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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
Hurricane update #2 Saturday
09/20/2014, La Paz

Slowly, but surely, things are returning to somewhat normal!

I drove across town yesterday afternoon to check on Dulce's family and the people at the shelter.
I'm happy to report that everyone is ok, as are their homes and other structures.
Dulce, her father, brother Israel and his girlfriend stayed in Cabo during the storm. They were returning to La Paz as I was there visiting with the rest of the family. Unfortunately, Dulce called with car problems, so the guys were gathering up tires and tools to get them home.

Mama Benita's Shelter has been without water and power. The children were all moved to a military base until services were returned to the house. One of the adult residents said the power had been on and off during the day, and the power crews were all over their neighborhood.

The town is sweeping and cleaning. Power has been returned to a good portion of the city, although we're still without power and water at Palmira. We're hoping it will come back soon.... Otherwise I'll be doing laundry in a bucket on the dock!

Grocery stores, tiendas, gasoline stations are open and seem to be well stocked. Some stores like Oxxo's (Mexico's version of 7-11's) are open, but you place your order from outside! Restaurants are slowly returning, some with limited menus, but are open. Our airport has flights in and out, although I'm not sure many are being allowed to fly in. I saw construction projects being worked on - things that had been underway before the storm, as well as repairs.
Mostly the city is returning to normal, or something similar to 'before the storm'. Our friend Jason, of MV Gypsy Fade, also at Marina Palmira, has many New Orleans friends. He commented that those friends all talk about either 'before the storm' or 'after the storm'. We find the same is true down's truly been a life changing event.

We learned the road to TJ is open, with some slight detours and puddle crossings. We don't' hear much from Cabo San Lucas, other than it's not good there. The marinas in Los Cabos survived quite nicely, with mostly small boat - panga- damage. The rest of the town is not good.

So, we're getting back to normal, slowly. Tailhunter's restaurant is planning on being open tonight for the Ducks game... so yes, our world is returning to normal......... well, at least for Tom!

I have no doubt that this beautiful city of ours will rebound better and stronger than before this 'little' blow!

09/20/2014 | theresa
the talk of the pizza party here yesterday was should Tauna continue to make plans for Cabo in Nov. She said she is sure all will be alright by then. So good to hear Jeanne and Tom lived to tell the tale. We care. sending love
Hurricane Odile update
09/18/2014, La Paz

Are we all confused yet?
Last week I preprogrammed several blog post to cover my quick trip to Washington Sept 4-9th. We've been busy doing final hurricane prep, and then serious prep due to the forecast. I figured that getting a few blogs lined up would cover us for a bit. Yes and no, as it turned out.

As the storm got closer the blog never even got an inkling of a thought.
So, let's get on with what everyone wants to know - a brief report for now, details later.

Jeanne and John of Timepiece arrived back in La Paz on the 9th. All three of us got to experience firsthand a Category 3 hurricane - 117mph! On the boat, at the dock. I don't care to do it again.

Both Eagle and Timepiece and their owners came out just fine.

Timepiece popped a couple of fenders, and the rest of the zippers on his dodger, but, that's the extent of damage- pretty lucky. Oh yea, I set a pair of reading glasses on the table... just as Tom walked by, the boat 'lurched'. Down went the glasses, right under his foot!

There are at least 32 boats in La Paz harbor that are lost/sunk, or well aground. The boats that Big Left Turn Yacht Management manages are all fine - we've a couple of scratches and very minor cosmetic issues, but all is good on that front.

Unfortunately there is some bad news. Captain Gunter of SV Princess went down with his vessel. Gunter was in his later years and had some health issues late last year. We almost lost him then. He got an extra few months of life aboard his boat, and with the community that he was definitely a part of. We are all sure, that his trip around the sun, ended as he would have wanted.

Also, there are two others that are missing, the boat has also sunk - they were not found aboard. Rescue/recovery efforts are still going on.

We had a command center set up at the Club Cruceros clubhouse for the past two days. I manned the radio as 'net control' and had a team of ladies helping me keep track of all the communications and information coming in and out. We had multiple teams of cruisers in dinghy's out searching an assisting those in need.

