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Eagle's Big Left Turn
Join Jeanne and Tom now that we have prepared our Freeport Islander SV Eagle to sail on an adventure from the PNW to smaller latitudes.
Don't kill the dream
03/10/2013, La Paz

The crew of SV Vida Rica practice docking for the first time! em>

Ever since my 'dinner party/ birthday cooking day' I've been down and out with a NASTY, nasty bug of some sort. I'm much better now. Aside from an occasional coughing fit where I sound like I'm going to be turning myself inside out, I'm so much better.

the smiling family doing their un naming/re naming ceremony

During this time, Tom, as well as many others, have been helping new friends with their very first boat. Kevin and Jan and their daughter Hannah, 9 and son Jordan, 17, purchased a 40 Columbia and are learning everything - and I mean everything! They've never owned a boat before. But with a great attitude and smiles on their faces they dove right into the adventure... and the multitude of what at times seems like endless lists!

Now that I've been up and around, I've stopped in occasionally to see what project was underway or what new discovery had occurred. Every time that I've seen them, they've always got a smile on their face, it might be an exhausted and slightly grimy one, but a warm, bright smile none the less.

The other day I was returning a dish that had been lovingly filled with chicken soup when it came to me. Kevin was up on the deck preparing to wash his sails. After a discussion on the why would you do that and why nots and mostly the futility of trying to get them clean, the topic moved on to storing them - Leave it hanked on? bagging it? down the side? We ran through the scenarios of each and decided that on a future day, he'd pull out the old, but still usable mainsail cover, and we'd see if it could be made into a sail-bag. While I was there at least two other people stopped to ask about 'this' project or 'that one'. Kevin just kept the hose on the sails.

Today seemed like a good day to stop by and check out the material situation. Jan and I went up on deck and re flaked the sail and pulled out the old cover. We could make it work. Then she remembered a 'bag' of extra fabric. "Well, what's this? ", I said, 'Look's like a sail-bag to me!" That was the quickest sail-bag I've ever made! Also, the windlass now has a cover and the instrument panel, too. Cross that one off of the list!

Now the whole time we were up on the deck messing around, talking about lines, halyards, routines, Tom and Kevin were pulling old 'mystery' wires and running new ones for lights, battery systems and other things. Kevin , while pulling wires from the cockpit locker pointed out a long metal tube that had yet to be identified as to its use. I thought it looked to me like an emergency tiller, as Eagle has something similar. We haven't tried it out yet, but we're pretty sure that's what it is. There will be another day to try it, and locate the other parts...put it on the list for later. Kevin and Jan shared a brief look that to me said, will it ever end?

Several of you reading this right now are in the process preparing your boat for seasonal cruising, or perhaps a longer journey, maybe even joining us. Many of you are not boat owners and are arm-chairing our adventure. Maybe you own a house that you're working on. Many of you have written us and asked specific questions about how to do something, or what were our experiences, as you work through your own lists. I haven't found a boater, sail or otherwise, that wasn't willing to give an opinion or advice. At times unsolicited, unwanted and maybe overwhelming.

Sometimes in order to not be overwhelmed by the length of the lists, or the complexity of the items on them, it's necessary to 'clean the sails' or 'scrub the decks' so to speak. If you won't allow yourself the time to just sit, after all that list is looming large, then perhaps holding the hose while water runs down the deck you allow your brain a chance to relax, and unwind, yet still 'checking something off of the list'. Did the sails get clean? Nope. But they're now salt free and Kevin feels better for doing it. After all we had a good chance to examine the sails, he spent some time on deck in the sun, and Hannah learned a new way to raise a sail.

What's my point in all of this? Is there one? Yes. It's that stop and smell the roses thing... take time, look around, stop and talk with a friend, sit in the sun, read a book.... enjoy the now.

Hannah made a comment the other day, that so perfectly summed up what I'm trying to get across. After a very tiring day of non- stop projects, Kevin, Jan and Jordan were in the cockpit with two other cruisers trying to solve another issue. Hannah, tired of all the work, came into the cockpit, with her sandwich, sat down in the corner, 'harrumphed', and quietly, but still loud enough to hear said...."some dream!"

Don't kill yourself on the way to living the dream!

