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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
Freeport Rendezvous
Tom morning clouds afternoon sun
07/22/2010, Kingston Marina

2010 PNW Freeport Islander Rendezvous
July 16th, 17th, and 18th, Kingston Marina
Kingston Washington

Despite a smaller than anticipated turnout, the rendezvous was considered a huge success by all that attended. The structure of this very first event was kept loose, with only a couple of truly scheduled events. Most of Friday evening was spent meeting and greeting as the boats arrived at the marina. Saturday morning there was fresh fruit and warm pastries from the local bakery co-op for breakfast on the dock. Most of Saturday was spent touring the boats looking at all the great changes and improvements that the owners had made. There were many "Ah Ha" moments that I am sure will be taken back to be used on their respective boats. It is quiet evident that with a group of boats all built in the 70's, over time creative minds have come up with some very clever improvements.

Late Saturday evening there was a slightly formal discussion on the high and low points of the Freeport design, and how many of the owners have over come these obstacles. Following this discussion, there was a nautical trivia contest with Jim Heinkle off of SV/Pied A Mer winning on the final question!

Saturday evenings Pot Luck dinner was amazing, with incredible food, great company and a lots of great boating stories.

The boats and owners that were in attendance were:

Dennis and Katy Oelrich on SV Puget Sounder
Tom Brown and Jeanne Walker on SV Eagle
Michael and Sharon on SV Isabella
Bob Nipper on SV Sailing on 3/5's
Jim and Darci Heinkle on SV Pied A Mer
Ivan and Rhonda Leith on SV Haven

For anyone interested in Freeport Islander sailboat, or next years rendezvous please check out our website at

The Monday Morning After...
Tom-foggy, but not outside
07/05/2010, Burton

Argh...we have all slowly rolled out of our bunks. Some a bit fuzzier than others, but all accounted for. The fireworks were great, the canons did thunder, despite our efforts we found nothing to plunder! It certainly would have been great if the weather had been a bit nicer, as it was low 60's with a ten knot wind out of the south. Jeanne sat on the fore deck in a chair wrapped up in a blanket, and I stretched out on the boom, surrounded by the main sail. It was pretty cool....

We will head back home to Des Moines early this afternoon. We need to do some major clean up!! The is a lot of spent black powder all over the boat. Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!

07/08/2010 | Captain Curmudgeon
Monday afternoon turned nice. C.B and Tawn turned up. Pam got some work done. Angelique and crew made it home about 8:30 PM. We had a good time and thanks Jeanne for keeping an eye on Ruth.
07/03/2010, Burton

just a quick posting to show some of the fun we are having!!

4Th of July Weekend
Tom-some clouds-some sun
07/03/2010, Burton

Let the celebration begin!! As our country begins a weekend long celebration of its independence, Jeanne and I are feeling very fortunate to be able to celebrate many things in our lives right now. First and foremost, we both are healthy, happy and still as in loved with each other as the day we got married. We both are still very nicely employed, and enjoy what we do. These jobs have afforded us the opportunity to follow our dream of building a boat, and sailing her way into the proverbial sunset. Eagle, is very close being ready to help us start the next segment of our lives.

To most who know us well, Eagle has taken a huge amount of time, money, blood sweat and tears but she is a true labor of love. There is no doubt that while it is our home, it represents much more to us. It is a lifestyle, and a foundation for which we have built a dream. We are incredibly blessed with an amazing family, on both sides of this marriage, a group if knowledgeable and understand friends who have been following along with support, advice and in some case just living vicariously through our adventures. With that in mind, we want to thank all of you for your love and support as we continue down this path to our dream.

Ok...enough mushy stuff!! We are in Burton/Quartermaster harbor with our good friends Pam and Tim on their 45' Hardin ketch. Joining us are Doug and Ruth on their 51 foot Formosa ketch (think Captain Ron's Boat) Gary on his 45' Bob Perry designed Flying Dutchman sloop, Don and Susie on their 45' Custom made sloop. We have at least 10 cannons, 20 bottles of rum, enough wine and Champagne to supply a well stock convenience store, huge amounts of food, oh yeah quite a bit of beer, and at this point 23 different pirate flags!! Now is this a party or what!!

07/04/2010 | Dad
Actually enjoyed the "mushy " part, sounds stabile to me. Also sounds as if you have the 4th celebration going and under control, uh, control? We are waiting for evryone to go back to work then I think we'll head over to MT and see old friend Dave. Keep up the blog, I really enjoy!! Dad
Honey... Have you seen my.....
Jeanne - WET
06/20/2010, Dockton, Vashon Island

Wool socks? It's the middle of June, the summer solstice for Pete's sake! Now that question and statement are twofold, but we'll get to that!
Here we are sitting at the dock in Dockton with our yacht clubs' annual event, the Minto Mingle. Any one that owns a Minto sailing dinghy is invited to join us for a day of qualifying races, fun on the dock, wine tasting and potlucks, followed by the final victory race Sunday morning. The past two years we've participated in weather that more closely resembled June. Today's weather is even keeping the ducks away!

