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07 October 2010
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Smacking the Bimbo

22 February 2010
"Smacking the Bimbo, smacking the Bimbo..." for Foster it was only a natural thing to utter as he proceeded with his task.

"You do realize Foster that when you return home and they ask what you learned in Mexico, and you tell them that you learned to 'smack the Bimbo', you will be sent away for special counselling," I told him.

Then I had to explain why.

He first learned to smack the Bimbo downtown near the basketball court in Z-town. You can learn a lot of things downtown near the basketball court.

He also learned how to grill the ham and melt two kinds of cheese on top. And carving the aguacate is high art form. The onions, the tomatoes, the chillies. All of this he learned from Hamburguesa Man. There are many hamburger stands in Z-town, but only the old guy down near the basketball court has a long line-up and a global following. He smacks the Bimbo.

And Foster watched carefully. He replicated the work and I daresay maybe improved upon it. He even serves up our hamburguesas wrapped in tinfoil. And they are amazing.

This, really, in spite of the Bimbo. Because the Bimbo is nothing special. Bimbo is the national bread brand. You can buy ordinary bread and it dries out in a day or goes mouldy after a few days. Bimbo bread is good forever. Bimbo hamburger buns are invincible. It's like Wonder bread back home. There is something unnatural about it.

So if you want a good hamburger, you put your Bimbo down on the grill. And you smack it. Just gently. Just enough to make sure it has good contact and browns up nicely.

Go ahead. Smack your Bimbo. Gently.
Vessel Name: Blackdragon
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 34
Hailing Port: Vancouver
Crew: Steve, Tracey, Foster & Scupper
About: The crew are three humans and dog from Vancouver. Currently refitting and heading for Mexico in the summer.
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Hanging with Gato Go in our last week in the Sea of Cortez
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Created 9 July 2010
Exploring the Historic Copper Mining Town. The mine was purchased by the French and the town architecture has a distinct french influence.
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Created 14 June 2010
Beach party in San Jaunico, La Launcha on Isla Carmen, Honeymoon Cove on Isla Dazante, New bottom paint in Escondido, Bahia Coyote in Bahia Concepcion
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Created 12 June 2010
Saun Juanico, Isla Carmen, Isla Coranado, downtown Loreto, visits with Sarah from Puerto Moreles, re-united with sv Gato Go
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Created 23 May 2010
Met up with sv Evergreen, Josh, Carol and Dennis. Visited: Bonanza, Los Islotes, East Bay of San Francisco, Isla San Jose' and Evaristo.
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Created 5 May 2010
A few weeks dockside to work on some projects before heading north into the Sea of Cortez.
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Created 18 April 2010
The Dulaba's are aboard in La Paz at Marina Palmira and we explore some of the pristine anchorages on Isla Espiritu and Isla San Francisco
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Created 6 April 2010
36 Photos
Created 6 April 2010
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Created 17 March 2010
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Created 17 March 2010
Making our way north. The Hillels on board until Feb 23. Tsunumi level one alert on Sat Feb 27th.
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Created 17 March 2010
Travelling from Z Town to Manzanillo. Meeting with Al Sue and Hadley in Las Hadas Feb 13 for a week cruise with them.
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Created 17 March 2010
The Walker family visits us in Z-Town.
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Created 19 January 2010
Barra Navidad,
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Created 26 December 2009
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Created 20 December 2009
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Created 18 November 2009
The 2009 BaHa Ha Ha Rally, 160 sailboats
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Created 16 November 2009
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Created 9 October 2009
The start of our journey
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Created 10 August 2009
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Created 15 July 2009

The Crew

Who: Steve, Tracey, Foster & Scupper
Port: Vancouver