On the good news, We (the proverbial 'we' - the teams!) were able to pull four boats off the beach! Yea Team! There is still work underway to help two others that dinghy's may be able to help. The others will likely have to call in the professionals with big gear. We just heard tha the Navy is sending up a helicopter to search the mangroves.

It's very heartbreaking to see all the boats on the beach - the dreams that have been literally washed ashore.

We are still without power here. Water - not potable is back on the dock. Fuel - gasoline is being used carefully and some stations are still open and have fuel - some with limited purchases, but open.

Cell phone and land based internet services were restored yesterday. We just watched another 100 CFE trucks - the electrical company- pass by. They just arrived from the mainland to assist with the rebuild of our cities.

We understand the reports coming from Los Cabos are not good. So far this city is doing fine. People are out sweeping streets, clearing debris and helping out.

That said, Tom and I are heading to the boat to regroup, unpickle the watermaker for anyone who needs water.

While it looks like Tropical storm/hurricane Polo will sneak past us, we need to prepare ourselves anyway. We don't care to experience a Cat 3 hurricane again!

We'll be back with more later. We appreciate all of the warm thought, hugs and wishes for all of us down here. Thanks everyone.

Jeanne & Tom

09/18/2014 | Don
Good to hear both of you are safe!

I'm one person that was tricked by the advance postings, and shortly after making an earlier post here I found out Jeanne was back in La Paz. I found that piece of information out by a post on the Facebook "Women Who Sail site, and also found out one of our FOGgers member on s/v Cloud Nine was in Puerto Escondido, but don't know its situation yet. We know Miss Adventure was on the hard at Marina Seca in Guaymas, with "little to no damage to the boats in the yard."

Other FOGgers we have listed as being in Mexican waters (But there could be more):
Last Dance, Isis, Una Vez Mas, Breez'n Once More, Free Spirit, Hazel Rose, Four Choices, and Elegant Sea that is at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico.
09/18/2014 | Don Boos
Wow! Incredible forces of nature, fires here too.
Sent Email yesterday,...hope it was received. We were very close to you in WA, wish we'd known.
09/18/2014 | Bernard / Becky
Thanks for the update on la paz.

We're safe and sound in Santa Rosalia, at Fonatur Marina. 14 boats here now. we have minor damage -- lost one of the wing doors of canvas/strataglass on the sundeck.

will wait out Polo here as we (MYSTIC ISLAND AND I) fix our dock so it is safer and secure, and plan to leave Monday for La Paz.
09/19/2014 | Jane
Como esta tu familia Mexicans? Es toy preocupado con ellos?
09/19/2014 | Third Degree
I have erased several comments that I was going to post. I just want to hug you both now that I know your are Ok! I think a group shot of what ever is in order, I know I need one and I am pretty sure you need a couple too. I cant want to see you again!
09/19/2014 | Kyra
Sending you big hugs xo
09/19/2014 | CJ
thanks so much for the update. Our thoughts are with you as always... We re still southbound by land, heading for San Carlos. Will email you later. hugs to you all... CJ and Kathy
09/19/2014 | Char
So happy most everyone is safe. Sending prayers for those who have been lost at sea. {{Hugs}}
09/19/2014 | Jeanne & Tom
Thanks everyone for your wonderful thoughts. We're still without power and water at the marina, although we're off the 'grid' on our boat - watermaker and batteries are doing just fine. Freeport Islander Free Spirit is ok. I'll be checking on my adopted family - Dulce, Mariella y Marisol later today as well as the people at Mama Benitas Shelter. Their end of town was hit pretty hard. I'll let everyone know.
09/19/2014 | Kevin & Barb
So glad to hear you are ok! Such devastation from the power of nature...WOW! Be safe and know you are in our thoughts back here!
Kevin & Barb
09/19/2014 | SV THIRD DAY
Hey Jeanne, let me know if the folks at Mama Benitas Shelter need something, we can scrap together some cash to send via paypal or something.
09/19/2014 | Don
Thanks for the update on Free Spirit, and I hope all is good with your friends and Mama Benitas.

