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Miami Beach

The trip is taking its toll on Martha. She has gone completely gray. Just kidding, this is her new natural hair style for the Bahamas trip. It took her 3 months of new growth and a short cut to get rid of the blonde. We have both decided we like the new look. Well we finally made it to Miami Beach. We have a quiet anchorage not far from the Miami Yacht Club. Miami is a big city so there is a lot to explore. To start off we tied up at the dingy dock at the MYC and looked one of the original members of the Macassa Bay Yacht Club, Jim Duncan. We got into the stories about the old days and one beer led to another and before we new it the day was over. Jim is now the dock master at the MYC so it is a good connection to have if we want to hang out there anytime during our stay. This morning we took our faithful dingy on a long trip up a canal that takes you all the way to South Beach. We walked along the board walk for a while then found a spot for lunch. We will now keep a close eye on the weather to get a window for our crossing to the Bahamas.

12/29/2012 | Diane Dashevsky
Daisy and I both like the new 'do! Still say you should have come down to Marathon - LOL! Have a safe crossing..will be watching :)
12/30/2012 | maryse & Claude AQUILA
it was nice meeting people like you, have a safe trip, we'll see you on Thousand Islands with our blue Hunter 41DS or in Florida, Albin Trawler 36, both AQUILA
12/30/2012 | Vivian Vario
Hi Martha/Bill: I love the new look and it was great to see you at Joyce/Brian's Christmas Open House and hearing about your adventures. Wishing you a Happy New Year and safe sailing. Cheers!
01/02/2013 | Alicja Wilk
Hi Martha and Bill,

Sorry we missed you at Brian's party - we couldn't come, however we heard you have an awesome trip.
Martha - you look absolutely great! ( I guess it is no suprise on that subject ...)

Hoped you had a Wonderful Chrismas - All the best in New Year 2013

Alicja and Adam
Christmas in Florida
Sunny and Warm
12/26/2012, Hollywood

Well Christmas in Florida was a big change from our usual ritual. We had a Christmas Eve dinner at a lovely restaurant on the ICW followed bye a very quiet night on the boat. The restaurant had these neat glider seats that you could rock back and forth surrounded by privacy curtains, cool. Most of the people from the marina have left for the holidays and the marina itself was closed for Christmas Day. We wanted to stay at the marina so we were sure to have internet to talk to all the kids and granddaughter. It was nice to talk to them all but we missed seeing them. Martha and I had a game of Tennis followed bye a swim in the pool. Martha put together a Turkey dinner that was delicious but it seemed very quiet with just the 2 of us. We have decided to stay another day at the marina in Hollywood as a storm front is coming in later today. One more day and its off to Miami.

12/28/2012 | Jean Thomson
We had a quiet Christmas as well. Only had one of our kids in Hamilton. The bonus is the remaining one can cook and had us over for pot roast dinner. Grandkids were delightful. So excited and jumping for joy. Have a safe crossing,
12/28/2012 | Scott and Michelle
Great photo! We missed you too! And we appreciated the earlier Christmas you celebrated with us on December 9th ...
Homes of the rich and famous
12/20/2012, Fort Lauderdale

Today we did 20 bridges making our way south and passed through Fort Lauderdale. What a place from the water. The homes on the intercoastal are amazing. Looking at the great homes makes the monotony of all the bridges not so bad. It was a long day but we made it to our final Loggerhead Marina in Hollywood. We will stay here to use up the last of our reciprocal days and wait for a weather window for a crossing to the Bahamas. When it looks good we will
take a day to get to Miami and then pick a spot for an early exit from the ICW to cross the gulf stream. Until then its time to relax and take it easy.

Sunny and Warm
12/19/2012, Lantana

We are now in a part of the ICW in Florida that has a lot of bridges. On average there is a bridge every 3 miles or so. Some lift on demand, others every half hour, on the hour and half hour or 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. If you do some calculations in advance and take your time to ensure you have lots of time to make it to the bridge its not bad. The worst thing is if you rush to make a bridge only to miss it by 1 minute and have to wait a half hour for the next opening. The following is my calculations for the bridges we went through today to give you an idea of whats involved.

ICW mile---Distance---Bridge--------------ETA
1012.6-----3.3--------PGA Blvd-----------10:00
1021.9-----8.2--------Flagler Memorial----11:45
1022.6-------.7-------Royal Park----------12:00
1024.7-----1.9--------Southern Blvd------12:15
1028.8-----4.1--------Lake Ave-----------On request

You get the picture, plan ahead and take your time. We are now at another Loggerhead marina and have just come back from the pool and are enjoying happy hour on the boat.