03/10/2013 | Dean S/V Solastra
I could not have said it better! I too have been hit with a nasty cold/flu/bronchitis. This to shall pass and I will try to find another project to work on when we return to the West coast. Take care!
03/11/2013 | Kevin & Barb
GREAT POINT! Barb and I are formulating the dream and the recognition that it all doesn't have to be done "today" is what"living the dream" should really be all about. Salud Hanna!
03/11/2013 | Livia
Hell yeah.
03/11/2013 | Dan Freeman
Thanks Jeanne! Pass on to them my smile and a hug from "Uncle" Dan. They are an inspiration to us all- no matter if we are here or there!
BTW I think we will be flying in the 23rd of Apr
03/11/2013 | Kyra
You're a wise woman Jeanne - so good to see you yesterday, can't wait for a real visit!
Tour de Baja
03/07/2013, La Paz it wasn't actually the Tour De Baja, but it was a blast to watch, and photograph. The event was part of the Dias De Familia, or Day of the Family that was held here in La Paz. They close down the main street, have a carnival/fair like day, along with music and of course a couple of speaches by prominent locals. I have to admit I did not attend the speaches or the music part, as I wanted to get some fun shots of the bike races. There appeared bto be several classes, both age and experience used to make up the grouping. I found out too late to attend, but there were also some mountain bike races that I would have loved to cover...oh maybe next year.

the Project list
03/06/2013, La Paz

As the heat begins to return to the Baja, we're reminded of projects that were planned in anticipation of this years heat. One of the upgrades we'd decided to do was to swap out our galley fan.

We had purchased a marine grade 6" oscillating fan that was installed above the galley. It worked fine for a while, the oscillating part, then it didn't. The fan part worked just fine, suiting our needs very well. Then we were invited over to Nirvana one afternoon and in the process got to see their fan. Sounds like a new pick up line...... Hey, do you wanna come over and see my new fan/etchings?

It turns out it was a good move! We purchased a Caframo Sirocco # 807 fan for just under 80.00. It is 6" fan with protected blades, positionable to 360 degrees, non oscillating, but..... it has 3 different speeds that are all extremely quiet, and a timer for 2, 4 6 or 8 hours of running. It's pretty easy on the amps also - at the three settings 0.21, 0.27 and 0.34 respectively.

It moves more air, quieter than the previous fan. We'll most likely mount our oscillating fan onto an extra wood base and wire a 12v lighter adapter to it for portable access in the cockpit or around the salon for those really hot days in our not too distant future.

03/06/2013 | Kevin
Hmmm...maybe it's own mini solar panel?
The Dinner Party
03/03/2013, Olivia's Casa

Last week when I asked Jeanne what she wanted for her birthday, there was really nothing she wanted (except the Flanaria) that I could go buy her. What she really wanted came as no surprise to me, I for those of you that know her, it would not be for you. She wanted a day in a kitchen. Actually, she wanted a day in a kitchen preparing a full dinner party. Now I had to ask myself.....she wants to spend a day cooking, and all I have to do is go eat her amazing food? DUH is that a no brainer or what?

So on Wednesday morning she had arranged to have the use of Our dear friend Olivia's kitchen. I was spending the whole day doing a wiring project for some other boating friends, so I dropped her off and away she went.

At 4:30 I stopped working and headed for the showers. Jan and Kevin, whose boat I was working on were invited so they weren't too far behind me. Jerry on SV Moshulo was coming along with John on Time Piece. We formed a small convoy and headed to Olivias house, in order to be on time (a rarity here in Mexico) at 5:30.

When we walked in the door, we all knew immediatley that we in for a treat, because the smells that were coming out of the kitchen were amazing. The room was filling up, with what truely turned out to be an International event, with a total of four counttries being represented. There were six from USA, 3 from Mexico, 2 from Canada, and 1 from Japan!! Now how cool is that!!

The menu was as follows:

Triple Garlic Shrimp Appetizer
Secret ingrediant Lasagna
Fresh Green Salad
Fresh Garlic French Bread
Several bottles of red wine
and for desert...Flan!!

The salad makings looked simply amazing

Like any good dinner party, usually most of the social time is spent gathered around the kitchen. This was no exception, especially once the garlic Shrimp hit the counter. Served with slices of the french bread, dipped in the garlic/butter sauce...WOW!!

Dinner was served...and there was a lot of eager, smiling faces as we all sat down.

This is the point where I get to reveal the secret ingredient for the lasagna,....Jeanne's home made Italian Fish sausage. For the most part, the every one thought the lasagna was absolutely incredible....the rest of us thought that it might very well be the best Lasagna we had every had!! Just the right amount of cheese, spices, ...OK I have to admit right now my mouth is watering...and as you can see, there was to be no such thing as left overs in this crowd!!

Oh...and did I mention something about red wine? Nine bottles were sacrificed to the Lasagna Gods that night! And some very fine ones at that!!

And as much as I hate to admit it, but I was caught on film helping out Kevin with the dishes!! I figure the Ladies did all the work, we could sure help out with that part!

On behalf of Jeanne, we want to thank Olivia for the use of her beautiful home and kitchen. Her son Louis-Omar (hope I spelled that right) for putting up with a bunch of crazy boaters, even if we did make him eat great food and drink good red wine! And of course bour guests, Kevin and Jan, Jay and Irwin, John, Jerry, Isabelle and Adae

03/04/2013 | Dan Freeman
Looks like a great time! We miss everyone!
03/04/2013 | Bette
Jeanneā€”I love the red kitchen! And it has only SLIGHTLY more counter space than the Eagle galley...right in your comfort zone!
03/06/2013 | Lisa and Neil S/V Gypsy
Olivia's new kitchen is looking great. I hope I get to try Jeanne's lasagna one of these days! I'm glad to see that you are helping out Jan and Kevin with their new boat and welcoming them into the boating community. Feel better soon Jeanne.
Up on the roof, so to speak
Jeanne WINDY
02/25/2013, Hillside above La Paz

We've had a couple of days now to get the boat put back together and it feels good! I've just finished putting the last coat of finish on the companionway steps and they look great. Of course, like painting a room in a home, now I want to re do the rest of the salon floor..... we'll see, maybe.

