Eagle's Big Left Turn

Now that La Paz is our temporary home, for now, travel with us as we explore Baja and other Mexico destinations, learning about the riches that Mexico has to offer with it's history and people.

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Carnavalito Pink Tutu's

16 March 2017 | La Paz
This was the last group that I watched. They are young. A couple refused to go on when they saw the crowd, and several weren't quite sure what move was next!

Carnavalito dance groups

15 March 2017 | La Paz
If you've followed this blog at all, you know that I really like the folkloric ballet. The colorful costumes and twirling skirts just make my shutter finger quiver!

At Carnavalito I kept seeing glimpses of little girls in costumes. A twirling skirt over there, a ballet flat flexing and bending, a tutu running up the stairs were all fun to see and anticipate their performance. Well, after watching couple of dance numbers..... lets just say that I prefer the adult dancers. However, the little kids are certainly fun and entertaining in their own cute way!

My attention was drawn to the colorful ribbon decorations on the stage. As you'll see, they became part of the act.

they've almost got the cartwheel down!

a little help from a partner to do the turn!

( These are the kind of photos that would come back to haunt them... if I were the auntie of the girls! Just sayin!)

Carnavalito 2017 - a few more

14 March 2017 | La Paz
Just a few more fun shots!

Can't you see one of these on your wall?

a few tasty treats

and who wouldn't want a 'rastafarian' banana!

Fresh fruit - you choose what you want in a tall cup, and with our without the hot sauce or chamoy - a fruity sauce.

Cucmbers and jicama topped with japonese peanuts and chili chips!

and when you've simply had all the Carnavalito that you can take!

Carnavalito 2017 early morning

13 March 2017 | La Paz
Just a few shots of early morning as the Carnavalito was being set up/and opened up.

The blanket seller. These guys have learned how to talk without breathing! They are pretty impressive watching them hawk their piles of blankets. Obviously, they make a good napping spot!

I just liked the 'adult style' hat on the little head! And it reminded me of a friend!

costumes for the kids are encouraged

All decked out in his John Deere hat and his Mini!

This is always the last booth to break down - it's 5 booths big and FULL of stuff!

Carnavalito 2017

11 March 2017 | La Paz
After the last bits of confetti have been swept off of the street from 5 days of Carnaval, including 3 parades, there is one more event before the Carnaval season is officially put to bed. Carnavalito, a little carnaval for the kids.
There is another parade, utilizing the 'big peoples' parade floats, filled with the little kids and family members. There might be a new banner strung across announcing a school, or group, but they're basically the same.

There is also a day long schedule of performances at the kiosko in the center of the malecon.

The past couple of years I've missed this event. We just didn't know about it. This year, I was ON it!

I arrived about 8am and the vendor booths, game booths as well as the kiosk area were all waking up and getting set up.
What follows are some images and comments of the morning. Enjoy!

Cantam para mi

07 March 2017 | La Paz
Sing for me!
After the Carnaval parade last Monday night, Gerry, the manager at Tailhunters Restaurant and Fubar Cantina, joined a friend of his for a 'streetside' song, which the rest of us truly appreciated! The sky was pretty, the temperature was perfect.... a lovely night!

We've even seen Gerry take a turn on Tuesday music nights with a guitar . Especially if its Pink Floyd!

Thanks Gerry!
Vessel Name: Eagle
Vessel Make/Model: Freeport Islander
Hailing Port: Des Moines, Washington
Crew: Tom Brown & Jeanne Walker
Tom, an avid speed boater for many years, fell in love with sailing shortly after falling in love with Jeanne. Prior to sailing, if his boats didn't go fast enough, he'd buy a bigger engine. He's readily adjusted to traveling at much slower speeds and enjoying the ride. [...]
Extra: This is the story of the love, tears, sweat and bruises on the path of this adventure. We're glad you're joining us!
Eagle's Photos - Lefty's Big San Francisco Adventure
Photos 1 to 50 of 50 | Main
Lefty with the modern art Popeye
Lefty says " I am thiiiiiis Big"
Here is Lefty with his buddy Bruce the Shark
The two faces of Lefty.....
Boy do i have the crab legs now!!
Tom and me getting ready to go for a cable car ride
Hanging out on the rail of the cable car
LOOK you guys!! I am sailing on my own little boat!!
Humth,,,I think I am close hauled!!
Yup...that me "love Pirate"   he he he
I am gonna help Tom shoot those ball bearing thru the rings...
Hummmi dont think that this was quite what I had planned
wayyyyy down there....
This has to be the coolest tee shirt ever!!  can we get one, can we please...
She was gonna teach me how to pet sharks....but Jeanne was` afraid i would get all wet
Poof!!   that is so cool...do it again!!
we are maing smoke rings!!
And up thde hill we go.....
here is a chair that is just right....
here is a chair that is a little bit too big
Wheeeee  throw me higher tom...i can almost fly
Boy are you gonna get it when we get back to the boat
Hey Jeanne, check out this new wheel I found fo the boat
Captain lefty at his post
Well, we certainly know he rules our roost!!
Comme here little fishey...I just want to be friends..really I do he he
look at this ball floating in air...when i learn to fly I will do the same thing
Here Lefty helps Jack in the Box come up with a new sandwich
Hay..did you see that,,,he
Look!! I am the eagle in the bubble!!
Just doing my part for
Yee Haa.... giddy up little doggies!!
LEFTY...If Jeanne see
Playing with the Pirates!!
Ewwh that fish dont look to healthy
Riding the giant tortoise!!  he sure is slow though
Cool spinning wheel...look at the lines my talons makeas it spins around!!
Hanging out with the Goddess
I dont know how i got up here, or how I am going to get down, but for now this is pretty cool!!
Here is Me and Jeanne at Pier 39 looking out at Alcatraz Island
Jeanne and i hiked all the way to the top of Mt Livermore on Angel island
Looking out over the city...with my eyes, I dont need to use the big binoculars
The octopus that Tom & Jeanne caught was` this big!!
Head over heals for Rice-a roni
Checking out Rosi the riviter down at the boat building plant
Here is Tom Showing me how to make lines in the sand

The Crew

Who: Tom Brown & Jeanne Walker
Port: Des Moines, Washington

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