12/19/2012 | Diane Dashevsky
Glad you got a handle on it...they get worse! LOL! We made it from Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach to Las Olas Blvd (municipal marina) in one day! A somewhat stressful day trying to make the bridges, but we did it! Martha, made your cabbage salad this week...we have really been enjoying it - thanks again for the recipe. Daisy misses you both as much as we do. We took a vote and decided that you should come to Marathon then cross and check in at Bimini :) Stay warm with this cold front coming in tonight.
12/19/2012 | Diane Dashevsky
PS - our bridge count for that one day was 20 bridges, 19 of which required an opening!!! :)
12/20/2012 | Ted Kinney
Thanks for the Xmas update and link to your blog. I've just read all the blogs and I'm enthralled with the whole excursion. I'll keep reading !! We know a couple who are doing the same thing; their boat is called Heritage and they are from Sarnia.
Safe journey as you make the run for the Bahamas.
Heading south to Miami
Sunny and Warm
12/18/2012, Palm Beach Gardens

The picture of a wild mushroom was taken with my new camera, a Panasonic FZ200, in the rough at the golf course in Vero Beach . Just wonder how many golfers mistake these for their balls? We are making our way south to Miami. The monthly rate at Loggerhead Marina in Vero Beach allows us to stay on reciprocal at any of their sister marinas for just the price for power. We were at Stuart on Sunday and Monday and are in Palm Beach Gardens tonight. While in Stuart we reconnected with Steve and Patricia who we met on the Erie Canal and spent time with in New York City. They are the couple that have sailed their boat around the world. They have a lovely home in Stuart and treated Martha and I to a great dinner. One negative of the trip are nasty little buggers called no-see-ums. They are so small you can't see them or feel them bite, but a couple of days later you break out with nasty itchy red bite marks. Martha must be allergic to them as she has developed welts the size of a loony then a blister forms the size of a pea. We had our friends in Stuart take us to Home Depot and Ace Hardware to buy extra fine no-seeum screening and special bug spray that contains a lot of deet. We will have to be extra careful to apply the spray and close up the boat at dusk. We have fumigated the boat with mosquito coils to be sure that none of the little beggars are left inside. I'm telling you it's an all out war and so far we are losing the battle. Its a little unfair when the enemy is invisible and you can't feel the shots but we are now retaliating with chemical weapons of mass destruction. Will let you know how it goes.

12/28/2012 | Scott and Michelle
Oh no! Martha hope you're OK!!!!
01/02/2013 | Rosemarie Berman
mno-see-ums are dreadful!! I found Avon's "Skin So Soft" worked wonders for me. It is meant as a bab lotion & they fund for some it worked as an insect repellant. Lucky day for me!!

Great blog loved reading them. xxoo
Loggerhead Marina
12/14/2012, Vero Beach

We are now back at our monthly slip at Loggerhead Marina in Vero Beach. Our return home to Hamilton was busy but very enjoyable. We had dinners with close friends, our step mom Nina's 90th birthday, dinner with family in Toronto, early Christmas with the kids, MBYC christmas party with our boating friends, several medical checkups, and caught up with the mail. I put on at least 5 pounds and will have to be on the South Beach Diet on our way to South Beach Miami. It seems kind of surreal to be sleeping in our king size bed at home in Ancaster one night and then in a V-berth on the boat in Florida the next. We have been at the dock here in Vero for 19 days now. Loggerhead has turned out to be great for us. It has a lovely pool, complimentary coffee in the Captains lounge in the morning, friendly neighbors and very secure when we were away.We got a monthly rate that allows us to not only stay most of the month in Vero, we can stay for any remaining days at reciprocal Loggerhead Marina's on our way south to Miami. Last night we had dinner with our friends Jim and Barb Gardner who live in Vero for the winter months and helped us a lot during our stay here. We took advantage of having a dock and car to provision for the three months we will spend in the Bahamas. Some of the essentials packed on the boat include 6-24's of beer, 10-12 packs of coke, 12-3 ltr boxes of wine, a dozen quarts of milk, and oh yes, lots of food. As you can imagine the waterline on Eagle's Wings is lower then ever before. There is a potluck dinner at the Marina tomorrow then we will be on our way south on Sunday.

12/14/2012 | Rosemarie Berman
sounds like you had a wonderful & busy break up north!! It was so great to see you again.
Enjoy the rest of your trip - as long as you have enough to drink!! Sounds like it! hahaha
I'd like to come to the pot luck dinner at the Marina!! We are enjoying your chocolates!! xxoo
12/14/2012 | Diane Dashevsky
Glad you had a good trip home and got back safely. It's actually been hot here in Marathon, but a bit windier the past 2 days. A couple of boats left for the Bahamas last weekend, but everyone is in a holding pattern now, waiting for that northerly component to go away :) Went to Key West on Wednesday with Flint and Leslie (our Thanksgiving dinner companions) and had a nice time. Keep in touch!

Di and Al
PS - If the winds are up, anchor in Marine Stadium in Miami rather than the moorings at Dinner Key. We thought we were back in Titusville when we stopped at Dinner Key!! LOL!

12/17/2012 | Jan Varkevisser
Hi Bill and Martha,

Have a safe trip across and enjoy the Bahamas.


Jan and Jane

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