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BLESSED SPIRIT 2011 - 2012
Heading South from Charleston SC to warmer waters!
Still Edgecomb
09/23/2009, Maine

As you can see, we are down to only a dozen pages of lists "TO DO!!!".

This means we are actually getting pretty damn close to dropping the lines.
There are a few things to varnish, a few plants to bring inside, a few hoses to drain before the first freeze, a few CT MARINE jobs to clean up, a few computer/connection items to resolve, a few bills to pay, a few items with our tax man, a few SSB issues, a serious RayMarine issue....etc.

All of this must be done before we can even think about getting in the car and going shopping for food and drink for 9 months, the shelp to the boat and then stowed logically aboard so that we can find it in the dark!@.

My guess.... SUNDAY MORNING AT 10 AM.
This week!.................Maybe

09/23/2009 | Vicky Worosz
We're shooting for Monday 10.00am!
Hopefully we'll see you out there. Fair winds,

Vicky and Tom
09/28/2009 | Rob and Michelle
Michelle and I are looking forward to following your adventures again this winter! Wishing you all the best as you set sail.
10/01/2009 | Jean
Just letting you know, I'm watching! Bon Voyage!!! Take care of each other...
09/16/2009, BOOTH BAY MAINE

In preparation for our departure, we lifted Blessed Spirit, cleaned the bottom, replaced a few zinc's and then took her back to the dock where Tita is doing a number of things, not the least of which is a lot of varnish down below. The varnish has not been touched in more than 10 years, and this is a good time to do it, along with all the other preparations for an 8 month trip!.

We have not set a departure date but it will most likely be in the next 10 days.

09/16/2009 | Osprey
Hi Blessed Spirit - looks like you will be getting underway before us. We are hoping to be ready by the 28th. Maybe we'll catch up at Block Island?
09/18/2009 | Carl and Carrie Butler
See you in South Beach! We'll discuss crossing then.
09/22/2009 | Austin Henderson

Wishing you a great time.

09/29/2009 | jan
and now as you depart, add 2009 to your blog heading (2007/2009?)....hope you just keep the old and add the new..."oh for the life of the rolling sea"....jan
08/17/2009, EDGECOMB, MAINE

Just a quick heads up to all you blokes who may be following the travels of Capt. Corn and Tita on BLESSED SPIRIT.

We will be heading South again for places warmer than Maine in the winter. That means at least Florida Keys and the Bahamas. We are not sure of our departure date, but it should be about mid September.

We look forward to reuniting with fellow cruisers that we met 2 years ago.

Why the pirate outfit?
Just a fun day playing songs in the rain with Amy and Ken on the the MARY T. (photo by Amy)

08/18/2009 | Osprey
Hi Corn & Tita, Good to see your plans set down. We are also hoping to set off around mid-Sept. But..... our new engine is still not running - it's been 10 weeks since it was lowered into Osprey - just one obstacle after another. Now we seem to be getting air into the fuel lines ??? from the dual Racor assembly - we have put one like yours in. Any thoughts?

Hoping that our wakes will cross (if we ever make one that is!)

08/22/2009 | Scott & Kitty Kuhner
Hopefully, we will also be heading south this year again. However, we probably won't be shoving off until the beginning of Oct. Hope to see you along the ICW, or in the Bahamas
08/26/2009 | Carrie & Carl
Corn, We must be connected in some way as we too have pirate custumes and attended a Pirate and Wenches weekend in Rock hall recently. Look forward to seeing you along the way South. You and Tita have a standing invitation aboard Sanctuary.

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