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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
"Blessed Spirit" has been SOLD!
04/22/2012, Annapolis MD

And so, in five swift weeks, from listing to the sale of the boat, a chapter in our lives has closed and with antisipation, we await what might lie ahead.

In Ft Lauderdale we listed our Blessed Spirit and turned her North thinking that it may take her quite some time to sell and she would be on the hard in Maine for who knows how long. We wanted to be certain that we would be able to care and maintaian her as we have for the past fourteen years so the decision was to keep her close by in Maine. However, when we got to Annapolis we had a buyer and she was sold.

The new owners, Craig and Carol, from New Hampshire, plan to sail her in Maine in summers and then explore the Bahamas in the winter months just as we have. The decision on the name has not been made but "Blessed Spirit" is being considered so keep an ear out for her on the VHF!.

In any case, it is our sincere wish that all of our friends that have helped, taught and welcomed us so lovingly, continue that warmth to our new friends Craig and Carol. They are wonderful people and are experienced sailors.

As for us.... I will put my arm affliction at the top of the "to do" list and follow up on all possible help that might alliveate the pain. Tita will paint, garden and cook and have our house in superb shape as to welcome all our cruising friends that choose to head to Maine. We have a dock and now a spare mooring ball. We also have Demitasse, our 30 foot Cape Dory Motor Sailor to take you cruising the coast of Maine.

We will miss the sand, the gin clear water, the palms and those we have met from the Islands. But most of all we will miss the comradery and friendship of those with whom we have cruised over the last many years.

God bless, be safe and please come visit if you are any where close to Boothbay ME. We have plenty of room and love to share our beautiful water views and good food and fun with all our friends.

Corning, Tita and Demi

P. S. Please go to and follow our Maine adventures

04/23/2012 | gerri
I'm sure it must be bittersweet, but congratulations on the quick sale! We'll be watching for Demitasse on the water
04/23/2012 | Rob and Michelle
Thank you for allowing us to vicariously cruise along with the two of you over the last few years. We enjoyed following your adventures with the wonderful images and thoughtful words.
04/27/2012 | Terry and David Vaughan
So glad it was swift. Take care of those arms. Much ahead. Thinking of you. See you in Maine. Much love, T and D
04/29/2012 | Judy Turnbull
I've been wanting to write to you for weeks, ever since learning that you had to cut the trip short and head north. I couldn't seem to come up with the right words -- concern for your health, sorry that those wonderful yearly trips are coming to an end (in one form anyway -- I'm sure you'll still find ways to get on the bounding main), sorry that you've had to let Blessed Spirit go, but congratulations for the successful sale and for all those miles of sailing. What a time you've had -- you and Tita have certainly seized the day and I'm sure you'll continue to.

I hope that your doctor will turn things around for you and get you feeling better, and that you'll have a good summer with lots of time on the water.
05/01/2012 | Jan and Tom
You will have the memories forever and the many friends you made along the way; and Blessed Spirit was truly a blessed spirit in your lives. Thanks for sharing her with us as well. We will see you in Maine one day! Love, jan and tom
05/02/2012 | Wade and Diane Alarie
It has certainly been a pleasure to have known you both as our cruising paths intersected in the Bahamas. Hopefully, we can intersect again sometime in the future, in your backyard. Best wishes for a complete recovery and healthy future.
05/02/2012 | Wade and Diane Alarie
It has certainly been a pleasure to have known you both as our cruising paths intersected in the Bahamas. Hopefully, we can intersect again sometime in the future, in your backyard. Best wishes for a complete recovery and healthy future.
05/02/2012 | Jim & Laurie O'Shea
It certainly was fortuitous that we connected in Fort Lauderdale! At the end of your chapter. We enjoyed a special time with you that will not be forgotten - our friendship will continue - next time in Maine?!
05/02/2012 | chuck patty and svsoulmates
corning - it was indeed sad to hear that you have given up cruising - but that day comes for all of us
i doubt if you remeber it but my first year out i was single handing and you kinda adopted me for a couple of days -
i will never forget that as it was you that helped me become a real cruiser
i can not thank you enough
take care and i hope you get some medical help with the arm
05/02/2012 | Jane Klinck
I know this is a sad time for you. One chapter has closed, but another is opening. Although I never got to see or be on Blessed Spirit, it is because of her and Island Rose that I know you and what a blessing that is for me and Gene to have found friends like you. I have a favorite saying that seems appropriate at this time: "Some people come into our lives and quickly go; others stay awhile, and we are never the same." You are some of those people. I know you have touched the lives of many. We look forward to those Maine adventures in your next chapter. Hugs for you both.
05/02/2012 | David Nutt and Judy Sandick
What a life Blessed Spirit has given the two of you!! It has to be sad to see her go but the memories are still in your pockets always ready to be pulled out at will. No doubt other times you will reach in there for you car keys and memories of Staniel Cay or some other sweet anchorage or friend or storm will leap into your mind and you will forget to retrieve you keys and you will be standing in the parking lot with that wistful look on your face and no one will understand where you are. A wry smile will drift across your face as you try a second time to get the car keys.
Welcome home to Maine and life is good here too.
05/02/2012 | Skip and Harriet Hardy (Moondance)
We enjoyed meeting you in the Bahamas and seeing you again in Annapolis. Good luck with your next phase! We hope to see you in Maine this summer!!
05/02/2012 | Bubba
Sorry you had to sell your boat. I'll always cherish the great memories we had. Love and miss you. Bubba
05/03/2012 | Mo and Geroge, "Passages"
Ahhh! We're more sad than happy about the sale of Bleesed Spirit. Our time together at Staniel Cay and Blackpoint were too short and we were hoping to enjoy more time on the water with you. I guess we'll have to visit each other in New England. It's not too far so we'll make it happen. You named her well as she and you both are "Blessed Spirits". Good luck and take care of yourselves.God bless you for knowing when it was time. Love Mo and George
05/03/2012 | Jim & Jeannie Lea- Estelle
Well you must really have mixed feelings about the sale of your beautiful vessel Blessed Spirirt. How lucky the new owners areas I am sure that it has lots of good karma. We never cruised with you on the water but lots via the internet sailing blogs. Good luck with your new boat, it certainly looks handsome and perfect for sniffing the coast of Maine and beyond. All the best and for sure we will call if we are in your area.
05/03/2012 | Gene Klinck S/V Island Rose
Looking forward to many more sails and good times with you both in Maine. An exciting new chapter will open with Demitasse.
I'll keep a lookout for Blessed Spirit on the water.
There are many memories that will never go away. Let's make some more.
05/03/2012 | Pat & Lorrie Harris
I,ll never forget entering Fernandino Harbor following you guys at night. Great time traveling with you just wish we had crossed wakes sooner. Plan to go back to Maine in the next couple of years so when you think it is the "Beverly Hillbillies" at your door it will only be the "Wyoming Pirates" Good luck on the next chapter and may Godspede you.Your friends on s/v Godspeed!
05/06/2012 | Claude & Wendy
We will surely miss your spring and fall port calls in Southport. We really enjoyed them. But more enjoyable was our time spent underway in the islands with you guys. OK then. Best of luck with your little cruiser. We'll try to get up there some day,

