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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
Heading north
06/27/2012, Puerto Coronado

We had a very un-eventful run of 8 miles over flat calm seas, with little or no wind this morning on our first leg north from Escondido. Our new boat friends Scott and Lisa, on their yet to be named Trimaran had joined us in Ballandra, and followed along to Coronado as well. Also here in the bay with us is SV Nyon, SV Camille, and SV Tequila Mockingbird

We had heard a lot of good things about this bay, but like everything else, we have our opinion, and are a little less impressed. The water was pretty clear here a few days ago, but now is a green pea soup.

So we will move on pretty quickly, probably day after tomorrow. I am having a bit of a carburetor problem on the outboard, so i will take it to the beach tomorrow and see if i can get it figured out.

our next planned stop will be San Juanico

Technical Difficulties
06/25/2012, Puerto Balandra

We have left Escondido for a quick stop back in Ballandra. We need to catch up with John Time Piece to pick up a few things that his friend Chuck brought down with him from the PNW.

I have somehow gotten a glitch in my computer and it won't let me post any pictures...!!! so we will have to get that sorted out and get those fish pictures up. sorry 'bout that.

We are going to try to head north to Bahia Coronados tomorrow in our slow craw farther north.


06/28/2012 | jane
technical challenge. Michael has installed an antenna on our boat and is now buying the radio. we will be within view of shore barring fog and the like. His manual says the radio and antenna have to be 1 meter apart. Really? on an 17ft boat? We'll be in the straight of georgia or puget sound for now.
06/28/2012 | jane
i meant antenna and compass
Tripui Tournament Day #2 and summary
06/23/2012, Puerto Escondido

OK...first things first. We did not win. If fact we did not even place, but we had so much fun, who cares!!

Last night when I was typing up the post, I was so tired I really missed some of the adventure, so here is a bit of catch up from yesterday: In tally form, we saw three turtles, thee hammerhead sharks, Caught and released 5 dorado, all just too small, landed Tom's first Yellowtail. Holy mooly, they are with out a doubt, the hardest fighting fish I have ever caught! So fish wise, the firstday was one Dorado kept, and one 20.8 pound yellow tail. The last 45 minutes of fishing, we were treated to a visit from a humpback whale, swho at some point we decided that he thought the boat was him mommy! he circled us from 10 feet away, dove under us upside down, and many time was so close that we got sprayed with his exhale, which is preatty stinky by the way.

Day two called from some pretty high winds, which make the fishing pretty tough in the 6+ foot rollers. But Pancho, our boat Captain was the bomb both days. He flat worked his butt off for us, making sure that we got some fish, even when the conditions were less than perfect. The morning started with an amazing sunrise, but rough seas as` we made the 25 mile run to where we were going to start fishing. With the bouncy seas, the decision to go for yellowtail first seemed to make sense, so that was what we did. Everybody in the boat was`using live bait, but i really like to use jigs, so I stuck to that. The hard part reeling up and down as`fast as you can over and over from 250 feet down. Fortunately, I did not have to wait to long, as i caught a 21.06 pounder on my second cast. Greg and Donna of off SV Magic carpet, who had joined us we fishing with live bait, and just as` soon as I dropped my jig back down, i hooked another nice fish. The Greg hooked one as` well...two nice fish on at the same time! Just a little bit later, Panch put a live mackerel on a down rigger at 160 feet, for Jeanne, and right off the bat she had her hands full with a fiesty 13 pounder!! WOW What a great start....unfortunately, the bite stopped`as quickly as it started. Nothing for several hours....just a lot ofn bouncing around as we slow trolled for Dorado. Finally the wind started to let up, the seas calmed, and we were back into Dorado, even if they were small. Jeanne finally landed her 9 pound bull to wrap up our day!!

The over all tally, we caught 78 pounds of Yellowtail, which was first place in the over all catagorey, but we did not catch them two a day, but one and three...oh well, like i said we had some much fun, and the tournament people were awesome. I will post a picture of Jeanne's Dorado, her first yelow tail, and our four fish at weigh in. The top picture is Us, Lefty and Pancho. Truly one of the very best boat Captains I have ever fished with. If anybody is coming this way, and wants more info on him, drop is a note.

Now...we will start heading north again, with the plan of being in Bahia Conception by 4th of July. NOw it is 10:30 at night, it is 86 in the cabin of Eagle, and I really need to get some sleep nighty night

Tripui Tournament Day 1
06/22/2012, Puerto Escondido

The alarm went off at 5:30 to get our day started. By 6:30 we were on our way out to the fishing grounds with Pancho our Panga guide.

By 10 am we had caught 5 small dorado, but nothing we wanted to keep, after all we in a tournament, and looking to the Muy Grande's!! Hummm then the bite stopped!! Nada, nothing for several hours.

At 2:00 we were running out of time, and we only had one small dorado in the boat. Jeanne was handleing a rod with live bait on it, and I was back to my basic standard of jigging. all of the sudden, the rod came to an immediate stop, and I was not sure if i wa gonna stay in the boat with it. Yellowtail, and a good one. After a really good ten-to-fifteen minute fight, I got him in the net!! 21 pounds of some of the very best eating I have had!! The picture above is right after I caught him, and the picture bdelosw is me and Lefty at the official weigh in!! With this fish, I am in third place in the non-dorado class.

We will be back at it even earlier tomorrow morning!!

06/23/2012 | Dave C.
Let me guess....they allow you to use barbed hooks down there! Nice fish amigo!
06/23/2012 | Sailorgary
OK That's enough, you guys are having way too much fun. damn I'm jealous, nice catch.
06/23/2012 | Dan Freeman
Nice one Tom! Good luck!
06/24/2012 | Third Degree
Ok, from now on you can only post the small ones!!!
Lets get ready to fish
06/21/2012, Puerto Escondido

We are anchored Puerto Escondido, getting ready fo the Tripui Fishing Tournament. We walked up to the Tripui Resort this afternoon for the registration and cocktail party.

Tomorrow morning, we will leave the dock at 6:30 AM for our first day of fishing. Saturday morning will be a repeat of the same schedule.

We will include pics and the whole stry as soon as we have something to tell.

06/22/2012 | Dan Freeman
Bueno Suerte!
A few misc pictures
06/20/2012, Sea Of Cortez

Here are a few pictures of some of the fun things we have been doing. Many relate back to the previous blog posts, so rather than make all of you go back thru them, I will just put a bunch here. The top picture is us sitting in the bar at the Mision Hotel on the waterfront in Loreto. If you look over our shoulders, you will see Eagle, sitting nicely on her anchor awaiting our return.

Isla Carmen Bighorn Sheep

No John, we ate not supposed to go past here, in order to keep us away from the bighorn sheep!!

Now that is my kinda swim up bar!!

And what kind of party would it be with out Lefty, even if he has to be "Eagle in a bubble" in order to join in the fun.

And lefty has some relatives!! This is Auntie Helen, and Uncle Ralph!! They have been crusing for sev eral years down in the sea, as well as all over the world...and they have to be some of the coolest people we have ever met! They were right there in the water with us for our floating, swim up bar. And what is even cooler is that yesterday was Ralph's 81st birthday!!

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