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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
One year of cruising
Tom and Jeanne
04/19/2012, Puerto Los Gatos

Today marks a huge milestone for Eagle and her year since we cut the dock lines in Des Moines set sail for distant ports. This day finds us anchored in Puerto Los Gatos, a small and beautiful bay, with amazing rock formations, in black or red colors. 12 years ago when Jeanne did a kayak trip in this area, this was one of the locations they spent a night in. Because of that, this holds some very special memories of her trip she shared with her great friend Sharon.

Jeanne was up before sunrise this morning talking some early pictures of the colorful rock formations, and then after I got the weather off the Ham Net at 7:45 AM I joined her on the beach where we kayaked and explored the various little beaches in the area. We collected some incredible shells, took a few more pictures, and looked for some of the geodes that are rumored to be in the area....nope, we did not find any!

The highlight of our dinner celebration tonight was.....drum roll please.......our last, and carefully reserved package of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies!! So if anybody from Auto Paint Specialty see this, say hello to James and let him know we still had a package of the cookies he sold me!

That is all for now, as Jeanne is putting together a complete re-cap of the year, with photos that we will post around May 1st when we get to Puerto Escondido, near Loreto.

04/20/2012 | Dean & Lynn
Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary! Here is to many more fine sailing adventures!
04/20/2012 | Mark & Cheryl "Pakele"
Congratulations!! We are proud to say we were there for you "cutting the lines" sendoff... And we've enjoyed living vicariously through your tales and photos over the past year. Thank you... and best wishes in your coming voyages!
04/20/2012 | Dave C.
Wow! It really has been a year! Fun flies when you're doing time...congratulations on this milestone. Like Jimmy sings.."someday I will".
04/20/2012 | rory cox
We have enjoyed reading and learning from your exploits into the world. We leave shortly to follow your wake up north. Some day onto the Sea of Cortez . Rory and Suzie
04/21/2012 | jane
happy anniversary. How appropriate that it leads into Earth Day.
04/21/2012 | Don
I can't believe it's been a year already! I wonder what year two will bring?

I hear that Chip and Debbie of Elegant Sea are making plans of joining the next Baja Ha Ha, so you might run into them later this year depending on where you are.
04/21/2012 | Livia & Carol
Congratulations! We are delighted to be a part of your first year memories - well, we hope we were!

It's not too late for you to join us. This year or the next :D
04/23/2012 | Nicole
Congrats, Eagle! Here's to a fantastic year (or six!) ahead. Miss you guys!
An early start
Tom and Jeanne
04/18/2012, Puerto Los Gatos

Jeanne and I both woke early this morning and decided to go ahead and get an earlier start than planned. We had the anchor up and had left the beautiful harbor of San Evaristo at 5:00 AM. We have made many great new friends there, and learned a lot about the daily occurrences of a small Mexican fishing village. When we left Seattle, one of our goals was to not just be "Gringo Cruisers" and actually insinuate our selves in the Mexican culture. We got to do that to some small degree in La Paz, but here in San Evaristo it was truly a treat to learn about the customs, values and way of life. Evaristo is a small fishing village, with one Cantina, someone's house, one Tienda (grocery store) someone's house, one place to buy gasoline, again someone's house and one small school with 9 kids enrolled. There is a dirt road that goes to La Paz, but it is a 4+ hour drive, and trucks or jeeps only!

Steve and Charlotte off of the sailboat Willfull Simplicity have lived most of the year in Evaristo for 3 years now, and are regarded as either the Ambassadors or the Mayors of the town. They help with English lessons, translate for visiting cruisers, and do fund raisers for the local school when they are back in La Paz. We have enjoyed their friendship, the help they gave us learning about Evaristo, and many nights with a glass of wine and a game of Farkle!! We hope to see you both real soon.

While is was sad to be leaving, we know that there is so much more for us to see here in the Sea of Cortez. The run up to Los Gatos started with flat calm seas, and zero wind, then the wind built up to nearly 15 knots from the stern, so we sailed, then it slowly died down, and we put up the spinnaker for a short while, then it died completely. Motor time!! It was a great morning, we had the anchor set by 11:30 AM, and will set off to explore in a few minutes...I have to go launch the kayaks!!