Miss Adventure, Last Chance, Isis, and Elegant Sea all checked in with FOGgers, and everyone is fine. Only four more to hear from.

Two years ago, my folks, Linda and Gordon joined us in La Paz for a visit. We'd like to have them back again for another one.....

We'll take you to some of our favorite places -

El Triunfo 40 minutes from La Paz and home to a really GOOD bakery/restaurant

the white sandy beach and shallows of Balandra 17 kilometres from our store...

La Fuentes, the polka dot tree ice cream shop... ohhhh so good!

hands free shopping at Mega and Chedraui....

walking along the Malecon

meeting some interesting people....

foraging for appetizers...

catching dinner

sailing in the bay

Spending time with Lefty

Lefty would do 'hand stands' if you come down again!!!!

And to anyone else that would like to visit us here in La Paz... we'll show you all our favorites too! Maybe, we'll even explore some new ones together!

09/17/2014 | Don
It might be awhile before La Paz is going to be ready for visitors, after reading what a few sites have to say about the aftermath of the hurricane. Lots of trees and power poles down (meaning no electricity), water is not running yet, and cell phones might be out of business for a month. Last report is everyone is staying neighborly, and no looting in La Paz, but some reported in Cabo.
09/18/2014 | SV THIRD DAY
As horrible as the hurricane damage was, Mexico isn't New Orleans when it comes to Hurricane clean up. Getting things running again for Mexico's No 1 Industry Tourism is something Mexico is very good at doing! Give it a few weeks and the Taco carts will be open for business again.
09/18/2014 | Jane
WSJ is very encouraging on la paz recovery. And w Jeanne and Tom talents and their way to pull folks together, I look forward to seeing the transformation
Where am I?

When I was at the Puyallup Fair in Washington, last week.... I couldn't help myself! I had to try on all the hats!
Whaddya think?


something in snakeskin?

maybe fur of some sort?








09/16/2014 | Char
Glad you had a great time last week, considering what you are dealing with this week. Odile is gone and you & Tom & John and boats are safe. I see another is headed your way. Stay SAFE!!
The 50th Celebration
Jeanne & Lefty
09/14/2014, Lake Mason, WA

The family all decided that we'd rather spend time hanging out together than doing a 'big, several hour' event.... so with the weather awesome, and the use of Laura's family lake cabin... we all headed off to enjoy the weekend together.

In addition to the 50th wedding anniversary, we also celebrated Tom's birthday - in absentia - on the 4th, and my nephew Dylans 14th birthday on the 6th.

We hung out at the lake, swam, kayaked, got bounced behind the boat on the 'tube', water-skied, and generally just relaxed.

... that 'posession' thing......

and the family portrait! the warm up.....

and then
the smiles!

09/15/2014 | sue & larry
how are you?
09/16/2014 | SV THIRD DAY
No words yet from La Paz, hoping you guys are the boats are all well.
09/16/2014 | Susan
John gave us a call yesterday, and said that Tom and Jeanne, John, and both their boats are fine. Lots of other damage though. Sorry that I don't know more, but at least we have that!
Lefty does the "Puyallup"
Jeanne & Lefty
09/13/2014, Puyallup WA

It's one of those things that you either love or hate! The annual migration of Washington staters to the Puyallup fair grounds for the Washington State Fair. This small, still fairly rural farming town, gets over run with traffic and fairgoers for the 20 days of the fair. So why not join them!

My sister in law, Laura, and Hayden, my niece invited me to join them Friday morning for the opening of the fair, including the pre- event parade.

The local TV station sponsors a food drive the first day. Fair goers that bring canned food, get in for free!

We found a spot just perfect for watching the parade go by on it's way into the fairgrounds.
The cows lead the way......

This one was obviously interested in something beside walking!

The pretty girls...a Daffodil princess

the tractors...

the bands and twirly girls.....

the clowns....

Lefty's friends....

then into the fair.......

the kids petting barn....

The produce.....

the displays....this one from the Pioneer Farm - no automated anything....

Lefty watches Hayden grind her own wheat into flour.

Kid and Lefty sized minstrels...

more art.....

more animals.....

of course food!
For all you bacon lovers... bacon is THE flavour!

and the rides!

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