Eagle's Big Left Turn

Now that La Paz is our temporary home, for now, travel with us as we explore Baja and other Mexico destinations, learning about the riches that Mexico has to offer with it's history and people.

23 July 2017 | La Paz Poolside
26 June 2017 | Seattle
02 June 2017 | La Paz
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Something fun!

23 July 2017 | La Paz Poolside
It's Sunday afternoon, and we've found that several projects have gotten done over the weekend. In my mind I've been 'writing' several new blog posts, and maybe over the next few days, I will get the photos and the stories together!

Today, however, I've reached my frustration level with downloading photos, slow internet speeds and just general grrrrr!

So, for something fun! My husband is becoming a Minion!

A couple of years ago, he was giving this diving helmut. It's sat in the back room on a shelf. He was pestering me while I was trying to write blogs, and I suggested that since it was hot, he should go try it out.

Your text to link...
Well, he took me up on it and headed to the pool with MY cart full of his toys (That's an inside joke!)

He called to tell me I just "have to come and check it out - Too cool" ! By the time I got there, he had a crowd and several people wanting to try it!

The collar weighs about 50#'s and sits on your shoulders. So the first challenge is lifting up over your head!

A small compressor pushes air into the top of it, keeping it full of air. Your hair doesn't even get wet! And you just breath normally.

What will we use it for? I don't know. For now it's just fun and a poolside entertainment adult size. As I left to write this, the guys were trying to figure out how to drink a beer while sitting at the bottom of the pool.

At least there are several of them working on this and 'lifeguarding' each other... and the pool is 4'8"!

Sad Days

26 June 2017 | Seattle
Northwest beautiful
Well, I had every intention of getting back to posting on a more regular basis. Especially after my last hiatus. But life has dealt my family a big wallop.
My mother, Linda, has passed away.
Sharing special times in La Paz

I started to get some phone calls that all was not well. I was able to read between the lines and booked a ticket to Seattle. On the 5th she was diagnosed with cancer, a tumerous growth on her gall bladder involving the liver and bile ducts.
She passed away on the 19th due to complications of liver failure. I got 12 days with her, although only two or three of those were good quality days. I am cherishing each one - good or bad.
Releasing baby turtles in Todo Santos

I am with family in Seattle and we are in the process of planning a memorial for her on the 8th of July.
Ever the lady, modest yet playful!

I miss her.

Her 'life' story can be seen at http://www.edwardsmemorial.com/obituaries/Linda-May-Shaw?obId=1977443#/obituaryInfo

Mission accomplished

02 June 2017 | La Paz
Jeanne - top of the world! sort of!
I'm still alive for all of you who keep checking the blog! I'm not going to feel guilty about not posting any blog posts for several months...I'm not! I'm not......... ok I am! But, we'll all just have to get past my lapse of entries!

Obviously we have been busy and I have much to get you caught up on. For right now, however, I'm going to toot a couple of horns.

Many of you followed the details of our dear friend John's accident, three years ago this past February here in La Paz, that resulted in him losing his left leg below the knee. While I was with him in the hospital in San Diego we set a couple short and long term goals for both of us.

The one-year anniversary of the accident found John getting along remarkably well, but still adjusting to the prosthesis. For me, my knee and leg pain was increasing and I just wasn't up to it. Last year, John was probably ready, but I had made arrangements for my surgery, and our little hill might just as well have been Mt Everest.

Here we are 11 months later - post surgery. I've been walking with friends 3 mornings a week and doing other things to increase my leg strength and endurance, including several hikes with Tom.

When John arrived a couple of weeks ago, he started walking with us. We start our walk with 'the hill' on our right shoulder as we walk the malecon to the water park. We both would glance at it and then at each other.

On our Monday walk, John suggested a June 1 hill climb. I agreed. I was glad we only had a few days to 'think' about it, as it was mentally hard to 'climb that mountain'.