More later

A break in the weather....
Tom and Jeanne
04/16/2012, San Evaristo

It sounds like there will be a possible break in theses strong northerlies on Wednesday. If so we will make a run for it, and try to get into Los Gatos. Besides, the fishing here has slowed down a bit, but none the less, we told John out fishing with us this morning and kept 16 really nice sand bass. Tonight the water was pretty rough and both the tuna and the barracuda just were not biting. We did land a Bonefish and a Half Beak fish.

By the way Sharon, if you are reading along here, this is the infamous location of the run away sleeping bag!

We are told that this anchorage at Los Gatos is very unique and beautiful with it's red rock formations. If we do move we will make sure and send a note!!

Barracuda Burgers
Tom and Jeanne
04/15/2012, San Evaristo

With all the new fish, both quantity and species, Jeanne has been trying a lot of great new recipes. Tonight was using some of the Blacktail Barracuda to make patties with. This is similar to the way many restaurants serve Salmon or crab cakes. The Barracuda was served with spicy white sauce, along with some home made coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

We were told that on occasion, you can hike up to a certain cactus and get cell reception....well, today the cactus was out of order!! I guess we will have to wait until Loreto to make some calls, around May first!

Bueno Noches

04/16/2012 | Dean & Lynn Ducharme
We had neve thought about a Barracuda burger, fish tacos perhaps, but they do sound great! Must always remember to think outside the box!
yup...still here
Tom and Jeanne
04/14/2012, San Evaristo we are still in San Evaristo, but we are having so much fun it is hard to leave. The fishing is incredible, catching so many we are actually giving fish away to the locals. We are both learning Spanish, Jeanne much faster than me, but I am doing OK. John of of SV Time Piece finally caught back up to us here. We have been doing some great hiking. Jeanne took a day and did school photos for all 9 of the kids enrolled here in the local school. The local tienda has a pretty good supply of food, with some fresh veggies and eggs every couple of days. There is a cantina that serves cold cervezas, when they have the local ice plant working, or when some one makes the 4 hours drive to La Paz.

Right now there are three days of northerlies predicted, so we will wait them out and begin to move farther north. Until then, we will just keep catching fish, and having a blast.

Sorry to have not written in a while, i will try to not go so long with out a report.

04/15/2012 | Dean & Lynn Ducharme
Not too worry, we are still with you in blog spirit! We are adding to ours as well! So much to do, so little time before we can enjoy life the way you 2 are!
The other side of perfect
Tom and Jeanne
04/11/2012, San Evaristo

It is nearly midnight, here in the bay of San Evaristo. I am writing this in an effort to "balance the books" so to speak. So many of our blog posts are about sunny skies, warm days, great fishing, and amazing sunsets. So just like the old adage, The Grass Is Always Greener....this is our make up day. The day was warm, and sunny, I will give you that, but it started out windy and continued to build all day. We are nicely tucked into the south west corner of the bay, in order to get some protection from the steady 12-15 knot breeze that has been blowing out of the south. The other side of the bay had 3-4 foot wind waves rolling thru to the beach.

Just before dark, we had a complete fiasco with another boat trying to anchor right in the middle of the boats that were already here but I will save that amazing tale of stupidity for a later posting. I only mention this part, as a lead into the the fact that all of the sudden the wind made a drastic and almost immediate switch from south easterly to a westerly. With the new wind direction now bringing into play the possibility of anchors not holding due the change in direction, along with the increased velocity. The winds now a steady 20-22 knots and strong gusts to 28-29 knots.

The newly anchored idiot, opps... I mean boat has now made all the other boats here already here very uncomfortable, and with the higher winds, we are all now just plain to close together. Throw all this in to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for all night "Anchor Watches" where one of us is up watching the wind speed, our anchor system, and all the other boats around us. I am taking the first shift, from 9:00 PM until 1:00 AM, or until the wind dies down, which it supposed to do around midnight. So far I have seen no sign of any slowing down at all.

So, to all of our families, friends, and avid followers, many of whom I am sure see the stories of warm, sunny, and calm Mexico, and I am sure think we write these notes only to brag and you go. A cool, windy, cloudy, night that is just not any fun at all!

04/11/2012 | Dan
And that's when a night at anchor feels like a night on passage- We had that in Lobos the night you guys left there.

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