About 7:30 this morning, Tom quietly asked me if I knew where a pair of our grey wool socks were located. It was too cool for just bare feet and an appropriate chafe guard for the tops of his feet were needed. I replied, groggily, "In my top drawer. "Nope, I don't see them" he responded. He rummaged about a bit more between my clothing drawer and his, grabbed a pair of white shortie socks and headed out the door into the misty, rainy morning.

A couple of hours later, and with no sounds of rain on the deck, I finally stumbled out of bed. I was pretty sure when I'd packed up the winter clothes for storage under the bunk, that at least one pair of woolies had been left out. I pulled open the drawer, lifted a couple of items, and there they were. Yep, it had happened, once again. Now whether you are male or female reading this, and are in a relationship, you know what I'm going to say next. It was a classic example of, - here it comes - The Guy Look! You've seen it happen, or you've been the one to do it!

The Guy: You've opened the fridge looking for the OJ, the pickles, the whatever. If it wasn't sitting right in the middle of the front shelf - you didn't see it did you?! Same scenario applies in the closet, hanging locker, lazarette, galley drawer, garage, or the three foot deep boat style refrigerator. Come on, don't get your knickers in a twist, you know you have probably resembled this remark a time or two!

The Woman: After hearing the "where is the" question, she calls out the location, then she waits. She hears the appropriate noise of the door or lid being opened.... Waits some more....counts down..five, four, three, two, one.. right on time...."Honey! I can't find it!" Or "I don't see it!" Now ladies, you know what your response will be.... The Sigh, with exasperation behind it, of course, and The Eye Roll! Don't deny it, you know you've done it - you might even have done the Eye Roll while reading this!

So, back to my story.... I finish dressing, grabbed my cup of tea that Tom had made for me, donned on my FOUL WEATHER GEAR, (grumble, grumble), and headed out to join the folks on the dock. I casually slipped the socks into his pocket. "Hey, where'd you find them?" he asked. As I turned away, the group of guys began talking about The Guy Look. They all knew what had just happened. There were chuckles and friendly back pats. What they didn't know was that while Tom was looking for the socks, he came across a book of checks that I'd been looking for. Now, in my own defense, - hey, I'm writing this - I had looked at the checks, even knew where they were before looking for them..... I had 'seen' them with the 'other' account name on them! They were the ones I had been looking for. Of course, I just ordered new ones yesterday! Thanks sweetie!

06/20/2010 | Ray and Sandy Klatt
So true...Actually, we begin and end our day with "have you seen...?" I think it's a cruisers curse but I also think our boat hides stuff.
Ground Tackle Project
Tom nice sunny weekend
06/13/2010, Des Moines Marina

This was one of those days that would be nicely spent out sailing in the beautiful Seattle sunshine! Or, it could be spent at the dock working on projects. As the number of weekend days dwindles down before we leave, we have done a good job of remaining focused on getting the boat ready. Today would be more of the same.

Last summer we started to upgrade the ground tackle system, by completely replacing the bow pulpit with a new custom made stainless steel bow plate and two heavy duty rollers. Then we installed a new Lewmar H3 windlass, with two deck plates to control the anchor going up and down. We also added a toggle switch in the cockpit to run the windlass as well. We have 300 feet of anchor chain attached to the 45 pound Bruce anchor as our primary system, with the chain being deposited into a chain locker low in the bow of the boat, just forward of the head. This chain locker is also where all the wiring connections for the windlass and it accessories are found. In order to protect this wiring, I have wanted to install a shield of some sort. We had saved a piece of Plexiglas from a prior project which looked to be just about perfect for this job. So, with a little trimming, some wood spacer blocks, and some time spent inside a very uncomfortable chain locker and "presto" we now have a nicely protected wiring system.

While the chain was all out on the dock, I removed it from its permanent attachment on the bulk head where it was connected with a stainless steel "D" ring. I have added a section of line from the bulk head to the bitter end of the chain that will allow us to cut it free if we should ever find ourselves in an emergency and need to leave an area but cannot get the chain in for whatever reason. This will keep the chain on the boat should the windlass fail or if the chain should jump out of the windlass and beginning a free fall to the briny deep! We also marked the chain with paint and bright yellow zip ties at a point where there is 25 feet left before we run out of chain.

The last project left to complete the ground tackle system is to install the anchor wash down pump. This will give us a supply of water to clean off the chain and anchor as it is brought into the boat.

But I think I will wait for another nice sunny day to work on that little project!!

06/15/2010 | Ray and Sandy Klatt
Washdown pump is a great idea...we like ours but usually something is going on and we have trouble remembering to wash-down when leaving. Your ground tackle sounds good...and yes, sometimes the chain does jump the gypsy, but usually it catches on the next link or six. I just put a note at the end of our chain that says "end of chain." That lowers my expectations of there being more.

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