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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
A road trip
09/23/2011, Santa Cruz

Once we arrived in the Santa Cruz, and Monterey was a trip to the Monterey aquarium. Now to attend to the transportation issue. We have been using either our legs to get us a round, or public transportation, the buses!! With that in mind we contacted the local Santa Cruz MTA (Mass Transit Authority) to find a route schedule for our trip to the Aquarium. This turned out to be a little bit more complicated than we thought. This trip was going to required a bus from the marina, then a transfer to the bus to Watsonville. There we have to jump to the Monterey MTA for a bus to some point, where we catch another bus to Monterey. This was going to take approximately 3 ½ hours to make the one way trip., and $12.00 each. Now it is time for Plan "B" a rental car. We are always pretty conscious of our budget, but with a total of $24.00 and and 7 hours to take the bus, versus $39.99 to rent a car...well it was a no brainer.

We made our trip to the aquarium, which we will cover in another post, made a stop, although a short one to the Elk Horn Slough Bird Refuge, and did some shopping since we had a car to transport our purchases

The Elk Horn Slough was awesome, and I could see hanging around there for days, but that really blow our "get down the coast to warmer weather" schedule. I did get to add two new birds to my Life List, a Cedar Peewee and the White Tailed Kite.

This was my first time behind the wheel, of a car, in over 5 months. We pulled out of the rental lot, went a few blocks and merged right on to the freeway. OH MY GAWD!!! after 2000 miles at 5 knots! 65 MPH seems like you are going warp speed! I had a little adjusting to do. But after a few minutes we were just fine. On the way back, we got caught in our first full on traffic jam in as many months, so we had to add a see above!! I know you have all seen traffic jams...but this was unusual for us!!

Once we got to the boat, we discovered that the two things we bought were both either broken or wrong, so instead of having the day to play, we will now have to run around in our now un-returned rental car and get these things replaced!!

By the way, did I mention that we are still fogged in.....yup nice thick fog, that has not relented!!

09/23/2011 | Dad
Don't you just love that CA traffic? That is one of the reasons why you finished your childhood in Lakeview,OR
09/23/2011 | Don
Got to love the traffic! When I know I'm going to be in heavy traffic I get something to eat before merging, then I don't care how slow I
09/23/2011 | Bette
Lefty: Promise me that you will be especially sweet and nice to J and T because too much fog, traffic, broken things and life can cause crankiness once in awhile. And whatever you do, please don't tell them that up on this end of the coast it has been sunny, fogless and in the 80's for more than a week. Hope you get to have a ride on the old roller coaster on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. That's a reality check that will clear up everything.
We are here...where ever that is!
09/21/2011, Santa cruz

We arrived here in Santa Cruz, after what can ony be described as a very boring day. The weather guessers called for 5-7 knots from NW, and so we had a very nice 3 knots from the south. Yep, right where we were heading. They also called for patchy fog, and they were right, very big patch from Half Moon Bay all the way to Santz Cruz. So we motor sailed the whole way.

We got to see some Sunfish floating on the surface, and we had what we are pretty sure (now that we got to look at the pictures) are Risso's Dolphins!! They swam right behind the boat!! They have fins that look like sharks, and when we first saw them we thought we were seeing a school of sharks!!

We are going to catch a bus, to Monterey tomorrow, and visit the Monterey Aquarium!! we are both very excited to get to see what is considered one of the best aquariums in the nation. If we get any cool pictures we will post them this weekend.

09/22/2011 | Dave C.
If you are worried about getting seasick while offshore, the morning of the passage you should eat Bananas. For the potassium?
No, because they taste about the same coming up as they do going down. (grin)
09/23/2011 | Third Degree
Nice picture!!
09/23/2011 | Don
You're going to like the aquarium!

Have you noticed that we're working on a F-36 and a FOGgers burgee? There is a pole on the FOGgers to see what people would like to have.

Frank Nitte (FOGger) of Windsong (in Panama) is in San Diego visiting for a couple of weeks, so I'm going to try and meet with him. I'm interested in hearing what living on his boat in Panama is like.
09/23/2011 | Jeanne Walker
Dave: You are one sick puppy...i guess that's why we love ya!!

Don: I have seen the pole, and have even voted!! In fact I believe that I was the first person to vote!! It is a bummer that we will miss Frank, it would have been great to compare notes with him!! Still trying to come up with a departure plan for leaving Santa Cruz....
A change of plans....
09/20/2011, 1/2 Moon Bay

One of the hardest things about long term cruising, and making plans to meet some one along the way is being put on a schedule, with out getting Mother Ocean's prior approval. So....with the really big storms up in Alaska, pushing a large swell this way, in excess of 10 feet, we are going to try to out run it and head out tomorrow. By getting to Santa Cruz a few days early, we will push up our visit to the Montery Aquarium, by catching a bus from Santa Cruz. Then after the weekend, providing the afore mebtioned swells have abated, we will continue south, probably to Port San Louis.