After finishing up projects and sharing an afternoon on SV Dolby, soon to be come ' a boat with a new name', we decided to take a hike to the top of the hill behind the marina, which boasts a cross at the very top.

We are at the eastern most part of town, looking west into the city, and a cross the habor at the magote (ma- go-tay). There is a channel one must take to get your boat further into the town central. Our marina is just at the bottom of the picture, and about halfway in the channel. Further behind, off of the image would be the Costa Baja resort and the channel entrance.

Tom had gone up the night before and got some nice sunset photos. With the late afternoon clouds that we've had, we thought we might have another good sunset.

As we got to the top, it was obvious the sunset was going to fizzle out. In looking around, hey, the full moon was coming up behind our shoulders!

We hung out long enough to play with some long exposures with the equipment. Long enough that we were combing back down by flashlight!

02/25/2013 | s.v. Indio
Beautiful photos. Hope our paths will cross in the next few months.
Mac and Catherine
s.v. Indigo
02/26/2013 | Don
Great pictures, and I especially like the evening shot. I'm wondering what the population of La Paz is, because it looks larger than I imagined it to be.
Splish, Splash...we are back in the water
02/23/2013, Marina Palmira, La Paz

I am sorry to have taken so long to get this posted, but once we were back in the water, there a huge list of things to do. After over 6 weeks oin the yard, with it being an all dirt yard, things were incrdibly dirty. Add to the fact that whle we were in Seattle, the engine was still our, being suspended by a line that ran thru the top two hatches....which had to obviously remain open the whole time. Fortunately there were no rain storms, but the amount of dust and grime that ended up in the boat is well, dauntling.

We have top admit that we did cheat a bit and hire some help to get the boat cleaned up. Carlos, one of the local "Dock Workers" came by and offered to was the boat and polish every bit of the chrome, something we have always done our selves....for $100.00!! Needless to say, he was promptly hired and did an excellent job. So good of a job, that we hired him back today to do a complete wax job on the entire boat from the water line up....for the same amount!!

But back to the reason for this story...our splash day! Alberto had his crew at the boat before 8AM, and the process of getting Eagle safely back on the trailer was began. This is a bit of a ballet so to speak, with seven nor eight guys all dancing around the boat, but each knowing exactly what they were to do, and when to do it. It all started by re-positioning the jack stands (the big metal things that hold the boat up!!) in such a way that there will be room to drive the trailer back under the boat. This required the use an extra scrap of wood, and tilting the stands in a manner that was very hard to watch as a boat owner.

Next the trailer in backed into position, with the skill and precision of a surgeon. You see this split trailer has to back up exactly in line, in order to miss the front jack stand that holds the front of the boat up.

Then the hydraulic arms on the trailer are raised, and carefully adjusted to hold Eagle securely for the short trip back to the launch ramp.

And then off we go....heading for the water.

I got to ride along, just to keep an eye on things once we got into the water. Considering that we had the prop shaft off, and did a little work on one of the thru hulls, I wanted to make sure that we kept the water where it belongs, on the out side of the boat!!

Everything was just perfect, no leaks and a nice soft landing into the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

As far as we can tell right now, the problem with the transmission seems to have been fixed. We will head out to the islands in a few days and give her a proper sa trial just to make sure. There was no obvious noise, and everything worked nice and smooth.

I do want to point out that during the loading of Eagle on the trailer, Jeanne was forced to defend herself from one of the nasty boat yard dogs....

Life is so good right now, the boat is settled nicely into the slip here in Palmira for a week, before we head out and do a tour of the islands. Maybe a little fishing...maybe....well no maybe about it..there will be a couple of naps!!

02/23/2013 | Don
Everything looks great! I'll bet you're glad Eagle is back in the water.

FYI Chip and Debbie of s/v Elegant Sea now think they might have a leak in the tube stack of their engine's heat exchanger, so they located someone that might be able to test it and repair if needed. They got their watermaker pump repaired so that's good, but their auto-pilot is still on the blink.
02/24/2013 | Don
FYI Found out this morning Chip's tube stack was fine. He didn't center the tube stack exactly in the heat exchanger, and that made it leak coolant into the raw water side.
02/24/2013 | Lisa and Neil S/V Gypsy
Lots to celebrate this week: Eagle's launching and Jeanne's Birthday. Enjoy the island. Thanks again for bringing our stuff.

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