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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
It was bound to happen......
11/14/2012, La Paz

I guess it was inevitable......but the timeing is a bit off. As much as we have enjoyed the warmth of the Sea of Cortez, we will be makiing a short trip back to the Pacific the winter! That is the time of year to be in Mexico, I know....I know. Despite the time of year, we are really excited to get back up north to see family and friends.

The biggest reason for our trip north is the Seattle Boat Show. Now that Tom is working with the Cruise RO Water Makers here in Mexico, we are going to be at the boat show helping Rich Boren with the booth. So...this is a great chance to come see us at the boat show, as well as a perfect time to come buy that water maker that you know you need!! "Wink" "Wink" Hey look at it this way, if we sell a few water makers, then we get to keep cruising longer, and you will have more blog posts to read!! LOL better yet, buy a water maker and come join us downn here in Mexico and write your own great blog stories. I know it is shameless promotion but what the heck, i don't wanna quite cruising just yet.

In addition, it looks like Jeanne is doing two different presentations during the boat show, so she will not just be another pretty face in the booth, but will be busy on the lecture stage. At least one of the presentations will feature our photography work from Desolation Sound to Mexico.

We will have some time away from the show, and will try to fit in as many visits as possible, but we really hope to see as many of you at the boat show as we can, since we will there a lot of our time. It will be much easier to find us there, than us traveling all over to see all of you!

We also have so many new "blog friends" who have followed us faithfully, and have sent many comments and incouragement. we hope you will all stop by so we can meet you all in person.

Now...where the heck did I stow my I really need to find something in fleece.....Rain gear, what is that? ARGHHH

11/15/2012 | jane
Great. I just looked up the dates and will put them on our calendar. It will be here sooner than we think. Then summer is around the corner. I am sure that are many who will lend you warm/rain land gear as needed including us. But January, really? wow. guess you'll be following craigslist too. let us know how we can help or connect.
11/15/2012 | Bette
Are you keeping the dates a secret?
11/15/2012 | Rhonda
We'd love to chat w/ you two when you're here!!!
11/16/2012 | Terry & Heidi Kotas
Hey that is just fantastic! A working vacation to the PNW. And the cold isn't that hard to take when you know it isn't forever. Wish we could get to the show to see you do your stuff! Good luck and enjoy!
11/16/2012 | Jeanne Walker
I fiure that terry is probably doing some writing, so you are havng a working vacation in Hawaii...right? LOL It would be great to catch up some time.....perhaps on your trip around s when you stop by the sea for a while!
11/16/2012 | Dean S/V Solastra
Tom, check for socks around your wine bottles! That is where we keep ours1 lol They are great protectors. Do you need someone to look after Eagle while you are working!!! lol...
11/17/2012 | Don
It is a weird time to be leaving the Sea, but sometimes work comes first and it's only going to be for a short time. I think you're lucky to have stumbled onto that type of work, and I wish I was more knowledgeable about a boat system to be doing the same as you two. Have a good trip!
That special lure..
11/12/2012, La Paz

There have been a lot of requests for information on the lure that Jeanne has been catching all her fish on. Unfortunately, as we were relaesing the sailfish, the lure also escaped, and sank. There was a moment when I thought she was going to jump in and try to save it!! Of course, we dont have another exactly like it.....

Anyway, with her permission, here is a picture of what she was using, only in a different color. The "Hoochie" she was using was solid pink with a light pink on the "legs" and 7" long. We rigged it with a 6/0 hook, and 6 foot, 80 pound test monofiliment leader.

11/13/2012 | Dean S/V Solastra
Tom, if we to acquire some of Jeanne's favourite lures when we go back to Vancouver, how could we get them to you??? The people we know who could are already on their way down and checked into Mexican waters. Any ideas???
11/13/2012 | Jeanne Walker
Dean, Thanks a bunch. We are back in la Paz, and have picked up a few here!! There was no way Jeanne was going to be with out her special lure, and continue to make me look bad!! LOL
11/13/2012 | Jeanne Walker
I told Jeanne what you had offered, and her reply was..."I want them hand delivered!!" so there you go, see you soon
11/13/2012 | Dean S/V Solastra
Ok, Jeanne, sounds like a delivery I want to make! I will purchase some and store them for when we see you. Can't say I might just test one out! Keep up the good work and fishing!
Cruising tips
Jeanne - cloudy
11/12/2012, La Paz

The one thing that we, I seem to spend quite a bit of time on, is the food we eat. Not only what to cook, or how to cook it, but how to store it and keep it fresh.

I've just returned from the Chedraui, a store similar in size to a Fred Meyer, where I did some 'basics' shopping. I had a ride, so I got the heavy stuff - laundry & dish soap, fruit juice in boxes, flour, a couple bottles of wine and a load of fresh veggies.

We, like most other cruisers, purchase unrefrigerated eggs. They go into our egg cartons and stay on the counter. We've had no problems with this system. I always break the egg into a small container before adding it to my meal, just in case. We have had 2 eggs that were questionable in the past 6 months. The eggs, and chickens down here, taste like eggs and chickens!

When I'm in a town with good internet, I check a site called The Boat Galley. Carolyn, the author, puts out a tip a day, has recipes and some other good cruising info regarding food storage and prep. I recently sent her a tip on my way of storing eggs and how we manage it. She just posted it on her site " Which way up?". If you'd like to read the quick tip, or just check out her web site follow this link.