We have a 6 AM departure scheduled, and will send an update once we arrive in Santa Cruz

A short walk around the shore
09/19/2011, Half Moon Bay

We got off the boat today for a short exploratory walk. There really isn't a whole lot right here close to the marina, but I think we will take the bus for the 5 mile trip to the town of Half Moon Bay proper. We could use a few fresh veggies, so a full size grocery store would be in order.

As you can see, lefty got to meet one of our personal heros!! Captn Morgan!! Now you just gotta love that!!

This blog post was sent to you via pirated wi-fi signal, which seems so appopriate since it is "Talk Like A Pirate Day" It's a day of unchancy talk, ill and unmannered! ARGHH You Scally Wags!! Let's keel haul that scavenger 'o the sea!!

09/25/2011 | Gayle Stahl
Miss You two! SO Happy to hear ALL is well! Hopefully you will have extreamly smooth sailing ahead! ALOHA!
At long last...we meet
09/19/2011, Half Moon Bay

After 5 months and nearly 2000 miles of cruising, members of the Three sheets NW class of 2011 have finally crossed wakes! Jeanne and I have been watching the blog for Aaron and Nichole, on SV Bella Star since last year. With similar departure dates, and both heading for the wilds of British Columbia, we managed to leap frog each other, but never ending up in the same harbor. They chose to circumnavigate Vancouver island, in their quest to land on 100 islands. We took a less arduous quest, with Desolation Sound as our primary goal. We got to spend some incredible quality time in Desolation Sound, and the Octopus Islands, and they achieved their goal of landing on 100 separate islands.

We managed to leave for San Francisco about a week ahead of them, arriving on the 5th of September, and they arrived some time later, after a stop or two along the way.

Yesterday morning we sailed out on the early morning ebb tide, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and headed for Half Moon Bay,. When we pulled into the anchorage, there, finally in all her glory, was SV Bella Star.

They joined us for a glass of wine in celebration, which later, turned into a spaghetti dinner, sharing tales of the summer cruising. The four of us all have one very similar goal, 80 degrees in the shade, and cold beer in our hands, on a day when everybody back in "The World" are all at work. We will continue to leap frog down the coast, and will with no doubt share many more anchorages once we find the endless summer that we are looking for!

09/19/2011 | Dad
Did Lefty take the photo?
09/19/2011 | Bette
The remote gizmo for the camera is in Jeanne's right hand. What I want to know is— how does she prevent the camera from sliding into the sea?
09/20/2011 | Jeanne Walker
Yeah, that lefty is getting pretty handy to have around!!

Bette, if you look at the water behind us, you can see the flat calm water. Half Moon Bay is incredibly calm, for an anchorage right off the ocean, so we just put the camera on a tripod!
09/20/2011 | Dave C.
I've been following Bella Star's voyages as well. Glad you guys finally hooked up. Got your postcard, thanks!!
09/20/2011 | Nicole
I just love this picture, and I'm so glad we finally caught up with each other! We'll see you guys soon!
09/20/2011 | Patrick
Dawn and I are so jealous... we can't wait to make the next jump to San Francisco!! We're for sure not leaving Wednesday now weather looks bad, but the next window and we're outta here!
09/21/2011 | Kev/Andante
Hey - I've had one of those spaghetti dinners on Eagle too...
Hope all is well guys - we miss you up here.
09/24/2011 | Ron Kooker
You 2 are havin to much fun!!AAAARRRGGG!!! I really enjoy your blog!! 7 more years before I make the big left turn! Fair weather and following seas!!
09/25/2011 | Doug & Ruth Young
Hello All:
Well it's the first full day of fall here in the PNW and the weather has taken a big left turn . The winds have finaly shifted and the rain has begun. Ruth noticed the shift yesterday evening and it was very pronounced. Today we will be treated to clean fresh air a benefit that the rain brings. The temperature has not yet headed south but it wont be long.
Several of us here are already dreaming or planing about flying to Mexico this winter for what we know will be a longed after winter break. I hope we will be able to see you when we are there.
A bumpy but windless ride
09/18/2011, Halk Moon Bay

We are anchored here in Half Moon Bay, after a relatively short run. It was` pretty bumpy, especially after we crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge. The bar was up and a bit rough.

After an entire summer of writing and following their blog as they toured Canada, about the same time as us, we are now anchored right next to Bella Star!!

If we manage to get some wi-fi we will write more

09/19/2011 | Don
We had the same experience leaving under the Golden Gate bridge for Half Moon (or Pillar Point), and also spent the night at Half Moon before heading south.

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