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Blackdragon Tales
Blackdragon's Photos - San Blas, Mazatlan: March 14
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El Cid Marina in Mazatlan
Crashing waves hit the shore of Mazatlan outside the marina.
El Cid Marina allows the marina guests use of all the ammenities at the 4 star restort.... not bad for us Yatistas at $30 per night.
Nice swimming pools with waterfalls and caves to swim through....
Our steaming light bulb burt out on the mast.... so up the mast Foster goes in the bosuns chair.
Foster is playing life guard with Kelly on sv Sabatical.
Kelly and Ryan from sv Sabatical a.t the beach in Mazatlan
The hotel strip in the beach at Mazatlan.
Sitting in a hot tub in Mexico....?  Only when the air temp is warmer than the pool water.
Cliff jumping at El Cid Marina
Up the mast he goes...
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Created 17 March 2010
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