Yesterday we accomplished a big goal! We hiked to the top of the hill near the marina. It's really not all that big, or difficult - although the trip down was harder than going up. To each of us it was very metaphorically 'OUR MOUNTAIN' !
Even though it was only 9am when we returned, we celebrated our accomplishment with a bottle of champagne! YEA Team John and Jeanne!

Thanks to Lisa of SV Fat-Dash for the photos and being our support team/walking partner!

Carnavalito Pink Tutu's

16 March 2017 | La Paz
This was the last group that I watched. They are young. A couple refused to go on when they saw the crowd, and several weren't quite sure what move was next!

Carnavalito dance groups

15 March 2017 | La Paz
If you've followed this blog at all, you know that I really like the folkloric ballet. The colorful costumes and twirling skirts just make my shutter finger quiver!

At Carnavalito I kept seeing glimpses of little girls in costumes. A twirling skirt over there, a ballet flat flexing and bending, a tutu running up the stairs were all fun to see and anticipate their performance. Well, after watching couple of dance numbers..... lets just say that I prefer the adult dancers. However, the little kids are certainly fun and entertaining in their own cute way!

My attention was drawn to the colorful ribbon decorations on the stage. As you'll see, they became part of the act.

they've almost got the cartwheel down!

a little help from a partner to do the turn!

( These are the kind of photos that would come back to haunt them... if I were the auntie of the girls! Just sayin!)

Carnavalito 2017 - a few more

14 March 2017 | La Paz
Just a few more fun shots!

Can't you see one of these on your wall?

a few tasty treats

and who wouldn't want a 'rastafarian' banana!

Fresh fruit - you choose what you want in a tall cup, and with our without the hot sauce or chamoy - a fruity sauce.

Cucmbers and jicama topped with japonese peanuts and chili chips!

and when you've simply had all the Carnavalito that you can take!
Vessel Name: Eagle
Vessel Make/Model: Freeport Islander
Hailing Port: Des Moines, Washington
Crew: Tom Brown & Jeanne Walker
Tom, an avid speed boater for many years, fell in love with sailing shortly after falling in love with Jeanne. Prior to sailing, if his boats didn't go fast enough, he'd buy a bigger engine. He's readily adjusted to traveling at much slower speeds and enjoying the ride. [...]
Extra: This is the story of the love, tears, sweat and bruises on the path of this adventure. We're glad you're joining us!
Eagle's Photos - Our Mascot...Lefty!!
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Lefty in a state of Meditation..
Paying his respects to the monument for lost sailors...in Bodgea Bay
Ohh grapes...wine...Tom & Jeanne like wine...perhaps if I stomp on some we can make wine
Lefty in the Cedar Enzyme bath at Osmosis Day Spa....this is so cool!!
Look, I get to hang out with Jeanne at the winery!!
Aunt Betty has a really cool plate for her Westfalia van.
Aunt Betty takes Lefty for a ride....
Betty and lefty...bonding?
Lefty goes out on a limb at Jones Island
Experiments....what do you mean experiments?!! Those are my buddys out there in that marsh!!
WOW!! That is some rough water, so I better help keep an eye out for you
...and after it
My new best friend Gordo....he lives with Rocky and Renaye on Euphoria
Lefty in his new Pirate outfit, hanging with his Pirate buddys....."hey, you guys dont say much, do ya"
Lefty in Westview/powell river
Lefty reading the charts
Lefty, out on a limb
First day flying...
Lefty plays chess in Heriot bay, Rebecca Spit
Lefty hanging out at Black lake, just above Roscoe Bay
Looking down on Roscoe bay
Ever the helper...Lefty is seen here trimming the jib sheets
helping Tom Navigate
Keeping an "Eagle" eye out for danger
Straped in during some rough water
Trying to pick up a hot babe in Silva bay...didn
Tom & Lefty at Princess Louisa
Keeping on eye on things at the Refuge Cove store
He just knows there has to be some booty in a cool chest like this one, he found at the entrance to Pirates Cove

The Crew

Who: Tom Brown & Jeanne Walker
Port: Des Moines, Washington

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