the Seattle boat show, but I'm taking the opportunity to get caught up on stories from La Paz.

An anxious group of people gathered to try their hand at making traditional style tamales. Mariella hosted as well being our 'maestro'.

Her eager students were

Alice of MV Elegante, Cricket of SV Mystic Island,

Mike and Linda of MV Trinity Rose,

Nancy of SV Shindig,

John of SVTimepiece, 'Memo' ( Maymo) Mariella's oldes son, our back up interpreter, in case I couldn't do it, and me.

The fillings of carnitas en tomatillo salsa, pollo en mole, rajas con queso con salsa roja, and fresa con arandano rounded out our menu. These were accompanied by frijoles refritos, y chaporrada, a beverage made with masa.( Pork in tomatillo sauce, chicken in mole, peppers with cheese in salsa fresca, and strawberry and cranberry.)

We started off by making all the fillings and sauces. Everyone got to assist with the chopping, prepping and cooking.

Tamales Part 2

Then it was time to make the masa. Traditional tamales use manteca or lard, so did ours. With all the media information about the effects of fats on our bodies it's really weird to plop 3or 4 rolls of lard into a bowl to blend with the mixer. Yummy umm!

While that was going on Mariella added some baking powder and soda to the 2 bags of masa.

Memo explained to us how traditionally the families gathered to make and assemble tamales. The women in the past ground the masa by hand using molcajetes and stones. All done with their hands, and lots of love. We opted for the current trend of going to the store and buying a couple of bags of maseca!

Chicken stock went in next, and they guys started stirring, and stirring and finally the best way was to mix and knead by hand.

Playing with your food is fun! Once the chicken stock was well mixed, in went the blended lard. Mising continued with occasional additions of more stock and a bit of salt.

Mariella determined when the mixture 'felt right'. A portion of the dough was set aside for the dessert tamales - strawberry flavored jello and cranberries.

The dough was then set aside to rest for a few minutes while the corn husks were prepared. A short while later they'd been placed in a sink full of water and allowed to soften. They were drained and placed on a tray and set aside.

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