05/09/2012 | Ed & Nancy
The end of an era. But it sounds like you guys have future adventures in store in Maine. So sorry for the injury. We're living on land near Portsmouth, NH. Hope we can see you this summer.
05/10/2012 | Pete and Sari Goodmonson
Corning and Tita
& Demi too,
How forunate we were to meet you when we did! Your last season in the Bahamas and our first. What a Blessing you were too! From Corning brainstorming with Pete about battery issues to Tita teaching me how to make really good Thai curry to Demi making us smile big smiles even after we left her company! Your adventurous and generous Spirit is a Blessing to us all, no matter which boat you are on or if you are sharing your beautiful Maine home with us. Thank you for a wonderful friendship! Fair Winds from the Coyote crew, Pete and Sari Goodmonson.
05/12/2012 | Jessica Townsend
Thank you, Blessed Spirit, for keeping my Dad and Tita so safe and snug on your amazing vessel for so many years, and so many miles. You contributed immensely to an incredible chapter of their lives.
No bridge clearance problem...........but
04/01/2012, Norfolk Va

Just before we got to mile 0 on the ICW, I had to go under a new bridge with 135' of clearance above the water. Since our mast is 63.5' above the water, the clearance below the bridge which was under construction was a breeze compared to going under the 40 or so bridges with 65.0' clearance.

But..... this piece of concrete was about 300 feet long, 4 lanes wide and 135 feet above the water teetering on a single colume. Yes, the crane had a small line connected to one end, but if the wind suddenly blew hard, would the crane have been effective? All I could think of was "Humpty Dumpty" as we went under the new span.

Anyway we went through with no problem and now we are sitting at Mile 0 staged up to fly off on a buisness trip for a few days.

04/02/2012 | susan
Hey guys--welcome to Virginia. If you are around anytime from 4/2 to 4/14, give us a call. We'd love to see you--maybe we can meet for dinner.
04/02/2012 | susan
Hey guys--welcome to Virginia. If you are around anytime from 4/2 to 4/14, give us a call. We'd love to see you--maybe we can meet for dinner.
04/28/2012 | Scott Kuhner
How coincidental is that. As you and Tita go under the bridge, there is a huge piece of concrete teetering on the bridge
Welcome aboard!
03/23/2012, Southport SC

Blessed Spirit was officially put on the market and given to David Walters Yachts two weeks ago and so many of you have understood our sadness and expressed your empathy toward this big move in our lives. Unfortunately, because Corning's arms are not getting any better, we need to scale down for safety reasons. I would like to quote what my sister, Joan, had to say as she hit the nail on the head. "I looked on the blog and saw the "For Sale" sign on the boat picture. It must be very hard for you and Corning. Of course if you could sell your experiences while sailing on the boat---that would be priceless. Not to mention the friends you two made. In fact, whenever I read the blog, Corning always wrote about the friends. Those things that last are in the heart and no one can sell it or take it away from you. I like the sign in my vet's office that says --There are no strangers here, just friends we have not yet met "

That saying Corning and I have heard countless times and it must apply especially to cruisers as some of the best friends we have were the friendships formed during our cruising years.

To see what we are giving up and to see on what we have spent our years of cruising, please "cut and paste" the following into your browser.

For full details with photos, don't just do the photo gallery on the first page but click on "View Listing".

If you know some one who is looking for a boat like Blessed Spirit, tell them to check her out on the website. We are offering a 5% referral fee to you should that lead to the sale of Blessed Spirit, BUT "we" must be the ones to pass the name on to David Walters.

03/28/2012 | Chip
I'm thinking of you as you pass our fair state and look forward to seeing you in May. Love you.

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