11/12/2012 | Dan
Only thing I can see wrong with the system, is you have to know what day it is..................
11/12/2012 | Jeanne Walker
dan, you are right about that. Ever since Tom took over as the manager of the Southbound Ham Radio net, we have to keep track of the nights better. I (Jeanne) am net controler on Tuesday nights and Tom runs the friday night net. least two nights of the week we know what day it is.
11/12/2012 | Third Degree
And you have to eat 4 eggs a day!
A whopper of a fish tale
11/11/2012, Enroute to Esenada Grande

OK...I have to admit it...her "Fishin' Mojo" right now is smoking hot! She has caught 3 of our last four dorado, including a 41" and 40" bulls. This time she really did it! a new record, largest fish landed here on Eagle.

This story starts out with our 37 mile passage from San Evaristo to the Ensenada Grande anchorage on Isla Espirto Santos. There was very little wind, and what there was came from exactly where we were heading. We were three miles out of the anchorage, when Jeanne's rod bounced a couple of times, as if a fish had hit it but did not get hooked. We are fishing with lures that run right on the surface, so i looked back to see if i could see anything back there. suddenly a large tail broke the surface, and it looked like a monster Dorado!! all of the sudden, Jeanne's reel started screaming, as line was being stripped off. I looked back just in time to see a large sailfish come flying out of the water. It made several great leaps, a long tail walk and then dove deep......There was so much pressure on the rod and reel that Jeanne could not get them out of the rod holder right away. When she was able to get the rod in hand, she did a great job of fighting a huge fish. I drove the boat, turning in circles to help keep the fish on her side of the boat, and the line out of the prop and keel. Then i would put the boat on auto pilot and go take pictures....then back to the helm to steer.....and repeat. After three 360 degree turns, and nearly 30 minutes, she had the sailfish along side the boat. I reached down to get ahold of the bill to release the hook, when the line parted and this great fish swam away. Unfortunately, she lost her favorite lure, the one that she has been catching all the dorado it will be a very high priority to get that one replaced!

Here you can see the BBQ on the back of Eagle

As you can see in this picture, i am pretty sure her "Mojo" has something to do with her attire, or lack there of.

Here she brings the fish closer to the boat......just in time to see it take off on another screaming run.

Along side, and ready to be released. I just wish the incredible color of this great fish had come thru a little better. What a beautiful fish!

11/12/2012 | Dean S/V Solastra
Wow!!! What a great fishing story and the pics to prove it!!
11/12/2012 | Jeanne Walker
Thanks Dean.... you know what they say, "No pics' it didn't happen"
11/12/2012 | Rick
Tell us more about that lure; wana ask Santa for some; i thinks I'm gona need em.
11/14/2012 | Kevin & Barb
Incredible!!! I am not sure if it is the lure, or Jeannie's other Mojo that is catching all the fish! ....Just Sayin'!
11/19/2012 | Carl Shaw
Looks like some good fishing! Reminds me of all the big trout she used to catch on the Icicle River in Leavenworth!
Back in La Paz
11/11/2012, Marina Palmira

We sailed back into La Paz yesterday, with some prety bouncy seas (3-4 foot rollers) to start with, and light winds. The seas flattened out, and the winds picked up, making for a pretty nice sail. Right afterwe crossed ghe San Lorenzo channel, the winds died dwn, and we had to motor the last 10 miles into La Paz. We had hoped to catch at least one more Dorado before we went into the marina for a month...but just a bunch of small little Skip Jack Tunas.

We have taken a slip at Marina Palmira, #315 just in case any body is in the area and wants to stop by and say hello.

The last ten days or so the propogation for the ham/SSB was pretty bad, so I am bit behind in my blog posts. So, please bear in mind that I will be posting them in as close to order as possible, and will get a few more pictures posted.

On a bit of a side note....HOW ABOUT THEM DUCKS????? 59-17 over Cal last night, undefeated and crushing records every time they hit the making a run for the National Championship!!!

OK, now we will return to our regularly programed boating blog....He He He

11/11/2012 | Don
Chip and Debbie of Elegant Sea made it to Cabo, but they might not be going over to La Paz. They mentioned in a post to the FOGgers they were waiting for a weather window to run to Mazatlan.
11/12/2012 | Monica & Scott
Hi guys, we'll be back on Scott Free the 22nd. She is on dock 4. See you soon and let us know if there is anything you need from up here.
She's one of the guys...
11/10/2012, La Paz

We've just arrived in La Paz after a couple of great days in San Evaristo and Ensenada Grande on Espritu Santos. We decided to head in a couple of days early as the weather is forecasting a few days of 30+ winds and the last 2 nights have been VERY rock and rolly, so not much sleep. More details to follow.

Not to be outdone by the recent photos of the guys and their catches and lack of clothing.... my success in the fishing department has been pretty good! Since my technique involves certain 'parts' to be exposed... well, here's proof that it works! A 40" bull dorado caught just outside the entrance to San Evaristo.

Stay tuned for more... fishing stories, that is!

11/11/2012 | jane
love the smile... you show them! figuratively speaking that is....
11/11/2012 | Fishwife100
With your outstanding success at catching Dorado a picture of the lure you use would be very welcome, pretty please.
11/11/2012 | Char
GREAT fishing technique!!
11/11/2012 | Lynn S/V Solastra
Good for you Jeanne!!!

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